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W00t! I have been accepted as an editor on the Open Directory Project (ODP) (AKA DMOZ).
My category is Arts: Music: Styles: Dance: Radio and I have already started editing: Clearing out a couple of dead links and approving some recommended ones.
I am particularly pleased with this news: I remember DMOZ starting up as a project way back when Netscape acquired it and thinking I really should get involved… Here I am 5 plus years later and I finally found the inspiration and motivation to actually do it!

4 thoughts on “DMOZ Editor

  1. Congratulation to you!

    Good evening Sir,

    I have submitted my site to DMOZ open directory project under catagory:

    Business: Investing: Stocks and Bonds: Equities: Resources

    unfortunately it is not listed. I think i need to improve my site in order to get listed at DMOZ. Comments are welcome!!!

    [SNIP – edited by site owner]

    Thank you very much!!!
    God bless us

    [SNIP – edited by site owner]

  2. Hi, anonymous equities market person, I’ll treat your comment as if you were not trying to garner page rank from me and respond accordingly:
    Thanks for the congrats. As to your not-quite-asked question: You will of course need to contact the appropriate editor at DMOZ, my capacity as editor of a Dance Music section, gives me no influence over any other section editors.
    In your case, there is no editor for the particular section to which you have submitted, however you should look higher up the hierarchy until you find and editor and submit your query to them.
    Hope this helps,

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