NTL Proxy Servers Down Again!

Bloomin’ NTL load-balancing Proxy server has gone down again! Sometime after 11:40 I’m guessing (from the fact that I got a comment on my blog from someone who I know is using the same proxy.
I can make things work if I directly proxy to one of the individual machines, but doing it transparently fails.
See an earlier story for links to a list of the individual machines.
After last weeks PR fiasco, you’d think they would buck up!

Update: For those looking for a proxy. I have set up an experimental proxy here

328 thoughts on “NTL Proxy Servers Down Again!

  1. hi.
    If you know how!please write me to:abcd123.123 at gmail dot com
    I have problems with my ORKUT and GAZZAG

  2. I cant go to orkut and gazzag sites cause they’re filtered .
    if sb knows how to go to these sites
    help me thnx

  3. I cant go to orkut and gazzag sites cause they’re filtered .
    if sb knows how to go to these sites
    help me thnx

  4. hello
    i can’t sign up to ORKUT and GAZZAG
    please help me !!!!

    lotfan agar siti ra mishenasid keh besheh proxy ro 2 iran barayeh gazzag va orkut az bein bord be man begid merci****

  5. I can’t open orkut website plz help me outI hv already tried the proxies like nproxy,filter2005,kproxy,wproxy,images.orkut.com/glogin.aspx but they dont work plz give me something else..

  6. Precisosaber como entrar no orkut, todos os sites alternativos que eu sei estão bloqueados…alguém pode me ajudar??

  7. damn!

    so many people here 😛
    well i am in my uni right now and i am soooooo tired…cant open orkut lolz

    is there i mean PROXY or something plz plz plz plz plz 😛

    i used couple of proxies but they are blocked aswell…

    so DUDES any clueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😀

  8. Can you help me im at school and the teacher have block the website to myspace….i need a proxy to get to it??
    which one will be best..thanks for your help

  9. Hi,
    Please help me find a proxy to access Orkut from Dubai,… All sites with “proxy” in them are also blocked by the ISP, so I can’t access them… If any 1 has any alternative, please let me know

    Thanks in Advance,

  10. hi, i need a proxy and a link that I can use for goin to orkut from United Arabic Emirates and Iran
    pls help me out

  11. i m facing this unusual prob…
    i use a cell GPRS to connect to orkut…
    it was working fine but now when i try to log in i get a msg in the login space
    “google error..
    ur query seem similar to an automated request..blah blah.
    we cannot allow to login right now please try later..”
    i use firefox1.5

    any solutions

  12. Hi,
    I need a proxy for orkut.Orkut is filterd at our end.Any proxy given above,not working.Pls tell me abt any powerful proxy to open the orkut…..Thanks

  13. I need a proxy that will work in a catholic school because it’s blocked and i need to check mydpace, plaez!…… give me any kind of proxy that will actually work because i’ve tried them all, and it always goes to the sonic wall!

  14. hi,

    if any one knows how to open orkut with the help of proxy sites pls let me know.

    I had tried kproxy but it is also blocked.send me some proxy links to access orkut on
    my mail id:ashwingrwl@yahoo.co.in


  15. in my college orkut s bannd………i need a proxy site….
    in fact most of d proxy sites lik ghostproxy.com, cooltunnel.com, kproxy.com are bannd…
    kindly help me……..

  16. in my college we r not supposed to use orkut.com,sir plz help me to solve this problem, we wr using ghost1.com,cooltunnel.com,kprox.com,but now they r not working.plz help….

  17. hai..
    this is girish i am working in “__ge____” & i am in problem
    from this month for using orkut..
    before it’s working with out problem then it’s filter..
    later we use ghost1.com that time it’s work..
    after some day’s in that (ghost1.com) orkut.com not working others is working
    i tryed so many proxy’s also same rezalt..
    any one can help us plez send the link

    i tryed so many

    Here are just a few:
    http://proxify.com/ (This is free but there is also a version available for a fee.)

    thank you
    with love

  18. i have tried nproxy, kproxy, filter2005, images.orkut, images.orkut3 etc but orkut is not getting opened. can anyone help me out

  19. in my office server room ,they bloked some sites like orkut zorpia ,,,etc .so how can open orkut through proxy server
    could u plz help me in this regard..

  20. i am unable to access orkut from my office,can u plz send me the proxy link for this..i would be thankful…..im eagerly awaiting 4 ur response..

  21. Iwant any saloshain to oppen this site here are the meny sites blocked will you plz help me.
    And i got ment procxy site witch all blocked here i
    needed the procxy site witch is not blocked here in UAE.

  22. in my college orkkut is completly blocked

    is there any latest proxy site to open it? ? ? ?
    plz help me

  23. Hi Guys/ Girls,

    Everyone is coming up with the problem but no on ehas published the answer. Even I am also facing the same problem. Kindly help and come up with the answer.
    The guys in ITECH cities must be having the clues. Please furnish the detils.


  24. Dear Frnds,

    here’s the way to open orkut even if its blocked………
    open http://www.safeforwork.net ….. enter the url orkut.com and nJooooooy Life………

    Guys ! dont get adicted for smthing like this !!!!! ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!

    Cheers !

  25. sorry but i also have the same BIG QUESTION, how to access ORKUT.com if it is blocked in your office Or collage . if anybody knows then do let us know.. this is request to all the SOftware guys . whu know this answer .
    eagerly waiting

  26. 1)hi every one u can use this k proxy to access anny blocked sites when u launch the below site (”http://kproxy.com/”) u will find a coloum where u can give any sites url and by clicking on surf u can actually login to any site and can use, this is working for all of us,


    2) or use http://images.orkut.com this will work for some try this as an second option

  27. hiiii,
    i belongs to Repotted orgnigation whr all the sites has been blocked.so plz give me the proxy server name(except kproxy) by which i can access the orkut without any intteruption……

  28. plz…i am working in a company where orkut n other sites are blocked…even we don have access to powerscrap n job sites….security level is very high…even all known proxy servers are blocked …so plz…help me to access orkut n all

  29. please send some good proxies for orkut sites please
    i have tried a lot but noi one works please send some good proxies

    thans for uuuuuuuuu

  30. Hi all!
    Please i really need an alternative site for accessing orkut! Its banned and i just hate it.
    I have tried out it works…..www.powerscraps.com
    but now its all some Spanish language or something

  31. plz tell me a proxy site for orkut access in the UAE.

    i;ve tried ALL the links mentioned above which are more than 200 entries…PLEASE i’d be really gr8ful..

    thnx a ton!

  32. In Telecommunication Dept in UAE has Banned ORKUT as they are saying it is used for immoral activities. I dont think like that.People who are weird they think narrow mindedly. I think orkut was a good way of communication.Please do help ingetting ORKT in some other way. PLEASE HELP!!!!



  34. sir
    my name is srikanth. when iam trying to open the orkut
    it showing the message you fool u r orkut is banned adimin is not resposible for this guess who is he.
    thank you.

  35. Use Tor! Tor will allow you to access blocked sites. http://www.tor.eff.org

    “Individuals use Tor to keep websites from tracking them and their family members, or to connect to news sites, instant messaging services, or the like when these are blocked by their local Internet providers. Tor’s hidden services let users publish web sites and other services without needing to reveal the location of the site. Individuals also use Tor for socially sensitive communication: chat rooms and web forums for rape and abuse survivors, or people with illnesses.”

  36. Hey i’ve got a problem .. everytime i try to access my hi5 website it says “access denied .. you are not allowed to view this page” why is this happening? is there any way to solve this? reply plsss

  37. in our college all proxy sites & orkut are banned .
    so plz give me some new & hide proxy sites to open orkut
    i m very grateful to u .
    plz help me

  38. Hi,

    Iam working in Big MNC where all sites are block even i tried lots of proxy but not able to acess my gmail.
    So can anyone help me out and tell hw can i acess my gmail a/c

  39. Hi,

    Priviously i have accessed orkut and gmail Everthing.
    But Now, it’s not opening. Due to Sonic wall software has Blocked everthing.

    So please guys you have any idea please provied to me

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