NTL Transparent Proxy Servers

NTL Transparent Proxy Servers are a pain in the pipe!
Their load balancer went down over an hour ago, and it’s still not back! I can use any of the individual proxies, but they are very intermittent. If I get a page, then I don’t get the images, or I don’t get the CSS file. It’s really annoying!

Update: For those looking for a proxy. I have set up an experimental proxy here

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  1. How can I get a proxy to get on myspace.com, almost all of them are blocked and i haven’t been able to find any free one’s for a long time. HELP ME!

  2. I need to know how to get onto Myspace and other sites through my school’s firewall. I have tried wuiet a few proxies, and none of them work. Gibeo.net works, but I can’t view pictures on myspace or check my mail….

  3. my school has blocked all the ways i know to get onto myspace…does anyone know how to get on through the shool??????

  4. k, so every way possible is blocked to get onto myspace.
    and some websites that help get past that, are now blocked too.

  5. Well, I actually have a proxy that will get to myspace. Someone at my school helped me get it. I can’t remember it, but once I figure it out, I’ll post it.

  6. hey mike,
    im in the same boat as most,
    myspace is blocked on school system!
    i used the zed1.com/proxy thing, but unfortunatly,
    it wont let me log in!!!
    so help?

  7. For awhile i had a way to get in, it was just delete the www. and replace it with mail. or profile., but my school blocked it. so if it works for you remember to erase your history!!

  8. i found a way to get onto myspace at school, just go to upload.myspace.com then type in ur email address, and ur password, and ur in!! it works.

  9. Hey peoples! I really get bored in class during classes. I am wondering in such curiosity of what websites can I use to get on myspace. I know of worldwideproxy.com but it won’t let on. I need help!!!!

  10. yea all the things ya’ll have typed to unblock myspace
    definitely doesn’t work

    come on i know there’s at least one computer nerd in this thing
    any ideas?
    on something that actually works?

  11. please somebody, i have tried them all too, they dont work, some will let you to the login screen, but you cant login! peace

  12. heyy all these sites arent working….some of them get me on myspace but wont let me log in??…wats up with that???



  13. I heard from a friend that there is a site you can go to and get to myspace from it. But I just cant remember the site name.
    Do you now of the site Im talking about?
    Please help me Im so bored at school.I need to get on there and do something other then be bored.

  14. Here is a site you can go to…but my school finally blocked it…its slysurf.com after you have gone there..click on free service..then click any proxy and type the site in….hope that helps anyone


  15. hey, there is a way. Open the enternet,go to tools, go to internet options, go to the connections tab, then to LAN settings,check the checkbox that says “use a proxy server” then type in in the first box, then type 8080 in the second box. click ok and go where u want to go. It worked for my school until a teachers pet told on the whole school and now it wont work. make sure u dont spread it around school b-cuz those teachers pets will ruin it for ya.

  16. I can’t get to myspace.com. The block says it’s due to “general pornography”. The block also scans meta tags, so if it’s a proxy site, it gets blocked, too. I’m occasionally able to get it through translation pages, but I can’t log in. Help, please?

  17. okaii ive tried everything on this page and it doesnt work..i had a website that worked but not i cant find it anywhere…umm i really need help!!!!!!

  18. well Tfarolz.com thats another one go to that gives a great list of games and also has a proxy to let you in any website! have fun but dont tell to many it gets the site banned quick when everyone finds out and uses it.

  19. so…i’ve tried all the proxies you could find. like pretty much all of them. all of them on this site, and all the ones i found on google and what not. but most of them are blocked. the one’s that aren’t…well, i can’t log in. i was recently using http://www.buzzhat.com. you guys could try that but now my school blocked it. so i need a new proxy that i haven’t already tried.

  20. everytime i try go on myspace a search engine comes up called ‘about:blank’ and it covers half da page so i cant click on anythin wot do i do. plz sum1 help.

  21. Hey! please help me! I need a way to get on myspace at school, and blocked loser worked for a while. Now it says its exceeded bandwidth or something like that so does unblockwebsites…please help me! PLEASE



  22. agghh i cant log on to myspace.com or vampirefreaks.com does anyone have a website i can go to stupid school blocked it 😛

  23. ok lets make this simple
    if someone knows a proxy page that will let you log into myspace please post it or email me

  24. my school keeps blocking all of the websites that i find to get to myspace!!! f****n a**holes!! I hate this… i need a website that actually works!! Plz help me to not be bored in 1st and 3rd hour anymore!!!

  25. Hey look we got websense at my school it sucks ass no myspace for me no more, i used to use workspot.net ten minute free browser demo but now its down so i need ur help thanx

  26. dude wtf i need to get on myspace im bored i need a proxy server taht actually works, none of these work consistantly

  27. If your school has blocked myspace.com it’s probably for a good reason. Stop trying to circumvent their filters by using proxy servers. It’s very dangerous to send any type of personal info (like login names and passwords) through a proxy. Since a proxy is a relay, it becomes an excellent source for a person to steal your personal information.

    Think about it.

  28. omfg!! now they have buzzhat.com blocked at my school!! i need a proxy server that actually works.. for my school.. you can use a proxy server that doesnt have the word proxy in the URL..

  29. What we were using to get past websense to get to myspace was going into the command prompt, typing in “ping http://www.myspace.com” and it would give an IP address and you could enter that into the Address section of internet explorer, but websens caught on and blocked it at our school. When we would be able to use qouta time and get on myspace or using the IP address, none of it works.Could really use some help.
    And this is only myspace that they did this to.

  30. Thank you all for all the websites that I blocked that our filtering service alreay hadn’t blocked. You stupid kids. Do some damn school work in school then maybe you won’t be screw ups later in life.

  31. May I suggest an e-mail network of discussion for myspace.com proxys? I wouldn’t say it’s the best idea to report proxy websites through a discussion board. I found this through Google; think of how easy your schools are finding the same information you are. Any new proxys you may have found, I suggest reporting it through everyone’s e-mail instead. It may keep schools at bay from finding out which proxys you use!

  32. I can’t get into it at school because they had to block it. When i use a proxy it will bring me to the sign in page but after that it was say I have to make an account … what should I do ????





  34. Brittany: May I suggest you and the rest of you obey the rules and do not go where you are not supposed to. Besides an email discussion is just opening yourself up for spam. C’mon people. Do this at home and not at school. You will be the people that get fired from a job because you are more concerned with your personal life than your job tasks.

  35. hey “watching you”, i dont know you and probably dont live anywhere near you, thank god, but just because you probably dont have a myspace because you dont have friends or a life, doesn’t mean you should take it away from others. Let kids have their fun, and if school isn’t fun enough for them, then SCREW SCHOOL. Yeah your supposed to learn, but learning should be fun, and if the kids have A.D.D. and go on the internet to eliminate the boring-ness of class, then apparently the teacher isn’t doing a good job of getting the kids interested into the subject. However i do respect your point, your entitled to your opinion, but just remember, whatever you think is right, doesn’t mean its right for everyone, im sure the kids HEAR what your saying, they’re LISTENING and they UNDERSTAND the words that are coming out of you damn mouth, but they dont have to AGREE. i suggest doing more hands on activities so the kids have more FUN with learning and it doesn’t seem like such a chore or an obligation.

  36. Everything is blocked!! You can’t get on any of the websites that are listed above because I tried all of them. Please help me soon!!!

  37. LoL

    I agree with thsoe who want to have a dicussion through email. The school officials will find out and go nuts. And MySpace is one of the safer sites around than what the schools aren’t blocking. I mean if they haven’t noticed, Myspace has a rule that clearly states you are not allowed to have pornographic images or content on your Myspace website. Myspace is really just a place for friends to be creative with themselves and meet new people. There is no harm in it and school officials need to learn to butt out of the students lives.

  38. i need to get on myspace in school but it is blocked and all the proxy servers are blocked and if they are not blocked they cost money. so can u plz write back and tell me a way i can get on myspace. thx i would appreciate it bye.

  39. Hey “your mom” actually I do have a myspace account, but my life doesn’t revolve around the internet. I actually have real friends. I am not a teacher so I cannot control how teachers run their classes. What you all have to understand is that those computers do not belong to you and therefore they can restrict whatever they want. I feel all of your pain because I was a student once (not that long ago as I am only in my 20’s) and some teachers just do not get it. But as my job as the network administrator I have to make sure that students (and staff) use the computer for what they are intended for. Believe me, I get on the teachers too when I catch them shopping or doing personal stuff. What you all do not understand that there is a huge liability involved if any personal information is being accessed on school time. Think about it, what would happen if something happened to one of the students becuase they were using a website like myspace or something like a chat room, forum or instant messenger program. There is a time and place for everything and school is not the time nor place to be browsing websites like myspace. Also if you are using a proxy website or proxy settings to bypass a firewall or filtering software you are on the edge of breaking the law. So what is being done is for your own safety. Just respect that. Life is not all about fun and games and all of you have the power to make school fun. Of course many teachers are just lame and have no clue and for that I am sorry. But again thanks to all this and many other forums I have read I have successfully stopped the use of any browser other than internet explorer and blocked 100’s of proxy sites that were not already blocked.

  40. hey i need to find some other proxyz to get into myspace from school…spysurfing.com is not working and also buzzhat.us which is considered myspaceproxy.com is also blocked

  41. my school blocked myspace. and then we found a website to get around the blocked sites. all of them. its http://www.spynot.com its all free and so cool. then my school found out about it and blocked it to. we are trying to find a new website just like spynot. it works. so you can use it.

  42. to the guy thaat reads all of theas then blocks the sites we have listed

    i understadt that it is your job

    But with out us kids you would be out of a job

    and come on it is fun to think of newway to get around you and all your undewings

    i think for any one who really wants to get on myspace at school
    a. give up
    b. make your own proxy sites (good luck with that)
    and if you do dont sher it or it well get blocked by the rest

    p.s. he siad that you can get on chats and stuff that is bs bc i know how to get on one wont say what one or how bc then he well block it

    good luck on your ever gone quest to get on myspace at school!

  43. Hi….there was a really good one but it got blocked. http://www.myspaceproxy.com
    That one is the best out of:
    and many others.

    To “watching you”,
    I am a good student, I don’t get into too much trouble, I do my work, etc. I do not go on Myspace to met new people. I go on Myspace to contact old friends because I just moved. And ya know what, f**k the system. I hate authority figures. They have nothing better to do than p**s kids off. Especially people like you. Find out all the m**********n proxys you want, more are made every day and one day…you won’t be able to find any out. The only way you can completely block students going to Myspace is by taking away their access to computers. F**k authority. I want something to do to pass my class time because I finish my work super early. You’re just a d**k.

  44. okay, i’m still looking for a proxy to login and whatnot but i do have one that cannot get blocked so you can view your page to see ifyou have new comments..


    Its a site tht is using about 150 different proxy’s. if you don’t get it o the first try keep going you’ll get a page that works.

  45. WOW Katie, that attitude will get you far in life. Is that what you are going to say to your boss, F**k Authority. I am sorry you feel that we have nothing better to do than to just get on you kids, but you all make it so we have to focus on that because you seem to care more about your social life than your future and education. The real shame is that teachers today seem to lack the ability to keep kids interested in learning and do not give enough activities during class time to occupy your time. And for that I am sorry. You can call me names or say that I am against the kids or whatever, but it all comes down to your safety. One day when you all grow up you will understand that, I hope. If not, you can continue to hate authority figures and see how the real world is.

    Oh and to “HI_ALL_DIE”, you think I would be out of a job if it wasn’t for you kids. There are plenty of computers in the world that need support and there will always be kids and teachers that need support. If you kids continue to try and do this type of stuff in the real world, you’ll be the ones out of a job.

  46. Why are you kids so ignorant? Do you think that adults are that stupid that we don’t monitor the same pages and searches that you do? Don’t yo think that we’d find all your sad proxy sites and just filter them out? Stop searching around for a way around the system. The more you try to get in, the harder it becomes. Learn not to get addicted to the myspace drug and do something constructive with your life. I don’t care if you hate school, nor do I care who you are. Learn some grammar and how to type and stop crying about what you cannot change.

    -The Man

  47. I wanna say thanks to all you stupid kids that use MySpace. Thanks to information a student posted (about himself) we caught this kid that has been stealing computers and computer parts from us for the past couple years. Now he is expelled and charged with a felony and could serve Jail Time since he is 17. He was caught when he tried to access myspace at school so just be warned that you can be tracked.

  48. You adults really haven’t got a clue, have you? There is always a way around any system, and not all proxies that work for accessing myspace at school are shared online. A lot of information is shared via talking, often outside of school. In this case, knowledge really is power. You might block a proxy, but that’s like putting your finger into a hole in a ceiling with a million holes and water gushing through all of them.

    So, put away your smugness, because you can never win.

  49. dear “watching you” i respect your reply to my early comment, sorry i was late to reply. however alot of kids are good students. and about the computer thing, i actually own my laptop, i go to a laptop school, and yeah the teachers can block the sites, but they cant take away our laptops. thank you for agreeing with my comment about teachers not keeping the kids interested, as a student i would know. and we’re not STUPID kids, is that how YOUR gunna get by in life?? yelling at a girl for saying f**k because shes angry and then calling us kids stupid?? you were a kid once, im sure you did some stupid stuff, everyone does, don’t try to deny it. stop making it out like your out to get the kids, half the reason kids want to do want there not told to do is because of just that, they’re not ALLOWED to, thus the thrill of doing it and getting away with it is an experience within its self. And those kids probably won’t be out of jobs, some of the kids that actually FIND the codes are really smart, they hack all day and night, they use codes and numbers, when you think about it, it takes hard work and EFFORT and they’re actually pretty darn smart if they found a way to get around it, a kind of job that im sure police and CIA people would pay alot for those kids to do.

  50. First off screw all you network admins. You dont get it as long as you keep blocking sites we will find more. Its fun. Now some admins are fun ill admit that. One let us host a dedicated lan cs server on the school server. The rest should be more like him.

    Second off if you visit my web site http://www.smpro.tk and leave your email address i will send you a supurb proxy. I refuse to post it on here for fear of having it blocked. Hope yall understand.

  51. Hey, does anybody know how to get to xanga past WebSense? My gay-ass school blocked it. And btw “Watching You” grow up. The only people that interested in kids are pedophiles, so butt out, Pee Wee Herman.

  52. i need to kno how to get on myspace?? my skool blocked all of i mean its just pissing me off i need to get on i mean this hott chick named alfred (dont worry shes post op.) sent me a friend request

  53. I need to get into myspace my friends and I are getting very mad because all the proxies are not working!!! Help please much thanks

  54. Um I need ti get into myspace!! People at my school know how but they all said ” you have to do a lot of steps ” so yeah……… HELP PLEASE and I went to this guy jonny.ihackstuff.com I think or something like it and he said to do some proxies but they all don’t work………..So I need YOUR help if you are willing!! Much thanks

  55. i just wanted to say how lame it is that teachers or whatever “network administrators” are coming on here soley to block websites. why are people so damn paranoid that kids are talking to pedephiles on myspace. were not. and i dont think ill “understand when i grow up” because guess what most of us old enough where we know not to talk to wierdos in chat rooms and say hey wanna meet up.there is so much that is wrong with what those teachers said i cant even begin. if lifes not all fun and games then what the hell is it supposed to be? sit in your cubicle and stamp papers every day of your life? lifes not all about systems and jobs and money and thats whats wrong with the world today. so fucking what if students want to send messages to their freinds when theyre stuck on a computer in the library. my teacher threw me in the library today because i didnt want to do some lame ass breathing exercise and i sat in front of a computer drawing pictures of kittens in paint. try and tell me thats more productive that messaging my friends or making plans. its not like thats all kids ever do on a computer is try to get in myspace all day. i know that i do my work and then if im bored at the end of class i just want to check my myspace but its blocked and thats so lame. i know for a fact right now that im not going to have a job wherei m sitting in front of a computer all day so guess what, no im not gonna get fired later in life for trying to get in myspace now. just let it go, if kids are talking to creepy 40 year old guys named patty with a beer belly on myspace its their own damn fault for being so ignorant and theyll probably do it at home anyways.

  56. I dont know about the rest of you but MY school completely blocked all the proxy servers just becuz a site has the word free proxy in it. There a couple things you can do but it doesn’t work for the computers. And it is highly illegal. just totally download stuff into the main computer that has all these settings witha hacking tag on it and hack into the computer and change the settings. It’ll only work for a week or two but you can do it over and over until sum1 gets arrested peanut.tk works really weel you f*****g admin. Crack mongers

  57. also i think that those teachers should read this before shoving some more “predators on myspace” bull crap down our throats.

    “The risk is overstated. It’s not real. MySpace was not invented at the time of the 1999 study. At the current time, MySpace has about 4 million members. At the level of 0.01% risk –1 in 10,000 users — you would expect about 400 “traveller cases” from MySpace alone. That hasn’t happened.

    I’m tired of mass media perpetuating a culture of fear under the scapegoat of informing the public. Nowhere is this more apparent than how they discuss youth culture and use scare tactics to warn parents of the safety risks about the Internet. The choice to perpetually report on the possibility or rare occurrence of kidnapping / stalking / violence because of Internet sociability is not a neutral position – it is a position of power that the media chooses to take because it’s a story that sells. There’s something innately human about rubbernecking, about looking for fears, about reveling in the possibilities of demise. Mainstream media capitalizes on this, manipulating the public and magnifying the culture of fear. It sells horror films and it sells newspapers.

    But the fear-mongering goes on. A site selling internet-monitoring software to parents misrepresents MySpace (it’s not a “chat room”), and raises the specter of the Internet Predator:

    Al Lynch, the principal at Northwest Christian High School warned parents about myspace.com, saying naive young people are ill-equipped to recognize the threat that cyberspace predators employ to trap their teens.”

    if you want to read the whole thing its
    it has some really good points

  58. just another lazy student,

    Its not all about fear, it mainly about its against the rules. So get over it. Despite your ignorance, stuff like what is mentioned in the study does happen and a school is not going to take that risk even if it is 1 in a billion. I have taken steps and already proposed to the school board that any student caught using proxy services to circumvent web filtering or our network will be treated as a hacker which can result is expulsion and legal penelties. I know it sounds like I am being a dick, but I don’t care. Students don’t respect authority or rules which is why the rules get tougher and tougher. If you are bored in school, I can’t help that. I am not a teacher. It is my job to make sure that the schools computers and network are used for its proper intention. That applies to staff as well as students. Trust me, I get on the teachers asses when they want to screw around too. Maybe if they focused on their classes the students would be more interested and perform better. So you guys can think of a million reasons why MySpace is not bad and I am not saying it is. Just do your personal stuff on your personal computer and your personal time. End of Story.

  59. HELP!!!!! My school has blocked every website. It’s hoodinanie. Boo Hoo. I want to get on myspace. I’m so bored…. all the other websites on here don’t work I have tried every single one, every one!!!! none work Please Help Thanks

  60. So guys i have good news and bad news. i recently had a site that worked flawlessly for any website you wanted. only my harddrive crashed due to all the activity on my proxy and i have no time to create a new one. im currently undergoing a project with some friends to run a new proxy for this. the catch for IM WATCHING YOU is that i am a computer programer and can do html so the script I WROTE for this will not allow the site to be blocked due to the fact that the url doesnt exsist. the whole site should be up in a matter of weeks. sorry its taking so long guys. hopefully this one willl work

  61. o yeah. something i forgot to mention that might help one person out there crack this. the way schools run the filter is known as a transproxy or transparent proxy. so for one your already running through a proxy to even access the internet. a theory going around my school is that if you can find out the ip of the server your routed through you might be able to change it and use either a. a hidden ip number b. another ip address or c. change your connection settings to access these sites. another solution while a little pricey works without a hitch and no admin can stop you. i kno sprint has a cable that you can plug into your cell phone and use that as sort of a modem to surf the net through a computer. i dont know exactly how it works just that a kid at school does it every day and we envy him. he charges us to use it and im sure actually makes a profit off us. please dont post anything you find about this. just sort of pass it among friends at your school. it will get around. trust me

  62. Dear ‘God’,
    Hard drives don’t crash through increased activity!

    Being able to ‘do html’ does not make you a computer programmer.

    Your description of the script you ‘wrote’ clearly indicates you do not understand how transparent proxies work. Referencing a URL that does not exist does not prevent it being blocked.


  63. Hey Guys….i knoe all of u guyz r looking for some proxyz to get on myspace…here r some i knoe, alienproxy.com, mysticproxy.com, anonycat.com. Hopefully its not blocked on ur skool sites…cus it jus got blocked on ours..anyways comment back on this site so i knoe whether or if it worked…

  64. Note to all: If you are having difficulty getting around firewalls etc and are in need of a good proxy site, check out the all new http://WWW.MRNEWGUY.COM which was launched on Jan 18th, 2006. Access 98% of ALL sites now, and in the coming weeks ahead rest assured you will have access to 99% of all sites on the world wide web. Oh, and many thanks to the thousands of users who frequent the site on a daily basis!


  65. Ok I’ve been reading these posts and stuff and these adults would be pissed off too if they were in our shoes they would be doing the same thing. Also Myspace is not a “drug” I’m a fairly smart student and I’ve just finished up with psychology. If anything myspace would be an addiction. It doesn’t get into your body….. Yeah I’ll agree kids are addicted to myspace but f***ing A, I just want to play some friggin games. I’ve finished my finals and everything and I can’t play a game because they get blocked. I think that if a kid is on a game site when he should be doing work, then he should be punished. But when I get a message saying the site is blocked because of “Humor”, “Games”, “Occult/New Age?” (someone should explain that one to me) I honestly think prison would be more entertaining than school. Well I have to go to my next class now so everyone take it easy and keep it real.

  66. uhm..yea… i can’t even get on to mrnewguy.com..

    ..maybe it’s cause i’m in england?..iono..this sucks. i’m bored.

  67. Ocelot (and all other people),

    What you cannot get through your one track minds is the computers in your schools (or work place) DO NOT belong to you and there have to be used for what they are intended to. You can use the argument that it even if you bring your own laptop in they can still restrict you because you are connected to their network and they can still restrict you. So why don’t you all quit crying and just do your games and myspace and other personal stuff at home. Also keep in mind that using a proxy to gain access to websites that are restricted is hacking and is a felony. The school board voted at the school district I work for and there is a a automatic 10 day supension for using proxy sites or proxy settings for the first offense and the 2nd offense is expulsion.

  68. Hi Watching You,
    Whilst I agree with your assertion that the computers in schools are provided for a purpose, and that the pupils and staff should respect that use; I do not agree that using a proxy is hacking. Unfortunately ‘hacking’ is a term mis-used by far too many people. Using a proxy is a normal (if rare) activity.
    If your school regard the use of a proxy as hacking, they are merely showing their ignorance.

  69. At my school they have blocked everything for myspace. I can’t use any of the links here on your webpage either. They are using some firewall blocker and it prevents me and many others from getting to anything myspace. There were certain ways to get into myspace but I have been discovered and blocked. Please send me a new way of getting into myspace!

  70. Mike,

    Hacking is defined as “To use one’s skill in computers to gain illegal or unauthorized access to files, data, or areas of a network” So therefore using a proxy to get to UNAUTHORIZED websites IS hacking as the internet provided is part of the schools network. Besides I don’t care what you say because a lawyer has been involved and there are areas of the law that state that is hacking. You can use proxies on your personal computer all you want, but when it comes to computers and network equipment that are not yours then thats a different story. The key word is UNAUTHORIZED!!!!

  71. That’s what should be called CRACKING, not hacking. Some references: cracker versus hacker. And using a proxy is neither hacking nor cracking.

    You are right that the real problem is using the school’s computers for unauthorized purposes. That is the only definition that can work.

    As usual, when non-experts are involved (including lawyers), the terminology used is imprecise at best, and plain wrong at worst. The school isn’t providing the Internet as part of it’s network, it is providing access to the Internet through it’s network. The distinction is important, especially when lawyers are involved!

    Using a proxy is not gaining illegal or unauthorized access to files, data, or areas of the schools network.

    The important point should only be that by whatever means, accessing any sites which do not demonstrably aid a pupil in pursuit of his or her studies, or a member of staff in execution of his or her duties should be prohibited.

    Of course, I am not a lawyer, and this is only my opinion.

  72. I guess it depends on how you see it. It can be said that web filtering such as websense can be viewed as security as it designed to block sites that the institution views potentially unsafe. So if it is looked at that way then they are cracking websense by using proxy sites. Thats how the lawyers view it. The basically said with the rising epidemic that websites like MySpace are causing it can be a huge security risk. Despite what is said by students and kids, there are kids that post personal information on the website. Also they lawyers stated that when it comes to educational institions and other government institutions hacking (or cracking if you want to call it that) covers a wider spectrum and they view bypassing a firewall or internet filterins service as hacking unless you have proper authorization. Your little reference to hacker vs cracker was written over 20 years ago and something similar was brought up by a parent and the lawyers shot it down as “that was 20 years ago and things have changed”. There was no internet (at least to the public) 20 years ago. And it actually took skill to crack or hack, now you can just google for it. I will see if I can get the documentation that the lawyers used for reference, but I doubt they will give that to me.

  73. this is getting to be so ridiculous!!!! that is why i never told anyone about proxies when i found out how to get passed the schools F****D UP system!!! but yea now they have a filter that doesnt let us get passed any loopholes..ALL PROXIES ARE BLOCKED!!!! wtf am i gonna do? this is complete BS.

  74. yeah, im pretty sure that theres just going to be a ban on all Hacking websites, considering that what we are all trying to do is considered hacking. I to cant get to myspace, But i need to get into it, i have information on the site that i need to take off and put somewhere else. and i never have time at home.

    listen to coheed and cambria.

  75. Ryan,
    Just to clarify, this site is not a hacking site, it is a personal blog with over a thousand posts unrelated to proxies. In fact the original post (at the top of the page) is unrelated to the discussion which now occupies the commentors.

  76. can someone plz tell me a way to get in to myspace. because it’s blocked in my school. also all the url that contain the word proxy are also blocked.

  77. ATTENTION!!!!!
    Schools across america are shuting down myspace.
    they are tring to establish permanent un-moveable blocks. my school has blocked all proxies, so here you go, i dont need them anymore. they worked for me for the longest time…but not anymore.

    Here you go.


    thats it. those all worked for me. good luck

  78. Don’t you all know by now that Websense looks at this blog every day? Every proxy site published here is blocked by Websense within 24 hours. Wait until you get home to get your myspace fix. Go read a book if you’re done with your classwork.

  79. so my school has blocked all the proxy sites on here we have the st benard filter system does anyone have any idea how to get through it we were using http://www.funness.net and using the proxy but word got out or he took it off or something and we are desperate….thanks ♥ myspace addict

  80. ummm im in aep. which is a alternate education program for the kids who are bad…i need to know how to get onto myspace so that i have something to do all day…anyone know???

  81. For your information “Watching You,” the public schools are funded by the taxpayers, and I think they should have a say so in this, not some self-righteous admin.
    You f*****s don’t even have a proxy that allows you to sign in.

  82. Nadya,
    For your information, our rules and regulations are founded by the board of education and since myspace has no educational value it is not allowed. So far we haven’t found a parent (our taxpayers as you call them) that feels myspace should be allowed. Mike says it best.
    “The schools are funded to provide an education, not to provide a place to hang out and browse myspace.com.”

    So all of you can think I am being self righteous or jerk, but in the end I am doing what is best for education. Myspace is fine to be done on your own personal time on your own personal computer. Not computers bought by the taxpayers to be used for education.

  83. I don’t see why a student can’t go on myspace when they have extra time. I for one am a straight A student and because I am not interested in any of the electives offered to my grade level have a study hall. I don’t see any reason for me to not be able to access myspace. And I’m sure “watching you” will say something like “you should do your homework” but I don’t like doing homework in school it makes me uncomfortable. It’s not like me being on myspace during my free hour is hurting anyone.

  84. As has been mentioned before, there is an inherent risk with open-access sites like MySpace.com Especially where children are concerned.
    There have been some recent case in which sites like MySpace.com are said to have played a part.

    Quite appropriately, schools can decide that, given the site has almost no educational value, there is no point in exposing children in their care to those risks, however small.

  85. this is hella gay.i want to get on myspace and for a while we had a way of gettin on it but the f****n school had to go and block it. someone should help?

  86. sup man……….. i need the proxy address to get into myspace from skool!!!!!! this s**t is p*****g me off!!!! i cant even check it at home cuz my brother blocked it plz help me man!!!!!!! ur my last hope!

  87. i swear i have tried every proxy site on this page and then some.. i need alotta help if someone knows a really good site plz plz let me kno whats up

  88. lol well washingtonville school sucks ass lol we got websence and they acauly blocked every known proxy to exist,, when i see all these ports and links has anyone tried hosting a server and make a proxy out of it

  89. okay. i get bored during class because i have nothing to do after im done with my work. so i really need some proxys. either. that or can someone possibly tell me how to make my own. and ill be happy to let everyone who wants to on it.
    come on . it could be fun.! myspace at school. people say it doesnt teach you anything. its better than sleeping. and it teaches you people skills. come on.

  90. Uh i hate school.. but like ive used a thousand proxies here.. to get to myspace cuz some of them work but you cant login.. i used like mathcookbook and couple other but they blocked them could you plez give a list of proxies that would let me log in PLEZ…
    im so bored

  91. Okay, after a matter of hours, I have finally read all this post thingy. I see kinda see both sides of the dish here. I see that teens rebel and want to stick it to the man and get satisfaction out of that. If they get to get on myspace in the process that’s a plus. I especially liked the comment by “you think so?” about the man plugging up the holes of water when theres like ten million. Yet I don’t understand why these desperate people try so hard to get on a website. Yeah myspace is awesome, I get that. But its only 7 hours outta ur day! School is 7 hours long! It is simply ridiculous that people cannot go without getting on one specific website for 7 hours. I getta kick outta trying to bypass the system. I like that. But people who do this everyday is so retarded. Get a fucking social life where u hang with ur friends, and talk, and giggle, and make lonely fags like me jealous. Comn people! I absolutely hate authority so Im not agreeing with anyone. This is my opinion. People arnt going to listen and I respect that. Good luck guys.



  92. can some one tell me how to get into myspace because i have tryed all the web sites that are listed above and they are all blocked.

  93. hey everyone i have been on myspace many times but they have all been blocked but u can try and see if they work at your skool they are::.::


    proxy.jeffsearch.com then type in myspace

    and sumthing else that i cant remeber

  94. Yes the last comment iggy or whatever
    is having the same problem as me, their all blocked iamnewguy worked great for a while they i guess they caught on and blocked it.


  96. Is everyone really desperate to get onto Myspace?

    C’mon now, get some lives. You WILL live if you don’t visit Myspace every three seconds.

  97. well i have a few coments….”cuaghs”… well omg!!!!! you all have lame *** schools. My school lets me go anyware. yes i am in high school and all but mg. ill i did was ask the prensaple and he said yes!!! is that so hard?

  98. I don’t know what your schools are like, but I go to a boarding school…so I can’t just go home and check it. I live here for 9 months of the year. It’s a pain the butt to walk across the bridge everyday JUST to check myspace. Besides that, I don’t have time to do that everyday. I’ve tried every site on this blog, and if it wasn’t blocked, it wouldn’t let me log on. Please, help if you can. Thanks!

  99. Watching You,
    If you would care to read that article properly you will read that it doesn’t say anything that isn’t obvious. Which is to say; when kids ignore the advice of the site about how much personal information to put on the web, they expose themselves to risk. But that is true of every single community site, guest book, chat room, etc. on the web. MySpace doesn’t even come into the picture in any specific way.

    In fact, if you want to play with facts that don’t mean anything, you could say that MySpace, by virtue of it’s sheer size and popularity, has a lower (on percentages) risk than some of the other community sites.

    As an example of how biased and fact free the article is take the comment “MySpace, which has operated below the radar of many Internet industry analysts to preserve its ‘cool factor,’…”. What that really means is that unlike Murdoch, the analysts failed to spot just how big MySpace was getting.

    The reality of all these things is that kids are under-educated (see some of the spelling, grammar, and general knowledge level displayed in these comments), under-experienced (because society cossets them until they don’t understand danger), and ill-equipped to judge these situations. The simple solution is that parents should be responsible for ensuring their children are responsible and able to be safe online. Unfortunately the parents, are little better than the kids in far too many cases.

  100. See what happen was Im sitting in class right now and no matter what site I try to get onto myspace with I cant do it… You need to find another way that I can get on there… Because almost every class Im on the computer and I can never get onto anything even AIM… whats really good with that? You need to help out!

  101. im soooooo bored… im in computer class and the teacher is giving us a free day and every website i go to is blocked… somebody please tell me a proxy that works….if you do you will be my HERO

  102. hey…i really hate my school because they suck…Myself and another person who choose to remain annonymous have been fighting the battle against the “Network Administrators” for over a year now and up until today they have never won. We’re not even smart but have been causing them grief since the day that we found about the cgi-proxy. Yeah im talking bout Ridgefield Park Highschool in New Jersey baby!!! We will find another way to beat them

  103. Wow, this is very interesting. All of these teachers/intendants are humouring. They honestly think that their place in the school environment makes them godlike…heh… There will always be ways to get into myspace, or other blocked sites, for your information. So go cry now, please. Even if it mean we have to go in and change the proxy used for our computers, whatever works. Please don’t waste our time posting your meaningless crap. Thank you.

  104. my school has had myspace blocked for a while, but vtunnel.com allowed me and my friends to still access it and log in. the superintendents recently found out about this site and blocked it also. please help me .

  105. I honestly do not know why myspace has been blocked in our schools. I see no reason as to why it should be blocked, as there is no pornographic images, and the only other reason I can really think of is that incident regarding the girl, which isn’t our fault that she lacks the common sense to not meet a stranger on myspace. I think they get some sort of sick pleasure out of it, personally. Well, regarding sites, these ones i’ve tried:

    home.myspace.com (now blocked)
    http://iamnewguy.com (now blocked)
    http://mrnewguy.com (now blocked)
    http://mathcookbook.com (still works, but glitches up)
    Many other sites that have proxies, but they are all blocked..

    Right now I am trying to see if I can make a link to myspace on a page I made or something of the sort, but to no success. I think blocking myspace was idiotic, but hey, whatever floats their boat.

  106. P.S. Teachers, teach your students… don’t read blogs.
    Please do your job, after all you cannot stress more the importance of it.

  107. Wow. I’m not in HS. I’ve been out for a few years. I stumbled upon this site to find a way into myspace from my JOB. Why? Yes, because I am a lame, meaningless, anti social, friendless idiot on myspace because I have no life of my own. Phew!! now that I’ve said everything mean FOR you…

    What’s wrong with putting myspace in perhaps the library for students who go there after school or during their free class? There are such programs that allow you to track what has been typed, sent, received, etc to better track what kids are REALLY doing? I mean why not use myspace as a tool for better insight on how to better entertain your obviously bored students? Sure, its dangerous because of pedophiles and such but do you really think this stops it from accruing somewhere else or is this another way of passing the liability to anyone else other then the school system? And how is that different from the pedophiles that have been hired to teach physical education? Doesn’t happen to YOUR school though I suppose. I’m sure some of you kiddes have seen “mean girls”??? The proper more “I’m so much more adult then you” thing to do is stick around, let the kids chat it up, block your proxies and just leave it at that? Why is it so necessary to argue with them? Do you realize how that makes YOU, the “adult” look? Not to good coming from one. I hear both sides. And I most certainly agree that myspace usage DURING class should be ceased. But do you really need to make that your point on a site chalk full of teens? Kinda makes you wonder who the real pedophiles are. Do you not remember yourself as a teen? How well did you listen to anyone trying to tell your values were “against the policy”? Jesus. Just stupid. Fighting with kids??? You should really be ashamed of yourself. You look no better then these “Stupid kids who will go nowhere in life”. Spending hours reading this forum makes you NO better and arguing makes it that much worse. It’s time to grow up. Really.

    – dumb adult

  108. ha ha go hacker i totally agree with you 100 % my school is under very tight security right now so i cant get on my space thanks to all the stupid administrators oh well if anyone finds anything new just let me know.

  109. I guess everyone still misses the point of school. They all think it is some social outlet designed for their entertainment. Using your reasoning, justsomegirl, it would be like saying Its ok is someone does 100 miles an hour on the expressway when the speed limit is only 65. Afterall they are not hurting anybody at that particular moment and they find it entertaining. Students need to communicate with their teachers and/or guidance councelors to make sure the educational material keeps their interests. It is just as much the students responsibility as the teachers. However, I think the teacher needs to make it known that he/she is open to suggestions from the students to make learning more fun. But students need to realize that this is school and its firstmost priority is education. I challenge anyone to find any concrete educational value in myspace or similar sites. Some people argue it teaches social skills which is BS. How can you be social when you really are only interacting with a computer. Sure you are responding to messages or blogs, but that is no where near having a conversation face to face. So I will continue to block proxies and monitor usage of students and staff that feel that the computers are for entertainment. And for those in the “real” working world the same rules apply. If your employer says no to personal sites like MySpace then you should respect that and concentrate on your work and do you personal stuff at home.

  110. i personally think its pretty cool how teachers and administrators yell at us for getting off task and junk but yet theyre on here too. how about yall stop yelling at us, and start worrying about yourself? youre just annoying!

  111. hey there my name is dustin i have a way for you to get onto myspace but if the computer is restricted to proxys and lan settings this may be hard for you to complete but here is a way. Open the internet,go to tools, go to internet options, go to the connections tab, then to LAN settings,check the checkbox that says “use a proxy server” then type in in the first box, then type 8080 in the second box. click ok and go where u want to go.It worked for me for the longest time until the teacher caught me and got me suspended from school cause im a pretty good hacker if anyone needs help e-mail me at rkornewald101@hotmail.com or rkornewald101@yahoo.com
    thanks for your time and i hope that this has helped you and works for all

  112. in to response “Watching You Says”:
    You most certainly missed a point yourself by, once again, insisting on the last word. If you honestly feeling vocalizing your superior role in the school system makes you look mature and stabilized your arguments perhaps you should reconsider your venue. As far as myspace at work…
    Your not going to win this one dear. I work with my husband and our hours differ. Instead of polluting the earth over one hour I catch up on my bills, balance my check book, and catch up with old friends. I have been given permission by my superior to do so. It’s my hour. It’s off the clock. No problem. I was given full permission to use whatever means to check my account as long as it’s on my own hour. I have a wonderful boss, I know. But I also work very hard for my playtime. No one has the right to shove their opinions of right and wrong down your throat especially by someone who gets paid peanuts to be the teacher’s minion. Your obviously bored yourself. Perhaps you should speak to your counselor? I’m sure they can provide with a wonderful outlet to have the last word and be the “bad@ss know it all”… detention halls perhaps? Good luck with that.

  113. kris10,

    Well something you may not realize is that part of my job description relates to network security and making sure our network and internet are used appropriately. That means if I need to explore the internet to find out how people may potentially get around our systems so be it. I post comments only to let you know that you are not as smart as you think you are and some people know what you are up to. Consider it a courtesy and a reminder to what you are supposed to be doing which is learning.

  114. in this website, you can at least view their profiles! but it doesnt allow u to sign in..
    i’ve tried on different computers and its worked..try

  115. I tried EVERY single site that you guys have talked about. And they are ALLLLLLLL Blocked! OMG! I swear that the admin person that is on here, has to be from my school. I hate this. This blows hardcore! Oh well, I guess I need to get my fix at home, and not a school. Even though, it’s my addiction!

  116. Dear “Watching You”,

    I appreciate that you are doing your very best to protect us from all of these dangerous sites, what could we ever do without you. Im not sure if I’m the only one, but I actually find time to get on these life threatening sites, AND do my work at the same time, wow…truly a wonder. My point? Simply that, if the school boards concern is that these sites are interfering with our learning time, they are mistaken. Not as smart as you think? I beg to differ. If you are needing to come onto these sites to see how we are getting past you, we must be smarter than YOU think.

    valere iubere

  117. How pathetic is it that everyone here is looking for HOMG MYSPACE LOLZZZ? Please people, be LITERATE. It’s a good thing. Do not slaughter our beloved language.

  118. Oh yes Hacker it takes a great deal of brain power to google for proxy sites. You must be soo smart, I should bow to your intelligence. You still miss the point, MySpace is not an educational site and therefore there is no need to access it in school on school computers. I am glad that you can still get all your work done. Kudos to you. I could care less if you are an “A” student or an “F” student. It is just not allowed. The End.

  119. My school has myspace blocked too! I found a site. But everytime I put my email and password on there and sign in, it says I cant use this feature because i need to be logged in! Thats messed up!

    I’ll hook yall up if I find a good proxy!

  120. Actually, it could be considered educational, if you use your imagination, or have you lost that? Maybe you should do a little research before you make judgements on websites. A lot of HTML is used on that website, and I’m not sure about your school, but we have classes where we use html, and we practice it, so therefore, that site would be a nice way to practice it no? Well it doesn’t matter to anyone if you block your sites, theres always another way in. So in essence, it is not “The End.”

  121. hahahaha! Man I like this guy. He’s very smooth. Its funny because any website we put here is immediatly taken away form us. Well I for one want the schools to block all my favorite prono sights that i continually desecrate their sacred school system with. It might help me stop.



  123. Almost every site except mpleger.de and unipeak has been blocked, my problem with those two sites is they keep saying that im not logged in after i do log in if you guys have anymore sites let me know, Ill do the same for you.I heard thenewkid.com works in some places

  124. Perhaps you don’t understand the point, Mr. Watching You?

    Look, I’ve been accepted to Yale with a full scholarship. A perfect score on the SAT’s. Yet, apparently, I’m breaking the rules because I’m looking for a poem that I posted on myspace that I’m going to present to a class in about ten minutes.

    No, I didn’t need a proxy. I just googled for one and this is what came up.

    I’m sorry you have nothing else to do except chase down kids that use myspace. I’m a network adminstrator too, but not for this campus. I once upon a time had similar ideas to you but then you know what?

    There are too many ways to circumvent anything on the net, particularly when you don’t have host-power blocking and instead you put a little dam and hope that the kids don’t find a way around it.

    Don’t. It’s poitless. Instead of sitting here, posting here about how you are “fighting” the kids, why do’nt you go help teach computer classes and help up the computer curriculm in our public schools.

    With your massive intellect in computer knowledge, I’m sure you are capable of it.

    Myspace isn’t a drug, isn’t a pedophile site. It’s a place where kids can be kids. I’m sorry if you are so disillusioned with your youth that you can be bothered to even do this anymore.

    Yours Truly in True Education

    Ferny Reyes

    BTW guys, if you need ideas, email me.

  125. my school has blocked all the chat email and game sites! They have even blocked most of the sites that tell you how to bypass them! UGH! I can not find a way to get on to mypurerave.com!

  126. yo man i really need help getting into myspace
    this blockin crap is getting old and i aint talked to ma girl in a while
    plz help me out wit this
    later dude

  127. Thanks to someone at school and this site, i am able to get past all of our blocks in our school. the site is
    no www. or http://
    You may have to try it a few time. You have to type it in every time, it will not work if you try to refresh that site, but will work when you are on your blocked site.

  128. yeah i hate being at school when i wanna check my myspace and i can’t and i just need to find a way to get on there without it being blocked you knoe and i tried ur thing… yeah it was blocked to so i dont know…

  129. Hacker ,,,, your a joke go home!!!!!!! Your nothing more that a script kiddie and you know it!!!! I have been reading all of your attempts to bypass filters and they are all jokes also! You children dont get it do you!!! I am the one that makes sure every School District in the country knows about every so called “proxy or bypass” site. Now children quiet down and study your books!

  130. Just to let anyone know. You all might want to quit disclosing any proxies and mail them to each other instead. If you post them, then teachers and parents can find them and sell you out to websense and then you lose the proxy until you can find another. Oh and just to let you know for future refrence…only four of them do what you want.

  131. yeah for me none of them work. i just need one that does work cuzy sneakyproxy.com doesnt work anymore. thanks

  132. No, my friend, it is very apparent that you are the joke. I beleive we can all conclude the fact, because of your poor grammar. You have the dialect of hmm, lets say an 11 year old? Yes, something around there. I have been around alot of your type, and you are no more than an immature wannabe. The joke is on you.

  133. wow, why are you guys so obsessed with myspace? that site is seriusly for emo fags who need to update their blog every day and complain about their lives. It makes you feel all cool because you get to talk to all these “friends” trhough a site. but if you had any real friends you would go hang out with them instead of typing to them on a computer.

  134. myspace sucks.

    think of all the time you waste on it every day.

    you could be doing more interesting things such as..praying or baking cupcakes.


  135. I HATE YOU WATHCING YOU. u have no life whatsoever to sit here and read through all of these postings and try to tell us how to live and what to do to be productive. If being is administrator is your job that is fine mor epower to you, so does that mean u should rain on everyone who isnt employed in teh educational systems life? I think not. Who crowned you RULER OF ALL!If it is your job I find it funny that out of the 50 states you are one of the only pathetic network whatever you are on here? Because no one else gives a flyin f***! I apologize for using profanity but talking sensibly doesnt work with you, like just some girl said, u always have to have the last word. Ur an egotistical overbearing,ignorant ASSHOLE and i for one dont like ur character nor do i appreciate how u try adn control the lives of others. I understand u care but it has gone beyond caring, ur being downright repulsive by invading on teens conversations and being a hacker urself i might add. These teens will find out life and other thigns on there on. They didnt come to u when they started having sex, so ur little facts tryin to empower them is a waste. Myspace and the other sites make students interact with others and instills the alue of communication, but all u see is that these freespirited students are pathetic, yet they arent they want to be heard as well as adults do. Ur worthless and pathetic and I am done talkin to u. To all of u kids on here good luck, just make sure u do ur work and then get on the sites u want,to the haters, get some friends and stay outta others bizness

  136. ohhhh so what are we doing today? hahahaah Mk well call me bc im reall bored and also dont put proxies up here bc theyre gonna get blocked, just call me and tell me… 770 795 4576… I like to make friends and talk to random ppl…. Oh and you guys are fags you are so funny and i wanna mm mm you and you prob look good… girl or boy… mmmmm mmmm call me 770 795 4576.. DONT FORGET.. or i will be so sad inside… I have a xanga its ohhmkk_charlie_i_am…. i dont like the pic though bc i have blonde higlights and im so tight … OH EM GEE i love you guys and dont put proxies here bc theyll get banned and idk… i just like doing this bc 4th sucks and i get really bored!!!! CALL me.. but not if youre old and ew ew jk you can be ugly ill still befriend you haha mk well I love you!!!

  137. i am making a proxy it is almost done i am not going to say the name but if you try to block it it freezes the system and subverts the block to an un block

  138. CAUstudent,

    Your comments are totally idiotic. I just have a couple questions.
    1. How do you feel that I am a hacker if I am able to see where students are going and what they are saying online? You are neglecting to acknowledge that the computers they use DO NOT belong to them and therefore anything they do on those computers can be controlled and monitored. So I am not a hacker because I legally have the right to look at whatever happens on my network.
    2. I keep hearing that MySpace and similiar sites teach social skills and allow interaction. That is BS. If anything it makes kids anti-social because they rather sit on their ass in front of a computer then go out and interact with an actual human face to face. That my friend is social skills.
    But I am not here to debate the good and bad of MySpace as whole. I think it is a great site. Just not a site that needs to be accessed during school time. What other schools do is up to them, but at mine I will do whatever I can to make sure the computers are used for what they are intended to. That includes the teachers as well as the students. What you kids do outside of school is up to you and your parents and by all means go on MySpace at home and leave messages for your little friends. If that is the only way you can “interact” with people then so be it. People can hate me and call me names and stretch to find some logical reason to use myspace at school, but so far there is nothing. Oh and there are other Network Admins that visit sites where people post proxies, they just do not post themselves. Where I find it amusing how desperate some of you are to get on myspace. Its almost sad that you can’t go the entire school day without it.

  139. If some of the ‘students’ commenting here demonstrated an understanding of the rudiments of spelling and grammar, you might be in with a chance of being taken seriously. Instead, you present yourselves as a bunch of illiterate simpletons, who clearly need to spend more time in lessons and not on myspace!

    Watching you, I have to disagree with you when you say that using social networking sites like myspace makes kids anti-social. That is far from the case, I travel on a bus every day with school kids, and often the talk is of myspace and other websites and forums. It sounds like they are computer obsessed until you step back an realise half a dozen kids are having an animated discussion about music, football (soccer) and yes various websites. They clearly demonstrate plenty of social skills.
    In my youth, some kids had pen friends. You wrote letters (on paper!) and mailed them to another kid on the other side of the world. If you were lucky you might get a reply in about 10 days.
    These days, you can have an email conversation with half a dozen people located around the world, or better, chat real time with people you will never likely meet because they live on the other side of the country or even a different country from you. Regardless of the method of communication, it is socialising, it is learning life skills. It gives the opportunity to broaden your horizons in ways which were unimaginable a mere decade ago.
    But still, not in school time!

  140. Dear “Watching You” and others,

    I would like to make clear a few things. I find it entertaining how people, even Mr. School Board Administrator here, refer to hacking in a way other than its true meaning. OH IM L337 HAXXORZ I HACKED INTO NASA ROFLZZZZ, and various things like that, merely prove that they are unknowlegeable in the subject. The idea that that is what hacking is, is a misconception. That my freinds is cracking. Hacking is completely different.
    Instead of attempting to put it into my own words, I have taken information from another website to save time.

    A hacker is a person intensely interested in the arcane and recondite workings of any computer operating system. Most often, hackers are programmers. As such, hackers obtain advanced knowledge of operating systems and programming languages. They may know of holes within systems and the reasons for such holes. Hackers constantly seek further knowledge, freely share what they have discovered, and never, ever intentionally damage data.

    A cracker is a person who breaks into or otherwise violates the system integrity of remote machines, with malicious intent. Crackers, having gained unauthorized access, destroy vital data, deny legitimate users service, or basically cause problems for their targets. Crackers can easily be identified because their actions are malicious.

    Source: newdata.box.sk/bx/hacker/ch03/ch03.htm

    Funny, because for a school tech specialist, or whatever your job is, one would assume you already knew that. Well we can’t expect them to have all the answers, unfortunately. Hopefully, people now have a better understanding about hacking vs. cracking. Now you can spot the numerous fakes out there.

  141. Mike,

    What you said about social skills and mypace involved an actual conversation on a bus. And I agree with you about MySpace and how you can contact people in other parts of the world. That is one of the good things about myspace. It is just not an appropriate site for school due to some of potential bad material that can be on there. Despite the beliefs of some there are references to sex, drugs, and alcohol on there. If they need to contact kids in other places I know the foreign language classes at my school sometimes use a webcam and email students in other countries. They share ideas and things they do in their culture and for fun.
    And Dear Hacker,
    I know the definitive difference between a hacker and a cracker and I apologize if I used the term loosely, but either way they are both wrong and I do think using proxy sites on a school/work network can be considered cracking at the very least.

  142. I was reading a few past comments, and in reference to number 119, he tells us that he is a District Intendant, and asks us to use proper grammer, when in fact, he can’t even spell intendant properly… yeah thats pretty much a red flag there.

  143. I need to proxy for myspace that isnt blocked.
    can u plz help me…… I would very greatful!I Hope U Can Help Me!!!!!!

    ….. ok byebye
    …………….♥ =kitty

  144. Oh my gosh. My school is sooo retarded. I need a way to get on myspace.com without them finding out. Give me one without a proxy in it.

  145. HEY! myspace is not bad. i have an account.i have a profile and it is blocked from everybody but my friends who i know in person!no1 can see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. hey voice of reason and im watching you. take your time that you have on your hands( which i know you have alot of and shove it up your butt)

  147. what would you all do if i told you i had a failsafe way to get on to myspace and any other internet and bye able to log in and use everything? send an email addressed to marvelayne@yahoo.com and make the heading ur name on here and also say proxy please.

  148. My friend and I are sitting next to each other at school and she can look @ boobies on David LaChapelle’s website but I can’t even get on myspace!!! what the hell??? school is messed up and retarded and I’m sooooo bored. lol. help. ha ha. how do you get into myspace without using a proxy bitchezzzz?? lol. i’m bored.

  149. I have a way..

    it is NOT a SEARCH ENGINE: Those get blocked.

    It is NOT a detectable Proxy: Most are blocked.

    The Category “ANONYMIZER”: Those are automatically blocked.

    And it does not cantain a trace of PORNOGRAPHY, SOCIAL, MAIL, or any of the many categories that enable the school firewalls to block the perticular site.

    It is however; a bit slow when loggin on, but once signed in it works just fine.

    Well, this site still works at my school:


    I’ve decided not to type it since there are those who have taken upon themselves to jugde and argue of why we should NOT be allowed to be in MySpace.com, and those who claim they are here to monitor the sites and inform those who are responsible for blocking it at the school.

    I am an amateur at hacking, actually, i dont really consider myself in any way a “Hacker” i just like playing around and finding ways to cheat the school’s firewall.

    anyway, i know the schools block in every possible way how to check your e-mail.. or even to log on… but i have found a way in which you will be able to actually view your inbox (Only Yahoo).

    I will tell you how since there is no way this can be blocked.

    The Steps are:
    (This is the way in which i use it, you may change it in whatever way you’d like:)

    1. Go to http://www.yahoo.com
    2. Click on the “Music” subcategorie link
    3. Click “Sign In”
    4. Sign in
    5. At the top left side of the page is the link labeled “My Yahoo!” – Click it.
    6. Once there, scroll down until you see “Inbox Preview”
    7. There it is! your inbox!.

    Even though you cant actually open the e-mail, you can see if you have any new ones or if you had a response from someone who you were waiting to respond. Also, you could just see the e-mails yopu have if you just feel bored.

    You can only see the Defaulted “4” but you can edit the Preview to view “9” Just Click “Edit” and choose “9”

    I hope this is Helpful..

    and if you’d like me to e-mail you the site i and my closest friends use at school to access MySpace.com e-mail me at:


    but e-mail me from a home computer.. lol.. since you are not able to do it from scool! lol.

    Anyway, also, you can catch me at MySpace at:


    See You All Later.


  150. hey
    it seems like everyone here needs a list of different proxies to suit different systems and content keepers. Could someone come up with a massive list of proxies for everyone to try?

  151. i am so mad. ive been through at least 15 proxies && my school keeps blocking them && i cant find anymore.. i hate this.. please help!! i need my myspace!!!! 🙁

  152. wtf. you people are idiots. MY SPACE IS FINE. JESUS. You get ANY BLOG in THE ENTIRE INTERNETS and you can put information. Livejournal lets you put every highschool you ever went to, and it has a BIO where you can put your SOCIAL SECURITY CODE if you want. MYSPACE DIDNT DO ANYTHING. ITS THE IDIOTIC KIDS ideas to put the info.


    now find me a freakin site that will unblock it.

  153. everything has been blocked, especially fartpeepee.com. a week after everyone knew about fartpeepee the school had caught up and blocked it. i need to get on my space. HELP!

  154. and oh yeah dont be dumbasses kids when you get it. Dont post it on this site. Honetly if oure smart you will never say this or ever speak it EVER. Realise if you do it will eventually get blocked and then you will be a sorry ass. SO keep it to yourself. Thanks

  155. DUMBASSES!!!! OMG why do yall even get on her e and ask for proxies? I mean yea youll have ir for like what ONE flippin day but then its gonna be blocked!!! DUMBASS!!! Dont even ask because it woll be bloackesdd find some othe rway to et on it but dont post it so the whole flippin world can see!! DAMN

  156. i have tried almost all these things to unblock myspace form my school, but they are all blocked. i dont want to get caught and i need one because i dont have a comp. and school is the only place were i can check it but know i cant because it is blocked.

    someone please help me, if you know a proxy that can unblock myspace email it to me at marthaco2006@hotmail.com

  157. Their is no way to get on myspace trust me. if u know they already no this site and they go on and read it everyday so what ever u are submitting they receive and then they block it. send the proxies to each other on myspace at home that way the schools don’t know and u guys can get on at school and everybody is happy.
    I forgot that if u have any proxies send me them at myspace.com/arthur_13 or if u want to add me do that too.

  158. ok so you want the proxy that by passes every thing well here it is thnkx to me :]


    click on tool and scrool down to internet options

    once open cling connections and cling on proxy server located at the bottom of the window

    after this is done type in the following


    Port: 3128

    Last click bypass then ok then ok again exit off browser to refresh it ( no refresh button will not work ) bring a new window up and go to baned sites :]

    e-mail me at xtoxicxjuggalox@yahoo.com and tell me how great i am for giveing this to you

  159. Does anyone have a proxy that isn’t a port cause they don’t work at my school and if you do can you post it please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  160. hello
    I dont actually care about not being able to get on it at school i have enough time when im at home to do what i want. IM WRITING cause every time i try log in it tells me im not logged in,says you must be logged in to do that. im like WHAT f**cksakes i just DID try log in i need help WHY isnt it working there are other people who cant get on. i started to read all the posts but i glazed ovver cause evryeones trying to find proxy (whatevever that is) and i tried to use a proxy to log in but no that didnt work either. CAN SOMEONE ANSWER MY QUESTION instead u answer the “oooh i cANt get on at school” ones when loads of people cant get on at school or home. includding me. and i really need help.

  161. i hate my stupid school alot before and now there are no more proxys!!!!!!! this suckes please help

  162. Watching You please email me at kidzfirst7@msn.com. I am a concerned parent, and need some information. By the way kids I dont care what you guys do at school, but as a parent I care what my kids do at school. I also have a myspace account and I love it, but school is not the place for your myspace.

  163. Tiffani,

    Forgive me for being skeptical, but I don’t think I am willing to email you with my email address. What kinds of answers are you looking for? I may be willing to set up a temporary email address to communicate information depending on what you are looking for, but I cannot disclose the school district I work for or any other personal information.

  164. hey, i am kind of confuzed. I am trying to get myspace at school but i dont want to download anything to the school computer, is there any way i can hack myspace without downloading stuff?

  165. u know… people get on this site 2 find out and block the ways that u guys have come up w/ 2 get around ure skewl’s proxy servers… thats why i dont tell people how i do it!… lol…

  166. Hey, I tried almost ALL of these websites, and none of them work,…..chasebadkids.net/reborn worked, but it doesnt anymore…..help….:(

  167. how do i get onto myspace if all the proxy sites are blocked. the google proxy sites are blocked and everything there is only linkosis.com that works right now but when that is blocked i need a way help me

  168. Help Buttmonkes ahve taken over my school ad have blocked all cool sitese like pokemon world 3d and my afv pokemon webiste. and AFC my afavorite tv show . I like wacht ing the fat people fall down.

  169. I’m at school right now and have just tried EVERY proxy listed. Wanna know something? None of them worked. The closest I came was the chasebadkids.net but even it did not prevail to the power of Websense at Evergreen School District #114 in Vancouver, Washington… Anything new that Websense HASN’T picked up on?

    Much Love,
    Lady Luck

  170. hey there people, whats up. ive been browsing all this stuff that people have been putting down, and ive found it to be quite interesting

    Wathcing You, your opinions are (obviously) biased. i myself am a straight A student who wishes to have a bit of freedom whilst i am at school. i am hoping that you can see that students while they SHOULD be doing their work, chooose to go onto MySpace they are expressing their rights.

    mike, i am actually a HS student, but my words can be deceving. thank you for setting up this site so that people like myself, and the total 180 degree opposite of myself, can have a more intersting time at school, people obvioust have a god time when they are trying to evade school authority. i have a lot of fun doing that lol, but, ne ways

    people who use sitees as myspace

    please use caution, i dont want to sound likke ur mothers but, i was advised to put this. watch who your friends are, people with 5000+ friends are obviously not looking at the profiles who you add. but, scott, what you said about only adding your friends. thats awesome, im right there with you. my friends AND bands that i like….hhaah….

    tacos are good

  171. tacos r good,

    “i am actually a HS student, but my words can be deceving”

    No.. your words are just as stupid as many other HS students thinking they can do whatever they want.

    “Wathcing You, your opinions are (obviously) biased. i myself am a straight A student who wishes to have a bit of freedom whilst i am at school. i am hoping that you can see that students while they SHOULD be doing their work, chooose to go onto MySpace they are expressing their rights.”

    Expressing your rights? Is that what you call it? You are all forgetting one little, but yet important detail. The computers you are using at school DO NOT belong to you and therefore you have to obey the rules set by the school. Even if you bring in your own computer and access the school’s network you have to obey the rules. Is that what you are going to tell your boss when you get a job in the real world? You – “Well, uh Boss, I was just expressing my rights” Your Boss – “You’re fired” It doesn’t work that way sorry to burst your bubble.
    The only thing that made any sense was your last paragraph about being careful on myspace, but regardless it is not a website that needs to be accessed in school.

    Be happy you don’t go to my school because getting caught using proxy sites is an automatic 3 day suspension for the first offense. 10 day suspension for the 2nd offense and the 3rd offense you are expelled. Every student signs an “Acceptable Use Policy” every year before school starts and it was updated this year to include stuff like proxy sites and every student re-signed it. So all I can recommend is obey the school’s policies while you are there and happy myspace when you get home.

  172. here are some proxies i dont know if they will work for you at all but it was worth a try?












  173. you guys are f*****g morons, every single site you have posted up here has/will be blocked because college/school teachers are watching this website, and all you’re doing is advertising the proxy sites that are available, making it easier for them to block. if you dont know of any you dont deserve to know, so shut up, stop complaining and for F***S sake get back to work

  174. HELP
    DUDE! sum1 PLEEZ help me. cant find any proxies that the skool hasnt blocked yet. NEED TO GET ON XANGA. have tried evrything…………….
    nun wrk………………
    Pleeze……… have to be sum computr. freekz out thur SUMTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  175. greatadmin.com

    give ’em a try

  176. I need a proxy that stores cookies so I can log into myspace. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    \m/ ^_^ \m/

  177. hey.so yeah my best friedn sydney and I found a proxy.its called type in this zoerb.chickenkiller.com it works!I m not saying o yeah it works dah dah dah we made it.but then our school librarian caught so many people on it so then it got blocked…but it works good luck!xoxo

  178. Hello there, we have just finished making our new site that aims to help you guys access myspace and other blocked material from school, college or even work. Take a look you wont be disappointed!

    Go to Access it and find out more.

  179. WARNING
    ****Configuring a school computer to access a blocked web site is against school policy. This is known as the alteration of proxy communication. Altering proxy communication is disallowed by your county school system. You are liable for your actions. If apprehended you may be suspended and may possibly be expelled from school.****

  180. brahhhh anybody know any websites that unblocks myspace on the schools computers…….cuz brah i no like research about…see i don’t even know what i is researching about,cuz i waz too busy trying to get on to myspace……..
    PeAcE oUt

  181. I know that this is a place where people are trying to find out how to get onto myspace and all but i just wanted to tell you guys that most schools accept https://mob.e-messenger.ent- that’s msn!!
    But i was also wondering how to get onto myspace!!??
    Someone please help me!!
    p.s. i know nothing about computers but HELP ME!!!

  182. Okay.. well I’ve tried everything 24proxy worked for a while now I think that server is down… I can code these things myself but I don’t have access at home… let me know if you guys get some others… ^_^
    -my myself and I

  183. Hey I can’t get on Myspace at school and i tried like every thing..LIke all the ways on Myspace at school are all blocked…..
    P.S HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  184. ok, so basically we got onto myspace wednesday, and then thursday came around and it didn’t work?!!?!?!
    and i NEED to use myspace. i’m addicted.. i think tom needs to buy me a new computer to support my addiction.. blah. =[

  185. if any of you guys go to gilbert, give it up. you might buy a day, but ill figure you out sooner or later. Best of luck!

  186. green omg you myspaceholics get life the is he sites dwebs. letmeby.com backfox.com 78y.net jzmz.com

  187. I canot get into myspace at school because it is all blocked and I have not checked my myspace for about 5 weeks, and I really need to check it!!!

  188. yo i don’t know who ya’ll are but here’s what i do
    go to peacefire and sign up for proxy adv.
    erase you history afterwords.
    restart computer
    at the moment i’m working on a proxy adv site
    if you can get on kid usally a goody2shoes 2 talk the libraian you log on as them be back soon
    manoflegend signing out

  189. yo my bad some of the sites are bogus here they are again bestinthe425.com
    legallyblinfold.com i’ve got 100 more if this don’t work what is this place anyway?

  190. “to go on blocked websites anywer, even at school, download opera web browser n u can go on anytin”

    Thats not 100% true. If the network is set up correctly and the webfiltering software is up to date it will take into account alternative browsers like firefox, opera, netscape etc… I took it a step further and prohibited those browsers from even being installed on the machine. So if that works at your school then they are a little outta date.

    Oh and thanks for the links kids….

  191. my school has anything with a proxy blocked. the yahoo translation works for myspace but it wont let me log in! how do I get it to log me in!!

  192. http://www.ibypass.org/
    https://proxify.com/ https://proxify.us/ https://proxify.biz/
    Each has different features and some require you to pay to enable some features. Try them out and find which is best for you. BTW, use at your own risk. I don’t warrant that these sites won’t try to install some malware.

    HTTP proxy

    HTTP proxies tend to be more difficult to use for non-geeks and they are easily blocked by competent school IT techs. I won’t explain them here, but if the Web-browser proxies don’t work, then try these.

    Translation proxy

    The worst solution is to run the sites through a language translator. Not really a good solution because the translations tend to be awful. A list follows.

    Anyhow, good luck and I pray you don’t fail all your exams.

    vanstra.nl (CGIProxy)
    dzzt.com (PHProxy 0.3)
    ghostclick.com (CGIProxy)
    themaser.a-cro.net (PHProxy 0.4)
    secure-tunnel.com (CGIProxy)
    nethider.com (CGIProxy)
    proxy-surf.com (CGIProxy)
    arnit.net (PHProxy 0.3)
    betaproxy.com (PHProxy 0.4)
    4proxy.com (PHProxy 0.4)
    stday.com (CGIProxy)
    proxychoice.com (PHProxy)
    proxysnail.com (PHProxy 0.3)
    pc-portal.at (PHProxy 0.4)
    thestrongestlinks.com (PHProxy 0.4)
    anonproxy.info (PHProxy 0.4)
    spiralfive.1l.com (PHProxy 0.4)
    ssl.shatincollege.edu.hk (CGIProxy)
    freeproxy.us (PHProxy 0.4)
    privatizer.net (CGIProxy)
    proxyweb.net (AAEX)
    nopath.com (AAEX)
    superproxy.com (CGIProxy)
    bypassbrowser.com (CGIProxy)
    proxy.computersteroids.com (PHProxy 0.4)
    floon.com (CGIProxy)
    pole.ws (CGIProxy)
    freedomdown.net (PHProxy 0.3)
    browseany.com (PHProxy 0.4)
    spiderproxy.com (PHProxy 0.3)
    pbkill.com (CGIProxy)
    vielspassamgeraet.de (CGIProxy)
    clickcop.com (CGIProxy)
    sneakysurf.com (phProxy 1.30)
    proxymouse.com (CGIProxy)
    easyproxy.org (PHProxy 0.3)
    dongtaiwang.com (CGIProxy)
    3proxy.com (CGIProxy)
    chemikaze.com (PHProxy 0.3)
    yourfreeproxy.com (PHProxy)
    proxy7.com (CGIProxy)
    beatthenanny.com (CGIProxy)
    userbeam.de (CGIProxy)
    browseatwork.com (CGIProxy)
    vtunnel.com (CGIProxy)
    proxysurfing.net (PHProxy 0.4)
    fireprox.com (CGIProxy)
    stupidcensorship.com (CGIProxy)
    letsproxy.com (PHProxy 0.4)
    infodamina.net (CGIProxy)
    proxywave.com (PHProxy 0.3)
    sneak2.com (phProxy 1.30)
    freeproxy.ca (PHProxy 0.3)
    ibypass.org (SBP)
    zhaodaola.org (PHProxy 0.4)
    goproxing.com (PHProxy 0.3)
    projectbypass.com (CGIProxy)
    ipsecret.com (PHProxy 0.3)
    nomorelimits.net (PHProxy 0.3)
    www1.ft888.net (CGIProxy)
    bywhat.com (PHProxy 0.3)
    snoopblocker.com (AAEX)
    proxyking.net (CGIProxy)

  193. i need a link for something that isnt an anonymizer. i dont know what that is but its why i cant get to these sites…

  194. Mai school has blocked myspace and many of the proxies….Kan someone please find some new ones….THANK YOOH SOOO MUCH

  195. omg this totally sucks!! not only did i get mii computer shut off at home and they blocked it from school but they blocked the myspace at mii own library!! omg does anyone know any websites to get on miispace from the library?

  196. I need to go on myspace!! How do i go on? The school blocked it!! We have tried many sites but they also got blocked!! we ran out! I think that last one we used was eatmoreblueberries.com… HELP! 🙁

  197. Hey everyone I have found the a way to get on to myspace it is very slow but s**t it works. Nointernetfilter.com go there click on link and bam you your s**t

  198. what the hell i tried to do it and it came to the home page and i typed in my user name and password and it automatially came up a thing to fill out if you want to be a new user!! GAY GAY GAY give me a web site i can use!!

  199. hey people!
    like duh. u should know that. and there is only ONE site that almost every school does not have blocked! and do you want to know WHY its not blocked? becuz people dont come here posting it! dum asses. lol. jk but soo stop posting the sites here so they dont get blocked. kk thanks ur a doll. haaaa

  200. so i was thinking. the schools are blocking everything because they know where everything is due to sites that give away proxy names, but what if we were all taught how to MAKE OUR OWN PERSONAL PROXY SITES!!!we could keep it private and there would be so damned many that it would take FOREVER to block EVERYONES. and once they blocked yours, you could A.make another one. or B. use a friends, if you dont get what im saying please reply so i can better word this. IF ANYONE KNOWS HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN PROXY SITE SPREAD THE LOVE AND TEACH EVERYONE HOW SO WE CAN KICK SOME SCHOOL COMPUTER’S A$S!!!!
    ~loopholing ’round the authority~

  201. ps. “watching you” i dont mean to be disrespectful, but get a f*****g life, actually im sure you have one, and i am QUITE positive your kids, if you have any, spouse if your married, life partner if your gay, or parents it your not quite decided would rather you spend your time with them as opposed to p*****g the s**t off of some kids just to feel like just because you have the ‘law of school’ or w.e on your side you are better than us. have a nice day
    ~you can p**s me off, but i’ll just do it to you BETTER!~

  202. ok this is really frustrating me. If a site does not work ont post it on here. It takes way to much time to go through and try them all and id much rather just have one that works rather than 100 that dont. I have went through and checked them all and i know here at IL in ohio none work. but yea if you think that you have a site that does ACTUALLY WORK!!! then send me the link and id really appreciate it.
    jabberjawjess@hotmail.com or you can send it to my other email at 07jbryce@ohp.k12.oh.us thanks and once i figure a way to get into myspace then add me myspace.com/spagetio inside nickname from my bro but yea im out… peace

  203. HELP ME PLEASE my mo got rid of our highspeed internet and now we have aol it is so slow plus it blocks everything i need a site like mathcookbook to get past the blocks but all the ones that like a proxy name in them their blocked and i think shes catching on to the mathcookbook site thats why i need a new 1 please help me

  204. this website works..just make sure when you type in the address at the top you put the “S” in the https…also when you get to the page click on the top link in the left corner that says “myspace, facebook..etc” then just type in myspace and it should take u there..only problem is..it goes really slow sometimes…

  205. maaaaaaaaaaan…help my ass out..these teachers be trippin bout myspace..but they got that s**t on lock down at school…….but help me out…….

  206. the only way for people like us who have stbernard and bess, to get a working proxy is to imbed one on an already unblocked page. i.e this one. due to the fact the server blocks all new sites till someone at the company or school or what ever can look at it. now i say this cause i know how but being at a military school we dont have up to date computers with programming in order to make imbedded web proxies.

  207. I have found that the best way to access myspace at school is

    2)Scroll down a bit and type in
    3)On the ip-privacy page, scroll
    down and there is a link that says
    “Go to MySpace”
    4)It WILL let you sign in!
    5)When you type in your email and
    password it might take you to a
    page that says CGI Proxy Error.
    If this happens, just click (

  208. hey i had proxymod.com working but the idiots i told never erased their history so now it is blocked.another great way is to go to https://proxy.org and type it in EXACTLY like i did even the “s” okay? type myspace.com in the address bar on the page then scroll down the list of about 1200 proxy find browsethatsite.com and click on it it should let you log in if it hasn’t been blocked by ur school already……
    and if anyone can help i need a new proxy site that i can use in my school

    tnks =)

  209. honesty, for you mature people and what not that are bashing on these kids for wanting to get onto myspace at school its not nessecary……. were kids we feel like we should do what we want and if we want to waste our days in school in a period where we do nothing much sit on the computer then stop trying to make us feel stupid for doing it. we do it because we want to..

    we f*****g want to.
    youre not going to change our mindsd dumb *****.

  210. Hi ive been trying to get on to runescape for 3 weeks ive tryed bharbin and vtuneel and all kinds of other sites its just not working for me can u plz help me to be able to play runescape because i really like the game! The sites have not worked ive got on 1 time and it said jagex will not let me load the world ! Thank you so much!

  211. omg why are yall terlling it on here.. its blocked already….. dude if anyone finds a proxycall me …. 770 875 6366 thats my cell…. call me anyways i be all bored and stuff….. but yea like dont post it on here c itll be blocked mk call me bye

  212. okay here is the deal, websence sucks [expletive deleted]…..we all know it so don’t play games, we all need to find away around it…first lets start with where did they install the program if it is on a base system or on every computer in the school. If it is only on one comp it shouldn’t be to hard to just find out the passes to get in. We need to quit dogding webscene and fight back okay? It could be a program that runs on each computer and all you need is an admin pass to get in. Gimme some ideas so i can try them out.

  213. our school is such s**t they block the dumest things like im gunna die if i cant get on myspace at school like iove tried so many sites and they work and then some lil rat in our school will go and tell the webiste and the school will block it..pllllease help me get on myspace with them finding out i allreayd know history and cookies and i can manege them

  214. At our school system, we block MySpace, not because we want to keep kids off of it when they’re supposed to be doing schoolwork, but because many of the profiles are so dang media-rich (music and videos) that it brings down our whole Network when too many users login and then we can’t use our Network for it’s intended purpose: schoolwork! Perhaps we wouldn’t be so eager to block it if MySpace users were not allowed to place so much rich content in their profiles. Just an FYI for those of you that think MySpace is blocked for content.

  215. Hey sup, check it i tried to get on my usual proxy site, but it would not work, and almost everyproxy site i get on it either says its blocked or its Gateway server is havin error or something like that, is there any website u can provide me Mike that would work on my school computer. Miami, FL Hialeah Sr. High, if anyone can help hit me up!!

  216. Hey ur check this out, i found a filter website, some of you might already know about it, but here goes, its http://www.openweblive.serveftp.net/openweblive/
    I got on it, and i unfiltered http://www.myspace.com but everytime i tried to login onto it it gave me da same error
    The address you typed in was either incorrect, or not available. You should:
    Check your spelling.
    Try again later.

    Does anyone know how i can fix that, and succesfully log on it, if ur know, plz hit me up ASAP.

  217. help i had a website that could log me in here its bulletbrowse.com but my freaking school blocked it i try everi single website here but none of them work…..help plzzzz

  218. when it works type in the namee of the site you want to go to no www or . com it should let you log into myspace. it did for me

  219. go to google type “trap17 proxie” go to link that says “which wesites can acsess..”…..scroll down to fsuf.com….wont let you log in…but you can veiw ur page…good luck

  220. listen up, im going to be making my own here pretty quick, if somebody wants the website message me on myspace

    ill let you know

    -mike black

  221. i was using Vtunnel at my college but they blocked that now they’ve blocked mathcookbook to someone helps its so boring without myspace, tried all of the ones on here but no use!!! (www.Backfox.co.uk used to work)


  223. Well I kind of stopped reading after a couple comments from ‘watching you’.

    I am a student, and here at my school we use Websense. We have roughly 3500 kids here so one of us was bound to get through it.

    For any of you who have the ability to use a flashdrive at school, there is a somewhat decent way to get through all of this. Simply download Cwedo, or E3 onto the flashdrive, and install browser to the drive (Cwedo and E3 serve as a virtual operating system). Because you have to use the flash drives, and schools cannot monitor what goes on with the drives (beside monitor keystrokes – if that (illegal)), they can’t do anything about it.

    Once installed, use your regular browser to go through http://www.whatismyip.com, find out the proxy service your school uses, and puch that ip into the proxy for your new browser… and guess what? As long as you run through your flash it works!

    I hate netadmins, most are stupid anyways, they are much undereducated for future years too ;).

  224. Nice try Heres how to do it,

    Already took care of that little flash drive method. We are able to block applications like Cwedo or E3 from running at all no matter what drive you try and run it from. Oh and just for reference us so called “stupid” Network Admins can monitor whatever we want as long as you (the users) are using the school’s computers and network/internet. That includes keystrokes. Just for your information, at any time I can see a screen shot of any computer and find out what data has been typed into that computer. And as for the future goes the same applies to any business that hires you that provides you with a computer workstation or internet. Your privacy rights and rights to browse freely only apply to your own personal computer with your own personal internet. So get your facts straight before you start calling people like me stupid. The school district I work for uses Websense and has over 10,000 students and not one of them can get where they are not supposed to. And as soon (if not before) they figure out away around it is blocked.

    Oh and “Get Paid”, Such a mature way to comment back calling me Gay and that I have no life. I am not the one who seems to be so desperate to get onto MySpace.

  225. does anyone have a proxy that will let me get onto miniclip.com. At my school even when using a proxy it won’t let me on, it just says “Weighted phrase limit exceeded”. i can still use proxymod.com to get onto cityruins.com but proxys get banned quick at my school and my list of proxys left is small,help

  226. Oh and by the way “Watching You” what the hell is wrong with you. do you have no sense of fun or are you the kind of t**t that likes snitching on people, or dont tell me your a admin that would be funny. Heres some advice Watching You aka t**t get a life, stop ruining other peoples school years like you ruined yours. These kids just want to get through their school work and then have some fun with their freinds. I suppose you wouldn’t know that thou would you

  227. my skool gave out laptps 2 all de students but they blaed my space and many websites n i’ve tried a lot of proxies but havent found the right one. can u plz help me w/ dat thx

  228. i know about 20 proxies for websense that works HAHA im not telling you them because some fag will block it soo search google for PHPROXY

  229. Hey please help us! Me and my friends are stuck weer in 5th period english and weer desperate for a proxy! lol plz help!?!

  230. please help we want to purchase tickets on ebay but our company has blocked the offer.ebay.com address-how can I get around this-thanks

  231. I work for a school district and they block these sites because the law states that the school must protect you from these sites, especally myspace.com if the school of yours was smart they should use vision client to block your internet site and lock your workstation so you cant even use the internet.

    people, life is not about myspace all the time, it is THE MOST RETARDED SITE IN THE WORLD, period.

  232. proxyusa.com is the best FREE proxy in the world. PLUS it lets you login and not just shows you the login page. Welcome to freedom America.

  233. does anyone have a proxy without the word proxy in the address. Admin easily finds these and are banned within a day of using it, such as pagewash.com or vtunnel.com

  234. my skool blocked every game site in existence under the pornography filter and hes blocked every single proxy known to man/boy my skool uses “rm” its a bitch to get around but ocassionaly we get some of the six formers to
    hack into the admin account over the holidays ^o^

  235. Help me My Skool has most Proxy Servers blocked . does anyone have any sites that still work at there skool that i may be able to use.!!!!

  236. damn dude i didn’t think i would ever find this place again i know how to make your own proxy sites that only you would know about and even if the teachers found out you could make more and more till the end of time ha ha ha take that teacher dude anywhoo if you myspacers want instructions email me at lifeluvhonour@yahoo.com be sure to tell your friends because this is the way to myspace for i am king

  237. JJ The Jet plane, I can’t be bothered censoring your rantings — so they won’t get posted. Try a little restraint.


  238. Hey people well as u all kno everyone is trying 2 get a proxy as me and well so yeah if ne one has one please share it with me i need one real bad right now plezzeee you can e-mail me at chibatta_808@yahoo.com please and thank yooh!


  239. here is the latest proxy website that i have found pls dont get cuaght it is called schoolboredom.com have fun


  241. damn i have one of the hardest school blockes in the world every site here has been blocked in matter of fact i cant even go to google and type in the word proxy cause thats also blocked any thing with the word proxy myspace or unblock is blocked .. .. .. for any one proxyhq.com is a good site if its not blocked but no it wont let you log in .. .. .. if any one knows how to get to myspace even if i cant log in just let me know .. .. .. and if you know how to make a proxy them tell me how at lil_baby_224@yahoo.com

  242. ok well there are many sites i’ve found that you can LOOK at myspace sites. like
    http://www.pagebang.com but non of these sites let me login. and thats what i want to do.www.vtunnel.com used to until my school blocked that. so if there is one like vtunnel where you can actually login thad be great!!

  243. I love chimichangas

    screw school internet can’t you just buy your own laptop and use wireless web during lung period?

  244. GET PAID,

    Contrary to many of your beliefs I do not get enjoyment out of block proxy’s and your comments just show your immaturity. I am just doing my job as regulated by the school board. You all think we are trying to block your “fun” and that is the problem. You are all so concerned about having fun and your little social circles. You will soon realize that there is a time and place for such things and school is not one of them. Well at least I hope you will.


    Oh and about that, have you read the news. No I guess you wouldn’t because you are only concerned about fun and games. Most of the children that are being “hunted” as you call it do NOT post their address. They usually strike up conversation with people they think are around the same age as them and arrange meetings in neutral places. Then the bad things happen. And I am not just talking about MySpace. There are plenty of other ways child predators go after kids. It is very sad if you cannot go through 6 – 8 hours of school without checking your MySpace, email, or instant messages. I understand that school can be boring sometimes, but as a student you need to get involved and offer suggestions on how to make it more fun and entertaining while still learning. Instead you rather bitch about it and complain that someone like me is stopping your fun. Posting messages like “buthead” who says he will die without myspace.

    To all you network Admins out there that read this look into getting IPCop. It is a free opensource firewall utility. I set this up on an old pentium 3 computer and put it between the internet and the websense and now no proxies get through. It has lots of wonderful utilities to keep your users doing what they are supposed to.

    Oh and to “brotha” what the hell is a “lung period” the g is not very close to the c and you forgot the h if lunch was the word you were going for. Or haven’t you mastered the complications of the computer keyboard yet?

  245. 525.

    I get p****d when people block myspace so i use proxies,
    i have found http://proxieslist.net has quite a few proxies that arnt blocked but its better if you check it before school as my school blocks it half the time and somes not.

    Leave a Reply

  246. 1. click on my name myspace freeks. e-mail me if you want more answers. ok? Big50swarrior@yahoo.com
    and do your work now ok this one will take a while to disable cz its harder. also kiss my azz “watching you’. :p hahahahahahaha d******d and wipe your history afterwardcz I don’t need mo ppls sayin I need a new proxy. And one thing everybody here needs to know. A good friend would come bail you out of jail rite, but a true friend would be sitting right beside you saying “man we f****d up.” Just a lil bit of humor. :p

  247. haah this is lame. ive found out how to go to it. open up your internet window, and where it you caqn type in the adress at the VERY top bar. type in C:/ and then itll take you into folders. click PROGRAM FILES, then click INTERNET EXPLORER, then CONNECTING WIZARD, then click INETWIZ, the picture of it, not the foler. and then click CONNECT THROUGH LOCAL AREA NETWORK (LAN.) then click MANUAL PROXY, and UNCLICK the other box, then where it allows you to type it in type in kproxy.com and slect it for all of them, then just click next and next and next and then finish. then close your internet window then reopen it. it will come up like some error but type in any website and it shoul;d take you STRAIGHT to kproxy.com.

    hope it helps AND you get it lol

  248. i really need to get onto myspace. its the only thing that gets me going in my class since i am so ahead. i need to do something while waiting for my 2 hour class to be over.

  249. i have read enough to understand what is going on….i mean yeah i would like to get onto the websites that i normally go on! and you would to right? this is such a stupid website….there are like a million websites in all this proxy crap and none of them work for sh**T. its all because you and your idiot moves for typing the websites on this page where “get paid” reads everything or he would probably like to be called “the king” if you ar so d*mn despirate then write each other in email and exchange the websites. because if he reads the websites then he is going to block them…because is such a god d*mn prick. some people say that he wants to ruin peoples fun times and some say that he probably jacks off to the proxys but thats your fault…all those million websites probably worked until someone wrote them to where he can read them and that is so stupid of you…..you guys are so despirate and stupid that you have to blow it for everyone…thats what he wants you to do, is to write the websits so he can block them…you know what this is a waste of my time and effort…im out of here…all you drama queens can do what you want i just think i made a good valid point!!!!!!


  250. WEll basically guys i can see you need some help, altho i dont know a proxy which lets you log in, i know a way where getting caught is practically null.

    Before you read onwards if you get caught using any of this stuff i am not responsible as i am just a messenger boy sharing the information i know with u, the public.

    Just thought it was about time for me to share with everyone my ways which i use to beat many devices which happen at school, Although if you decide to use any of this stuff then it is your fault if you get caught as i am not definately forcing you, i am just suggesting that if you need a site for school which is filtered it is actually pretty easy to get on these sites through various means or ways,


    All of these sites will let you go through the filters at your school/work and they will also hide your ip address if you ever have a need for doing so. You can check this by going to whatsmyip.org and it will come up with a star next to your ip when you are under the protection of proxy’s.

    However, With this information there is still the chance that your school or organisation has the ability to view your screen at any time or even take your internet explorer history and view all things you have looked up with it. To combat the chance of this happen i came up with an idea which is basically impossible to get caught with,

    Most school computers or even computers for your organisation will have some web designing program and this makes it easy, if you have already built a site on one of these you will be familiar with the tools. All you have to do is set a word from the text so that it is hyper linked to do so. After this you just preview the site and there you go you can type what you want into the box and it will come up in front of your eyes,

    The only way you will get caught doing this is if they actually control your screen and observe what you are up to. I notice that when they do this they make your screen shake as they take control if you have any sign of this happening you should know your computer hot keys and then press alt f4 and close the frontpage as soon as possible. If you can do this then they have no chance of what you were doing and they can’t catch you.

    If you do this during an ICT lesson though it is your own fault if you get caught because you have to be dumb to try this during ICT and should only try it whilst in other rooms and not in the ICT block at all as they are permanently monitoring everything in there so just dont even think about it. For my school if you are going to try these things try them in the humanities block and in English.

    as you can tell by the language i have been selling this document to people at school, and if they get caught they get money back. I haven’t been caught doing it like this, sorry if its written basically.

  251. I am a senior graduating a week from now. in 4 years ive seen the fight for myspace go underground. in the beginning there was firefox,some knew their way around the system a bit, its needless to say proxies are over with as far as getting in. private websites and e mail are the only source of solution for myspace seekers. to the kids,i feel your pain, i have long looked for that back door to myspace. to the uptight pricks trying to stop them, why dont you just shut up! the kids of today are smart. hell im a senior in highschool, i have a job in sales, not minimum wage, i get benifits, and i have customers who come to me and me only. i bought my first car for cash, and put a custom stereo in it. i suck at math but i can build and program my own computer. im graduating in the top 5 of my class and i frequent myspace while at school. the computers belong to taxpayers, the same people that pay you for the shit you call the work you do. so step off your soapbox. you arent the hot s***s you think you are. kids are smart. they look for your mistake,and benifit from it. you learn from books, not the real hands on experience.

    Class of 2006 baby
    we rule

  252. aye watchin you u f****n moron. whats wrong with you callin us stupid i know more about computers than ull eva knoe n if u think the way im typin is uneducated well thats how ima talk to u cuz. I knoe so many IP Addresses i figure them out weekly so yea whats hap aye every one holla at meeh cuz i got some software that u could download at your house and bring it to school on a mp3 player or sumtin and just open the file Peace Big PimpeN

  253. HEY,ok for the longets time i was using alot of proxy sites like kproxy.com,frowse.com,myspaceproxy.com, and tons more to get on myspace but my school found out becuse alot of pepoel where using it . now i cant get on a single proxy web site withought the fire wall kicking in . can u give me a web sites that would alow me to get past my school fire .

  254. Oooh PimpEN knows sooo Many IP addresses. Big deal. All most of you are is a bunch of kiddie scripters and all you do is get your information off of google. Most of you have no real talent or skill. Maybe copying software to your MP3 player or USB flash drive works at your school, but it doesn’t work at mine.

  255. go to portable apps on your home computer download portable firefox, save to a portable storage device and your in!!:)

  256. That may work for you Lonelobo, but again thats old news and I have already stopped the use of other browsers from being installed or run off of portable devices such as USB Flash drives.

  257. try this website, it was unblocked on my skool network but theyve now banned it, try it! and if u have ne good proxys please tell me!

  258. Well, I’m sort of glad you kids try and find ways around these blocks, its job security to me. I make a living as a security analyst. It is my job to block sites the school deems non-educational. We have had threats and even some violence and threats made because of these sites. I fthe school deems it necessary to block them then I will do it. I got a lot of nice proxies to block off this forum. Keep up the good work.

  259. At the end of it all, after our school’s netadmin began following some of “Watching You”‘s advice, we just ran a land line from my house, set up a personal wireless server throughout the whole school and just for good measure, we punked our netadmin by blowing up his network once in a while 🙂

    Yes. It was fun.

    Oh, the whole myspace obsession? It’s all good. Look, I’m a freaking 2400 SAT score. I finish my work, why can’t I take out my laptop and do a little myspacing?

  260. i use http://www.askunix.com to get onto myspace when its blocked.. it doesnt let you upload pictures on that site..or post bulletins..or send messages..but everything else you can do..atleast you get on.

    did anyone get a better site that lets you do all that stff too??? if you do please let me knoww.

  261. hey you guys if you need a proxy send me an email at
    aafl_dragon i have a couple that i used in school and it works i don’t know if they blocked it in yours

  262. hey you guys if you need a proxy send me an email at
    aafl_dragon i have a couple that i used in school and it works i don’t know if they blocked it in yours

    i’m using it right now to view this page

  263. I well wana go on bebo in school and it’s been blocked ive tried every hack inn none of them work any more they’ve all been blocked help me pls xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  264. I relly want to go on bebo please find me a hack in so i can go on it please Cheers xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  266. if you all would cover your tracks with
    you could clear EVERYTHING.
    and theres always the choice of breaking into
    administrator and installing an internal proxy X3

    kiss kiss,
    -Lt. FloatyKid

  267. “if you all would cover your tracks with
    you could clear EVERYTHING.
    and theres always the choice of breaking into
    administrator and installing an internal proxy X3”

    Wow sounds like your school is very unsecure. Our kids cannot get into IE options and cannot install any alternative browsers.

    And as far as breaking into the local admin user that would be impossible at my school because you need an encryption key plugged in to log in as an admin user or as a member of the tech staff which has admin rights.

  268. i,m very tring to open this site but my goverment blok this site and set proxi for this at now i need your help for open this .i must say i use a anti proxi site but when trying to going this site ,is not going and send me in first page .i need help

  269. Wow, you’re all pretty sad you can’t get on Myspace. So glad I never got one. XP But my problem is my school blocked Deviantart, and a tone of these proxies are blocked.

  270. ok…….u guys r really pissin me off with these websites that dont work!!!!!!!!DOES ANYONE KNOW A GOOD PROXY TO BYPASS A COMPANY FIREWALL FOR RUNESCAPE!!!!!!!IF SOMEONE WOULD BE HAPPY TO HELP E MAIL ME AT GHOSTYBOB@HOTMAIL.COM RUNESCAPE RULES!!! MYSPACE IS GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  271. hi,i am totally confused,
    i am unable to open http://www.kproxy.com,
    my clledge has blocked orkut,yahoogroups etc
    different websits.i used to open these bloked
    sites with http://www.kproxy.com but this website also
    has made in block cndition.pease help me.
    can y send me different sites so i can open block sites?
    please send me soon.i wait your reply at my e-mail address as mensioned in above.
    ******** HAVE ANICE DAY *****************

  272. Ok, I tried just about all the sites listed and other downloads and adjustments to my computer and nothing is working. Some sites let me log on but I cant send comments or emails. A punk @ss kid that works in the IT department at my work blocked myspace cause people were making fun of his site. Does anyone know of a good site that will let me go to myspace and let me do the things I want to do on myspace (allow me to email and what not) or does anyone know how I can unblock what the @sshole at work blocked? Hes made it so that when you go to put in http://www.myspace.com it comes up as our companies webpage. Make sense to anyone? Can I adjust it so that I can plug in http://www.myspace.com and it will come up that site.
    Please help everyone at works pissed…and I want to be the hero. :o) thanks guys

  273. ok this dont work in this computer room in my school but dose on the others go on tools and the internet security and un block there u go now help me get pn to rune scape lol typing way to fast im not gopna correct any cba lol whoops the head

  274. i have quite a few of them that i have used before but then stupid assholes at my school keep getting all them all blocked but here you all go, go to google and type in hugohadlow and hit enter go to the one that says working, another one is proxyhole.com, gravitywars.com, webunlocker.com, google flyproxy go to the one that says manage cookies

  275. HELP ME! i NEED myspace at school! but i dont want to have to download anything onto the school’s computer!

  276. Hi,
    It is possible to provide any site which can not be blocked by administrator or alternately can u provide me the site which cann’t be detected by administrator
    please provide me asap.
    thanks n regards

  277. why are us teenagers fighting with the “authority”? honestly. there has always been and always WILL BE a rival between adults and adolescents. its a struggle of power that NO ONE REALLY HAS IN THE FIRST PLACE. its just LIFE. do you people not have anything else to do but argue over a damn website that probably wont even be around in fifty years? how about concentrating on what really matters in life. focus on your life. your family and something that’s tangible. not some http://www._____.com...

    and to all my fellow teenagers … just accept what you cant change. MYSPACE ISN’T EVENNNN THAT IMPORTANT!!!!

    love from texas~
    melyjane11@hotmail.com look me up

  278. you should try to refresh the computor by clicking the icon near the “red” (X) on the little paper or go to tools and click on “pop up blocker” then “pop up blocker setttings” it will ask you what website you want to add then add myspace.com and in a couple of days ur on bye

  279. myspace-proxy.xtbuy.com

  280. are you all thick or something restart the computer and run it in safe mode with networking (to do that when you turn the pc back on keep pressing f8) and log in with your username (if it asks for it) then there you go go on what you wnat with no proxy servers or anything just make sure you dont get caught and the administrator dont know 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😀 :D: 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  281. Ia3.net works and also make a whatego.com its just like myspace but better and its not blocked from school but any ways ia3.net unblocks all sites!!!! 😉

  282. This one works in the Chicago Public School district, so i imagine it’ll work just about anywhere to get on myspace. Make sure you skip the advertisement.

  283. hey I have a website that works its called unfilterme.com it lets you check your messeges but it doesnt let you comment anyone. But as soon as I find one that does I tell ya.

  284. hey
    just like almost everyone else on here
    i need to get onto myspace
    and everytime i find a proxy
    other people find out and dont delete their cookies
    so it gets blacklisted
    so if anyone has a list of proxies that DOESNT have the word proxy in it coz then it wont work can u please tell me?

  285. ok i think every1 has a right to do anything they want but dont be stupid by posting your website on websites like this i no u want to share them but if u post them on websites like this they will get blocked i would suggest leaving ur email and gettin ppl to email you for it

  286. hey, lewis
    i tried the safe mode ting but it doesn’t let me log on the computer with my user name. all it says is it cant find it.
    is there another way i could do it in safe mode

  287. i need help 2 get into myspace because my school blocked it and i need to keep in contact with my friend that just moved to texas please send me some help soon!! thank you

  288. I need help getting on myspace from my school!!! They blocked the proxy sites to!!! If anyone knows how would they let me know!!!! PLEASE!! Thank you!!!!

  289. Hey my computer is blocked with Lavasoft Ad-watch and ive tried thousands of websites to try and get past the block but nothing works. Do you know anything that works??

  290. so… i pretty much just sit on the computera and find ways to myspace so here is a few that may work


    ill have more in a week…

  291. So..I”ve used Proxymaniacs.com.. But the damn thing won’t let me sign in..I think I’m going to continue my search for a new proxy.
    If you guy’s find anything, lemme know.

  292. here is a website that works for at school…my school just blocked it this week tho…but its a try for all of you!! good luck!! i also need a new website to help me unblock it i cant find ne

  293. Watching You have you heard of a usb key logger? there are a lot of ways of doing it but i am not going there right now. may be later but hacking would be helping you cracker like me like to do things to people compters you can bring the law in to this but they are geting more compter savvy so ya


  294. Ok guy, this is the only thing that has worked for me. Go to babelfish.yahoo.com/traslate .You will see the http:/ this is where you enter the site’s name. But before you click translate, go down to the small box below it and select something like “italian to english.” Basically the computer will read it in a different launguage and not block it, because it doesn’t understand it!

  295. my school has block every thing we used to now the bypass codes but now they change them and we cant get on any thing what are some site that will let me help plz

  296. Currently, My school uses websence, and oddly I agree with their rules. In my typing class I may be one of the first people to finish her work with an A and 80wpm Score, but seriously, there are so many students in here who DON’T do their work and find proxy’s to watch porn all day. Sometimes I do get frustrated with the fact that I cant play videos, or talk on MSN to my friends who get out of school earlier than me.. But think about it they DO have our interest in heart, they are not trying to block Pedophiles they are trying to stop US for messing up OUR lives…
    To any school Admin’s, Although you are trying to help the students do more work, by giving the ignorant fools computers to use in the first place.. you are causing problems, you should work the computers to have NO internet until they EARN it. Like, for instance one student is done, the teacher unlocks the internet, heck keep myspace blocked students can get on, on their own time. But make I mean seriously, blocking all the video games and chats… there are smart 9th graders… And as for myspace… Let the 12 graders have it… if they make the grades… Us students, and you workers, SHOULD GET LIVES, and take the time to realize we are at school and work for a reason, and when we appreciate that… Maybe we can get myspace back

  297. Hey guys, thank you for your help, but most of them are blocked. I have one that i used for a long time but now it’s blocked at my school too…
    I hope it still works for some of you. Darn schools thinking they can take our freedom. They should just unblock it and let us use it… OH well they are dumb right?

  298. hey if you havent tried this on already this really works but its its gon fast so use sparingily
    myspacebypass.net try it it works

  299. 660 respones of you losers crying “oh plz help me get to my myspace”. I havnt met an intelligent person that uses myspace yet. You all should just kill yourself or at least NOT HAVE KIDS!

  300. i’ve gone down this whole list and i’ve tried all of the web proxys you all have suggested and i’m a hacker and can usually get through any friewall or send a virus but thy’ve shut me out with a new program and i’ve tried viruses and then i tried to hack it and it ill not work and i need a proxxy site to get around this new system and then i’m sending all those assholes a virus that can only be wiped out by deleting everything on the computer so send me the site info to my yahoo adress and that would make me feel a whole lot better

  301. a server that ive been using at school for the better half of 3 months is this one


    and when u are done using it, go to the internet options, and clear out the cookies, and all other internet info, so your school does not pick it up, and block it.

  302. so heres the scoop ive tried every f*****g proxy site possible but I think my school has made it so that when ever you go to a site that has the words proxy, prxy, proxies, and etc. is there anything OTHER then proxys that can access sites

  303. I must really thank you all again for the information and the websites. I especially like when you put them in a nice list so I can easily cut and paste them into the filtering software.

  304. wow this website is blocked from my school and i really need to get on because its important so if n e one knows a website that wil allow me to get on please tell me aight

  305. you guys dont f***in know what you are talking about because at my school me and my friend sat here and tryed all of the websitess you gave us and noen worked. good bye

  306. I am soo stressed out that my school have blocked myspace!
    I have tried every proxy site on this page and none of them work! i have also tried other ways to get on like.. translation websites, cache, proxies and tunnels.
    Is ther anything eles!!!
    Please help!! add my myspace http://www.myspace.com/tee_hee_he
    ty love etak xx

  307. My school uses the SonicWall blocker. This addition is extra sensitive to any material on the internet. For example when I try to go to a certain story on a nes website, i can’t because the website’s story has “violence” in it. The proxy that I used to use only worked 50% of the time. I can only access less than 10% of the websites I was able to before SonicWall came in. However there is one thing that it hasn’t been able to block: https: . I need a website that will allow me to access the long lost websites and it needs to start with an https: .

  308. umm who ever read this thats fine with me but umm at our school…they gave us laptops for us to do our work and we want to get on sites during our free time but they blocked all of them so umm thats the only thing with us i mean we just wanna go on myspace and on facebook during the times when we arent learning anything so yea thats all i dont wanna start anything i just wanted to through that out for you guys okie dokie


  309. “yea so i tried at least 10 myspace proxies that worked and then they all got blocked the next day”

    Thats because the network admins can see what you are doing and if you think differently then you are an idiot.

  310. Many schools use filters that prevent you from viewing websites they dont want you to view. Websense and SonicWall are popular. What you need to know is these softwares track what you visit, and record possible proxy sites. The more you use a proxy site, the sooner it will be blocked. But keep in mind that everyday new proxies are made, but just as many get blocked. It’s almost impossible to keep up.

  311. could i get a list of working proxys? my school blocked the normal ones and some of the ones that people put on therre web site so the school can’t detect them…

    soo could i get alist please :))

  312. Here’s a small list I threw up.

    I use myspace, and I don’t like when schools block it. They should be using their time and energy to block more useful things (most kids get on anyways).

    Click on Tools>options>Connections>Lan Settings>
    and then configure it. Figure it out, it’ll be good for you.

    1 stat
    12-217-68-162.client.mchsi.com 7212 18462 2007-01-01
    2 stat 1949 3730 2007-01-01
    3 stat 6588 6867 2007-01-01
    4 stat 6178 7426 2007-01-01
    5 stat 15515 8533 2007-01-01
    6 stat 32192 725 2007-01-01
    7 stat 6588 3652 2007-01-01
    8 stat 15217 6391 2007-01-01
    9 stat 25528 7048 2007-01-01
    10 stat 31888 7124 2007-01-01
    11 stat
    125-226-179-37.dynamic.hinet.net 14164 3330 2007-01-01
    12 stat
    125-24-135-214.adsl.totbb.net 12965 3044 2007-01-01
    13 stat 33625 6003 2007-01-01
    14 stat 24017 5630 2007-01-01
    15 stat 30565 6827 2007-01-01
    16 stat 18798 7020 2007-01-01
    17 stat 2252 6698 2007-01-01
    18 stat 6714 5376 2007-01-01
    19 stat 5766 6700 2007-01-01
    20 stat 41533 101 2007-01-01
    21 stat 12114 8938 2007-01-01
    22 stat 18310 7170 2007-01-01
    23 stat 6588 8782 2007-01-01
    24 stat
    166-122-246-201.adsl.terra.cl 6588 418 2007-01-01
    25 stat
    166-195-235-201.fibertel.com.ar 8000 9083 2007-01-01
    26 stat 6588 2648 2007-01-01
    27 stat
    169m68.rivo.mediatti.net 20723 7027 2007-01-01
    28 stat
    175-225-246-201.adsl.terra.cl 6588 1874 2007-01-01
    29 stat
    179-24-246-201.adsl.terra.cl 6588 7393 2007-01-01
    30 stat 6588 198 2007-01-01
    31 stat 6588 12482 2007-01-01
    32 stat 6588 5625 2007-01-01
    33 stat 6588 5573 2007-01-01
    34 stat 6588 4455 2007-01-01
    35 stat 6588 2110 2007-01-01
    36 stat 6588 1451 2007-01-01
    37 stat 4480 7004 2007-01-01
    38 stat 6588 4271 2007-01-01
    39 stat 6588 4406 2007-01-01
    40 stat
    191.198.70-86.rev.gaoland.net 9944 2552 2007-01-01
    41 stat 6588 6294 2007-01-01
    42 stat
    1stlink.com.sg 7212 1188 2007-01-01
    43 stat
    200-122-122-131.dsl.prima.net.ar 6588 4095 2007-01-01
    44 stat 6588 8525 2007-01-01
    45 stat 6588 2360 2007-01-01
    46 stat 6588 730 2007-01-01
    47 stat 6588 725 2007-01-01
    48 stat 6588 8879 2007-01-01
    49 stat 6588 10216 2007-01-01
    50 stat 6588 3503 2007-01-01

  313. goodness someone plez help me find a proxy to get on myspace every site i go to every single one gets blocked i guess the teachers are getting smarter but i know theres gotta be one site left …..this crap feakin sucks!!!!!

  314. earlier i was using orkut although it was bloked using https// but now it’s not working anymore. can suggest some solutionfor this.list of proxy sites rather thatn links

  315. hey all… well the people who are saying: wait until u get home to go on myspace, what about the people who CANT get on at home…? well thanx 2 everyone puttin proxies up!! love~Kk`

  316. Kerri,

    If you cannot get on at home it is not your school’s or work’s responsibility to make sure you have access to your MySpace. If you get caught using a proxy site at work you can be fired so are you prepared to lose your job just because you cannot message your friends? So if you cannot use MySpace at home then it is a personal problem.

  317. “why do they block myspace” – malcolm

    There are many reasons. It is a high risk site for infections such as spyware, adware, and viruses for one.

    But the main reason is because by law schools are not allowed to let students message anyone using tools such as IM, MySpace, CellPhones, etc.. during school because the school is responsible for your well being. Seeing as there are potential predators on MySpace and it is impossible for them to determine and keep track on who may be messaging they just block the whole site. This is also why they block personal email. Sorry that you cannot understand that it is for your own protection as well as the schools. So quit your “Poor Me” crying and use MySpace on your own time. And to those with no computer at home, it is not the school’s (or work’s) responsibilty to make sure you have MySpace access.

  318. I’ve noticed this website is mainly about myspace, but what if my WoW is being blocked off? how can i use a Proxy to access it? Can Anyone HELP!?

  319. fuuuuh.
    none of these proxies
    are working
    and if they do
    its only for that day.
    i need some help
    this catholic highschool
    blocks everythin thing.

  320. ashleyAKABILL, you are not the person who came up with proxy and you weren’t the person who thought of proxy… and if you find a way to get past, why would you tell your friends? they would tell there friends and so on and so forth so stfu

    please e-mail me if you know a way to get past one…

  321. oh yea im trying to find a way to play runescape(need java not javascript) the only websites i find are of javascript and no java!!!!!!!!!!

  322. I want to be able to get onto my vampirefreaks account, but my school has blocked EVERYTHING!! anything with the word proxy, surf, hide, hack, crack, anonymous, anything of that sort and its blocked…I need a proxy that no one really knows about..so my school cant figure it out~! Please help me~!

  323. this has to be done this way to work:


    Search for “vtunnel”

    Open the first link

    This is blocked if you dont type it in2 google

  324. yo guys
    its so simple
    go on to most proxies.vtunnel.com or 2hide.ne work and it will come up blocked. then, after the p in http put an ‘s’ and it unblocks it and is amost impossibe to block!!! i got caught on nthis and they still havent blocked it cos they cant!!!

  325. I really really really need a proxy, my school has blocked possibly every single proxy available…anything with the word proxy, surf, anon, unblock, unknown, private, all the odd named ones, and pretty much every single of them!!! I need a proxy that is very very very unknown!!! Contact me at x–peace-love-empathy–x@hotmail.com

  326. OK OK i have a good proxy for anything!!! go to google advaced serches and tipe myspace but u have to repick englisg or u will get spanish or some s**t like that so dont f**k around with it to much or it will be blocked PEACE

  327. Myspace has been blocked from my computer. A friend told me about a site called IPLESS.info that i was able to get on under that but now i think they have blocked that as well. What can i do to get on to myspace?

  328. some of you kids don’t know the half of it, i deal in flashing x-box 360 hardrives to play copied games. Lots of people in the gaming buisness also try to stop this, and they will never be able to stop it because there are many different types of ways to get around it and to trick the companies into giving away new consoles. What im trying to say is don’t worry someone will get you around this.

  329. everything is blocked pelease

    ma school is to good….



  330. can anybody help me find a proxy that works for myspcae cuz all of the ones up there either dont work right of they are blocked and its sux so some help would be nice just email me at shalyd85@yahoo.com thanks a lot bye

  331. OMFG bebo, facebook and myspace are blocked, any1 have a way to get on them, i did have one which could get you ANYWHERE its, http://www.letsgofree.com if u guys wnt to try that!! anyone have any random proxy sites, even if they are bloked at ur skl
    loev you loads
    tara xx

  332. i love vampirefreaks
    it’s WAY better than myspace and bebo, but it’s blocked
    i tried the one tara suggested, but it was blocked?
    it there a proxy out there? because biology is getting pretty boring 😛

  333. how can I submit a comment once I am signed on to the proxy server on myspace..none of them let you approve a comment.

  334. Hey, I found 2 proxies that work at my school, they are letsgofree.com and tookle.com but neither of them let me play runescape, it loads the site but once it gets there it says the page cannot be found…does anyone know of a proxy that will let me play runescape in school?

  335. go to google hit language tool then type ur site minus the .com then drop down arrow to spanish and hit translate they will go to any site but downside is in spanish

  336. Once again my school has blocked the only 2 proxies I knew of…but then I found another one…
    http://www.lonleyhosting.com works for me now but is really slow…unfortuantly…runescape doesnt work with that one either….I HATE THIS~!!! I need a proxy that works for runescape that isn’t blocked at my school~!

  337. Both are blocked at my collage… .I just need a proxy that can be help for my plying mails chit-chat accounts.
    Pls, Help Me.
    Regards Satvik Rajput

  338. can any1 help me and my m8s we need a proxy and none of this ones work when eva me do owt wiv https in front dont work and anything that sez proxy init pls help me i need 2 get on bebo and ive stated do my work am that bord lol pls help people thank yoo tommie x

  339. I have read through many of these comments trying to use some proxys trying to get through my school’s firewall. But they have blocked everything down. I just need one that is actually going to work I know hella people have written the same thing as me but I think that the school’s are winning, no one can seem to get their hands on a proxy that their school hasn’t already found and blocked. There needs to be a way to get one and keep it underground, Or maybe a way to set it up like to where everytime it’s found a new one is made with a new server somehow. it is possible it just takes alot of computer skill. I’m tired of the school’s winning!

  340. OMG! Thank you soooo much Zim~! That 6feetunder one works at my school…we had one that did work, but today i noticed it was blocked…www.lonelyhosting.com…hope that works for someone…Thank you though~!

  341. hi guys i needs a proxy that has java enabled on it to run (things such as runescape or) anything that uses java… If you guys know of one that would be very useful to me and a whole load of other people thanks 😀

  342. I live in Dubai,UAE.
    In here they blocked many sites,even flickr!!!
    I tried all the free proxy websites and softwares but i can’t.

  343. when ever itry loging in it will say try using a differnt server or wolrd and the owner is mladenof this game server she blocked my ip so iw ont get in and blocked my account so on please help me!!!

  344. Hello my name is Dupras Paolo i am on Scholarship in the university of Florida i cannot imaging that many student cannot find proxies that can help them do any program in school
    I go to Myspace without any problem although it is blocked and i even receive calls from my Uncle who is now in space ok.
    I am the only student who can find any proxy that i wish and i can unblock any site that i want.
    If you can work with me according to terms then i think i will help you.Any time you want ok?
    So you can just contact me through email then i will solve any problem you got

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