CDDB Dump Updated

I’ve just updated my CDDB dump page. That page is quite literally a dump of the CDDB files created by my favourite CD player (Notify CD Player). This little player sits in the taskbar and plays CD’s. Quite simple like most of them. The nifty thing about this one I like so much is that it puts the details of the currently playing song in the title bar of whichever window has focus. I love that! It gets it’s details from and stores the data locally so it doesn’t need to go to the network again. This local data is the source of my CDDB dump page. A quick grep and a couple of regex search and replaces in epsilon and nearly 700 files are converted to an unordered list.
After sorting and de-duplicating (again in Epsilon), the list is down to about 628 CDs . There are probably another 10 or so duplicates in there and 15 or so that I don’t actually own but have borrowed at some point. Plus I have CDs which are not in the list (I can see at several to my left now!). If you want to see what they look like here is a photo of the collection I took a couple of months ago. It has grown since then!

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