Viruses Galore

I’m not sure what today’s new virus is, but this evening I have returned to one of my email boxes to find I have 5144 unread emails for a total of 340MB! There seems to be a new virus emailing 64, 65, or 67KB emails to various made-up addresses at The problem is that it mails 25 copies of each one! As is normal for these things the from address is also faked, some of which are made-up addresses too. So then I get 25 rejection messages from various other people who have received it!
This is probably the first time I have actually felt a little cross about these viruses. I normally don’t bother. I never get infected — I use Mozilla and have never yet executed an attachment received in an email; and though I get, on average, 5 to 10 pieces of spam or viruses or virus rejection notices every 10 minutes (my email client poll time), 24 hours a day, Mozilla’s spam filter takes care of most of them, and I teach it about the rest.
Todays is a pain for a change because Mozilla is far too slow at handling large mail folders. 🙁

4 thoughts on “Viruses Galore

  1. I am getting the same thing! It sucks, but if you have Spam Assasin and/or Spam box on your server, you can enable that and it will route all spam flagged by Spam Assasin to the Spam folder, and then just download it once a day and clean it out.

    I wish I could figure out which virus it is too, but they are getting nasty for sure. The victims in all this are the innocent domains that are being spoofed due to these viri and then end up on spam blacklists…

  2. Hi Patrick, thanks for your suggestions. I have yet to set up server side filtering. I got another 3,500 today, but they have stopped again!
    Matt, I found a couple of shortcomings with Thunderbird the last time I tried it. I will probably try again with a newer version. I keep meaning to set up IMAP for lots of reasons, but haven’t got round to it yet.

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