Epsilon 12 Beta

Aaaw! I was going to go to bed early tongiht, but Mark pointed out that Lugaru have announced that there is a beta Version of Epsilon 12 Available!. Epsilon is the best programmers editor I have ever used, by a long, long way. I know that one’s choice of editor is almost a religious preference for some, but consider this; I have for the last 12 years consistently proven that I can perform day-to-day file editing tasks faster and more reliably than any of my non-epsilon using colleagues in job after job. I can perform many complex or unusual file editing tasks with epsilon which colleagues just cannot hope to even attempt (even if, in some cases, their editors are capable). I would walk away from a job which did not allow me to use epsilon! (Can’t you just smell the religious fervour? Hear the pulpit pounding?)
So now I’ve got to play with some of the juicy new features in this new version!

5 thoughts on “Epsilon 12 Beta

  1. Okay, okay, I’m downloading it already!

    I was looking for a new editor, anyhow. I had been using HTMLKit on my previous computer, and it was okay, but I’ve been wanting…more. Plus, I used to be an emacs fanatic anyhow, so I won’t mind refamiliarizing myself with that command set.

  2. yip, epsilon is awesome. I’m a newbie to it, but man it does sing!! Lets hope lagaru picks up some of those Codewright users who will be looking for a new editor home, now that Borland have halted development of it.

  3. Whoa! There are some very bad things lugaru has put into epsilon. Main problem is the non-standard “regular expressions.” (RE) RE are an extremely important feature of programming involving powerful pattern recognition.

    Lugaru has introduced a totally idiosyncratic, non-standard RE. you can’t practice, learn or test RE here, and anything you do here with RE does not transfer to java, perl, ruby, etc. They all use standard.

    I have taken this up with author of epdilon – no dice! I have used eps for 20 years, paid 100$ for 12 (which I regret), and now must get another editor. Fortunately there are many out there.


  4. Hey John,

    Nice and inflamatory!

    I’ve used Epsilon for 15 years, I don’t have too much trouble switching between Epsilon’s regex syntax and perl’s. I use regular expressions regularly(!) and the differences are minor (though significant).

    It’s not perfect: Epsilon still doesn’t start a new thread for some of its operations (like grep for instance); but it is about this close! *holds up two fingers really, really, close together*.

    On the whole the good things about Epsilon outweigh these and a few other annoyances by a factor of about 100 to 1!


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