Graphic Design

I’ve been doing a bit of graphic based web page design the last couple of days for one of my hostees. It’s been quite good fun! We’ve agreed on a look chosen from four that I put together. I need to redo the various elements and plug in the B2 engine next.
I’m doing it all by hand (PaintShop Pro and Epsilon programmer’s editor) of course rather than with some WYSIWYG application.

2 thoughts on “Graphic Design

  1. I’ve been on some similar stuff as well lately. I realized almost none of my RL friends have blogs or if they do they’re stuck on livejournal or something horrendous like that. Just trying to make the world a better place, one blog at a time.

  2. Hi Mike, nice site, I’ve checked it out a few times actually since I first started my b2 last year. I started out pretty simple in design and then started adding more of the sidebar stuff like you have done. Lately I’ve just been hacking at my goombalooza site, you’re welcome to check that out too! In the meantime, keep up the good work and the cool hacks.

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