Windows Finished

Wow, the windows are all finished now (well nearly). The first worker to arrive this morning was the guy to do the lead waterproofing, who arrived before 8am. He did an excellent job, and the lead flashing looks really nice. I wonder whether he is still classed as a plumber?

Plumber (n.) One who works in lead; esp., one who furnishes, fits, and repairs lead, iron, or glass pipes, and other apparatus for the conveyance of water, gas, or drainage in buildings.
from Brainy Dictionary

The window fitters finished off the bay window today including all fitting all the trim and making good round the outside of the frame. The only thing left to do now is the plastering inside and the rendering outside.
Unfortunately the builder cannot come back to complete that until Tuesday, which is NOT what we were told when booking the appointment for the fitting. In fact we had to wait until this time (it should have been the end of May originally) in order to fit in with the builder!
We took some pictures before, during, and after the work. I’ll post them in the gallery when I get a chance.