Long Time Since…

It’s been a long time since I blogged. A lot has been happening.
Not least that I was made redundant from my last job! Fortunately I started a new job today! I now work for Sx3 – Service and Systems Solutions Ltd in the Application Solutions Group as an R&D Programmer/Analyst.

Today was my first day in the new job. Everyone seems friendly enough and I got a good overview introduction to the systems from my team leader. There’s a lot to pick up, but I’ll soon get into my stride.
My last company, which I had thought had been taken over by Zendor, turned out to be still Eunite. Such that the powers that be were able to close down Eunite as unprofitable but keep Zendor running as a viable business, ‘trimming’ 37 jobs in the process. Lots of people (I think most) were able to find positions in the sister and parent companies, but some of us were out on our ears. Of course, as these things often go, it has turned out to be a blessing; in fact the kick up the bum I have been needing to up sticks and move on. It just didn’t feel like a blessing at the time.

In other news, my precious bike was stolen a few weeks ago, just at the time that ‘they’ decided to close down my local train station for seven weeks, and a couple of days after I’d found out I was being made redundant! Whilst the insurance company had me sorted out with a replacement bike within a few days, I haven’t yet ridden it in earnest. First there was the perceived lack of security at work: another bike was stolen the following week. Then when I decided to take the new bike out for a gentle ride I managed to break it! The replacement part only arrived this weekend.

A few days ago I had to say goodbye to some good friends who in truth I will probably not manage to keep in touch with, despite the best of intentions, which was much harder than I would have predicted.

I still have lots to write about: Patti Smith was awesome, a few dozen books reviews, considerably more new CDs, my complete lack of ability to contribute anything to WordPress for far too long, etc.
I shall try to get back into bloggin regularly.

3 thoughts on “Long Time Since…

  1. Welcome back, Mike, and I hope everything goes great with your new job. I am mildly surprised to find that even bicycles can, and are insured, for loss.
    There’s a lot happening at WordPress lately, and I hope you will add to the fun, to say the least.

  2. wassupppppppppp!!!!!!!!! hi to all! chester i love youuuuuu please guys do an another concert here in philippines i hopefully you will…… i love you all muahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

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