Left Handers Day

Don’t forget tomorrow is Left Handers Day! August the 13th is the 12th annual celebration of left-handers’ superiority!

Check out the site and find out You may be more left-handed than you think.

5 thoughts on “Left Handers Day

  1. I’m a lefty and my young son is a lefty too! He started coming home from school with graphite smudges on the side of his left hand and I hated that! I had the same problem when I was in college with ink smudges. So I tried to find a product out there to solve this problem but none was available. So I decided to create my own product for my son. We call it “Smudge Guard” and will launch it within a few months. It has eliminated the smudging problem for us when we write and draw and we hope that all left-handers will find this new product helpful in the future too! Email me at aajjwoo@verizon.net if anyone is interested in getting a free sample when it becomes available. Happy Left-handers Day!
    08/13 12:09:22

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