Happy Left-Handers Day

Today is Left-Handers Day! Read all about it on the official site, there’s lots of information and activities. There is even an official song, the Left-Handers Lament by Ian Radburn.

We’re the Cack-Handed Kings, we’re the LEFTIES
You right-handers just haven’t got a clue
‘Cos if you’d been through what we’ve been through
Then maybe you would feel superior too!

15 thoughts on “Happy Left-Handers Day

  1. I’m left-handed. So Happy Left-Handers Day to me…my twin sister, my oldest brother, and anyone else who’s left-handed.

    PS – Left-handed people will soon take over the world!

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  4. Really? There is such a thing as a left-hander’s day? I’m amazed. And a little miffed. What about the rest of us? Don’t we get a special day too? Or is it only for you freaks? 😉 What about born-without-no-special-traits-whatoever day? Can I have that one? September is good for me. Any date in September.

  5. Tore, I’ll give you september 31st, I never use it.

    About left-handedness, is it ok to throw with the right hand, write with the left (or both when I’m at the keyboard) and shoot the bow ambidextrously ?

  6. I don’t know Robin… that right-handed throwing may get you into trouble with the guild. You probably need to apply for some sort of dispensation. Either that or just celebrate half of the lefty day. Stay for the dinner but leave before the cake, for instance.

    Thanks for the day…. er… hey!

  7. Be thankful you lefties are allowed to be left-handed. I was left-handed until I started school. The school I went to refused to teach me to write or anything left-handed so I was forced to be a righty!

    My youngest son did inherit my left-handed ability. He pitches, writes, and does everything else left-handed, except he bats like a righty.

  8. it is a blessing to be left-handed, we live in your world, without to many problems and issues about it, try ours, are you righties up to it.

  9. i love being left handed, we r sooooooooooo unique and not a freak!!!, it really amazes people, when you say your left handed, i love it soooooooooo much and i thank gog for my talent (believe me it is a talent! for a left handed person 2 live in a right handed world.)

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