Busy Saturday

I’ve had a busy day today. First we had to clean and tidy the house. Then I installed some fairy lights Jamie got for Christmas above her bed. They look great. I then fitted another light under her bed (it’s a loft bed) so that we can see in the cupboards under there properly.
I also started fitting a security light outside the back door. But it was a pain to do. I started trying to lay the cabling behind the panelled wall in the utility. The panels are huge, the one I wanted to get behind covers most of one wall! I ended up removing most of the trim and door frame to get behind it. But then Jan told me I didn’t need to hide the cable as it was in the utility. SO, I put it all back and decided to run the cable along the opposite wall which was much more convenient. I’ve got most of it done, but it got too dark to actually fit the light to the outside wall. I’ll finish it tomorrow.

Jamie’s school friend Jessie is sleeping over tonight. Her mum dropped her off after lunch and they kept themselves occupied most of the day. Steve, Kim, and Megan came round too. So did Paula.

Paula came round to colour and cut Jan’s hair. I got her to trim my hair too, as did Steve. Kim got her highlights re-done.

In all a busy day and not much time on the ‘puter.