More Windows

The guys were here at eight o’ clock this morning, and got stuck in straight away. Jan and Jamie went out early on. We knew that the fitters would soon be working in the kitchen leaving us practically nowhere to sit out of the way. So they decided to do some shopping. I went into the cellar and worked on WordPress.
They’ve done really well today. The builder got the base of the bay window built, both inner and outer bricks, internal floor, and internal wall. The fitters have now got all the windows in place, including the bay window! They still need to finish a little for the upstairs window at the front, and a lot to do on the bay window. But still fantastic progress. Someone is coming tomorrow to fit the lead on top of the new bay (to waterproof it).
My Mum is coming tomorrow as she is having her flat rewired, so she is coming to ours to keep out of the way! I suppose it will be quieter here now they’ve got most of the work done, but we weren’t expecting that, and I wasn’t sure just how much peace she would get.
I’ve got to go into the office tomorrow for a meeting, that should be interesting.