NTL Proxy Servers

NTL’s default transparent caching proxy server is still broken! Has been since midday yesterday.
Thanks to Robin Walker‘s excellent Cable Modem Troubleshooting Tips I’ve been able to adjust the browsers on all the machines to get round it.

I realise that what I should have done is changed my Squid proxy on the firewall to use one of the ones that’s still working. That way none of the browsers would have needed changing. Plus I’d still have local caching.

Update: For those looking for a proxy. I have set up an experimental proxy here

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  2. Hi everybody,

    I, like the last 4 people here, live in Iran and due to some @#$#ing Islamic laws in Iran, Girls and boys must live all seprated before they get married! So, ORKUT IS FILTERED here and we need some proxy server and their ports to use to bypass the filter…

    this will be of our best appreciation


  3. hi…i live in iran….iran,s government has filtered orkut…so i cant enter to orkut…please
    give me a way that i can enter to orkut

  4. like all my iranian friend whose comments are above i need a way to bypass filtering of orkut website

  5. hi…thx for introduse orkut proxy…but this site is too busy ….so entering ti this site is so hard….would u tell us a site that we can pass filter by that…thx

  6. After closing the orkut site the iranian signed in gazzag site.
    Today it seems is going to be closed.
    Anybody proxy

  7. hi .
    i have a problem like farima with accessing to orkut web site.
    I need an orkut proxy please .
    best wishes

  8. hi plz i need an invitation to the orkut. i will be very greatfull to u if u send me ur kind invitation

  9. Dear Sirs,

    I need help for entering to the orkut and gazzag because I am in Iran and I can not get there easily.
    Please help me in this regard.


  10. I need help for entering to the orkut and gazzag because I am in Iran and I can not get there easily.
    Please help me in this regard.

  11. HI salam to all……………….
    Hi we have restriction in the network …for orkut…
    please give me the link or proxy …through which i can access orkut inside restriction..
    i m from pakistan………..

  12. Who want to enter orkut , gazzag . send a e-mail to: road_to_heaven124 at yahoo dot com (amid from iran)

  13. hi frndzz and SaLam tOo
    wana ask k i wana open orkut in pakistan in my uni lab but it blocked
    will you tell me any other link to open it coz they blocked orkutproxy.com
    tOo isn’t that bad i think its tOomuch coz they don have to to do this but
    now i need your help
    plz hep me
    thnx bubaye

  14. salam be hamegi
    baraye vorod be orkut & gazzag & hi5 be in adress mail bezanid:
    venousplanet at gmail dot com

  15. hi.I need some sites or maybe some programms for goin to orkut or gazzag caz these sites were
    being filtered in Iran. Can you help me with some routes?

  16. hi there..filter2005, filterxp, maxpax and orkutproxy have been
    blocked in my office! are there other free proxies available?!!
    need ur help please!


  17. hello with filterxp.com and alborz internet card I could open orkut successfully til 16th,that day instead of home page of filterxp an empty page was shown to me with the title of “blocked by http://www.douran.com

  18. hi i;m mohammad its very bad if you had a pc and cannot going tomany usefull sites like orkut or
    many othes i dontknow what ican . please help me or send me a proxy code.thanks

  19. Hello Any Body As other Friends Mentioned it theres no way for accessing to Orkut,Hi5,gazzag,Cloob and such these web site and links such as maxpax , orkutproxy, tehran2005 and etc… are not workin’ any more atleast they are not useable In our Country , If any body can help me with Entering to these Sites PLZ contact me

  20. Visit orkut from following links…
    Salam to all…….
    I m From PUCIT… r u …Ha aha haa..

    Ok bye bye….

  21. hello….i need a proxy address and port that can be useful in IRAN ….because so many of good sites are blocked and filtered ….like gazzag and orkut….please help me to be able to join these sites…thanks

  22. Hi! I’m a brazilian boy.I need other forms to access the ORKUT because all the forms that I know was blocked.
    There are a site with a list of others sites to access blocked sites:
    (without the www).

  23. i need a proxy address and port that can be useful in IRAN ….because so many of good sites are blocked and filtered ….like gazzag and orkut….please help me to be able to join these sites…thanks

  24. hiiz all
    m Rizwan frm Pakistan. Our network administrator has blocked Orkut on the LAN kindly send me the link or other wise so i can browse Orkut….thanking u alot
    NUST, Pakistan.

  25. Hi, I’m an Iranian and as my friends mentioned above Iran government has filtered Orkut & Gazzag. I need a proxy that can be of help in here. Thanks a billion!

  26. hi, i wana to hav access to orkut, which is blocked by our network administrator on the LAN, plz help me in this regard.
    Nust, Pakistan

  27. Is there any way to over ride Proxy blocker scanners. theres one on this website http://www.uk-central.org and i cant go in to register. Im on ntl apparently it uses some proxy chache system or some s**t i dont understand. Can anyone help me.

  28. Diablo,
    I’m on NTL and I use their transparent proxy. I had no trouble registering on uk central.
    It does require cookies to register. Do you perhaps have cookies turned off or blocked?


  29. yani in hame adam,hich kodoom nemidoonan chi kar bayad kard ta faghat ye lahze doobare roye orkut ya gazzag ro bebinim!

  30. lotfan komak konid betonim varede orkut beshim ?????
    ye rahi begid dige ??????????????????

  31. its bad country
    why they lock this site
    orkut gazzag ….
    why ?
    send to all iranian human proxy for that site


  33. Damn iran’s goverment has blocked all the ways to enter orkut and other web sites what the F*** are we suppose to do now! many thanks to our new bloody ugly face president.

  34. CheqAdR ma BaDbaKhTimM…
    moKhabEraT bE jAyE drOst KarDanE anTen dEHie mob..mIad fiLtER mizArEe,,:((
    HelP uS..is thEre anYoNe?!!

  35. HI
    i m from Univ of Engineering & Technology Lahore,Pakistan i want some strong antifilter for orkut bcoz in our university this site is strongley prohibited to be visited so they put filter on it.
    here some ppl mention about some proxies but they r all useless in our university even when i write the URL of orkut on wproxy.com it doenst open this site…YYY so tell me some antifilters stronger than wproxy.com

    thanking u

  36. hi all you guys !!! looks that you all have faced with a big problem called proxy in IRAN !!!
    instead of saying frequent sentences, just make a solution !
    anyone wants my number ???
    i am iranian ! ma name is a matter of misunderstoood !!!

  37. to roheshon:(…pedaremono dar ovordan hich proxy kar nemikone..baba filter beresonid:(..GIVE me proxy for gazzag only:((

    I need A proxy Address For Anti Filtering Our Website in IRAN (Our F****n Country),,,
    Specially We wanna to Break Filtering Of http://www.orkut.com

  39. salam khobin beche haye ba hale irani
    omidvaram ke khosh bashid
    va man mikham ba yek dokhtare ba adab va ba eiman
    ke sen an bine 1365 ta 1368 ba she dost besham
    mosh tagh dirar reza

  40. hi guys well.my problem is that my ISPs has b;ocked voice chat & video chat>>>is there us any method to bypass there,s firewall>>>i heard about it (live proxy servers need free) but dont know how>>>i cantdo voice chat on yahoo>>>a message appers that ur behind firewall >>plzzzzzz help me (^_^)??????

  41. i need strong anti filter to open every blocked and filltered site . plz mail me on “amiroo-mehre65@yaho.com”

  42. Hi,
    i am not able to access some sites from my office. i have heard of proxy servers which helps us access blocked web-sites. The name has proxy in it.
    Can anyone help me on this?
    Thanks a lot,

  43. i would like to visit Orkut and Gazzag. I have some important communication there. such as: fuel cell group,plz guide me.
    best regards

  44. HI salam to all…..
    Hi we have restriction in the network …for orkut…
    please give me the link or proxy …through which i can access orkut inside restriction..
    i m from pakistan……

  45. hello!
    i m a student of Telecom engg….in our uni it is prohibited to open orkut…..all the students are intrested to open orkut…will u plz help us…the had mirrored the orkut proxy and also it is not opening in http://www.nproxy.com …..can u help us….???we would be thank ful to u…

  46. In this century , the time which we have to consider an focus on unknown science of world , we have to be forced with Iran’s backward &
    underdeveloped autarchy to use Internet with Filter !!! with their interests which they like to be seen & obviously reversal freedom of people whom
    think up to date & want to shout & expression theirselves from them & say to the world that even in their perceptions from free sourses via
    Internet , they have to pass from the autarchy’s hell which named Filter , they inevitable us to waste our time & costs to release from this
    insane faith , and now , I want to ask you ,to let me beg you & don’t surrender them ,to give me a practicable , immune & gratis way for
    passing that hell & after that attaining the zero & try to use Internet like altogether people in FREE world …..oops far ambition !!!

  47. dustan,ghaziye chiye,chera hame soal mikonan,vali javabi nemiad,in orkut e kufti ro chtori mishe raft tush?
    maile man:alidoroudian@yahoo.com

  48. I Live in Iran.i hate of Filtering.
    The head of islamic republic of iran limit law freedom and social freedom.
    for example they filter orkut.com or gazzag.com
    or any site which help people connect easily together.
    I hate of iranian law.

  49. khob gore baba ya hatta naneye jomhoroye eslami ya hatta belgheyr mozo ineke ma nemidonim be che shakhsi bayad etemad koim shayad va hatmane hatman in va tamame matnhai ke neveshte shodeh az tarafe digarane chon kheyli ba maserrat va hamchenin sheddate lafz neveshteh shodeh vali man be in tor masael va bazihaye seyasat va ya hatta ameicaye nemigam jahan khar migam naft khar va hamchenin balatar az on jane ensanhaye bigonah khor nadaram mozoye ali ine manam az sansor khaste shodam

  50. salam
    lotfan adresse proxy va shomareye porti ke mishe bahash varede orkut va gazzag beshim ro baraye man mail konin ba tashakor mamnon misham

  51. some proxy sites have opened orkut.com but it does not sign in, it always gives error while using any of these proxy sites

    please help

    i cant open orkut its blocked, iam from Pakistan

    anyone who can help please

  52. Hi dear;
    please sent a new and good software and proxy list for Bridgeable iran server and connections server.
    thanks for your attention;

  53. salam
    tooye neveshtehatoon aghlab donbale filter shekan baraye orkut,gazzag va…hastid.vali age vaghean khahane vared shodan be in sitha va digar sitha hastid,in rahesh nist!inke beshinim kenar va montazere filter shekan bashim rahesh nist!nabayad neshast,bayad kari asasi kard.kari ke badha azamoon soal nashe chera nakardid?!!!

  54. Dear Sir/Maam
    I need a proxy for access to the orkut site because I live in Iran and we most of the proxy sites are blocked by the goverment
    Alireza Saadat

  55. Hi everybody!
    It seems that Iranians are all alone in this world to face Islamic regime!Only a few antifiltering replys here which are not helpful but thanks to those whe sent them anyways. I don’t know what the hell all the hackers doing!There must be some way againts this severe filtering! Fighting with filtering has now become a symbol of fighting with the regime.

  56. hey.. im having trouble getting ontomyspace… because it is blocked by websense…. i keep finding proxies to get to myspace.. but they keep getting blocked… and i am running out of reliable proxies to use…. can you get one for me???

  57. hello can someone get a good proxy site for myspace.com i did it once but it didnt let me login then it wouldnt even let me go on the site anymore someone please help

  58. I’m having problems by entering the hi5 chat. The page doesnt go further than “Loading the rooms”… What is blocking the entrance to the chat? Any can help??

  59. Salam Fellows, Actually the administrator of my University Lab has blocked the following website:
    I have been opening this website through the link
    and was successful to open the orkut website through this link but unfortunately I told this link to few of my friends at uni.They also started enjoying the website through this link and it became so popular that Administrator knew it and blocked it as well.I M REALLY IN NEED OF YOUR HELP.I have already tried all the above mentioned proxies but they did’nt work at my uni.I need a STRONG FILTERED PROXY to open ORKUT at my uni Lab.Kindly mail me the proxy at the following email address

  60. hey i need another way to get on myspace at skool they blocked all the mail4.myspace.com and up sooo if there is any other way PLZZZZZ let me no

  61. i need to check mail in yahoo i am able to sign in but when i tried to check mail websense come into picture is there way to bypass the websense . i tried secure mode but it not working and also i am able to go to any site related to prooxy they all are blocked

  62. i need to find a new website i found one but it wont let me login i got in once but it doesnt let u look at other peoples profiles or view all ur pics and no pictures will load and it wont let u edit ur profile so plz if u know a website that isnt blocked plz tell me

  63. Tried several times. But unfortunately non of them worked :(…

    By the way, I’m Living in KSA (Saudi Arabia)
    Noticed, lots of Iranian facing problems with the same site. But the given proxies don’t match with KSA. Do u have any other solution ????

    Your cooperation will be highly appreciated.

    Best Regards,

  64. hey i was wondering if you could send me a proxy site for myspace cause our dumb principle blocked the internet and myspace because people were abusing their right to have a computer.. so i was just wondering if you can email me the proxy please.. later

  65. dude i can’t get onto myspace my school sucks they have blocked every site i ever used to get on….uhhh…can you please help me tell me a proxy site that will get me onto myspace!!

  66. Hey,Im tryin to get on myspace from school,but the proxys i use wont let me log on.Does anyone know why,Or know any proxy\’s tjay i can log into???

  67. this is too retarded! i cant get on to myspace from school, ive tryed like every proxy availible, and i think that their blocking key words help me find a way past this crap!!!

  68. hey i’m having the same problem as whiskers. myspace is a blacklisted site and i did have about 20 different proy sites that i was using but they finally came to an end when the principal blck listed those too. 🙁 can ya help me and give me a new proxy site? i’ve already used these:
    a lot more but i can’t remember their names

  69. hey mike i just want a proxy of orkut,i have tried other proxys which u have mentioned above,,but failed to sign in,,i opend a page of http://www.proxybrowser.com
    and entered URL and it opened a page of orkut, but the section from where we can login was not came on that screen,:(

  70. I need a proxy to get on myspace at school help

    I had one but they blocked it or at least the suspended my account from myspace

    so hook me up with a proxy please!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. for filter in UAE i can not open some website and i can not open you filter brocken also.please send the file directly

  72. how can you get past blocks at skool? but they have already blocked so many ways you can get past blocks… so if you know anyway to get past blocks like a secret website that no one knows tha would be awesome

  73. i have no clue but if it has the words proxy in it you cant get on its driving me crazy myspace is the next text or im they cant block it 4ever! the company that is used the most is websense if anyone knows how to hack i could use your help!

  74. I need help getting to myspace, hi5, and bebo. But mostly myspace. My stupid school blocked it and a bunch of the proxy sites! grrr.

  75. ok so i got grounded from my internet and i need to get onto myspace or i will get in a lot and ooooo boy do i mean alot of trouble with a girl friend if i dont get on and i cant call her because she dont have a phon

    so if you can please help me get a proxy to myspace that doe not have the word proxy in it because they have moast proxys with the word proxy in it blocked


  76. Ok .. so im AMERICAN .. and i would like an AMERICAN proxy that will help me get on too myspace … most of the prxies at my school have been blocked .. someone please help me!

  77. I really need to get to myspace because I stay in touch with my aunt in hawaii and my girlfriend in LAIE… Please help I really do need your assistance…………

  78. I have never been on this website but i want on myspace but its blocked can u help me? what can i do 2 get on it like is there a unblocker thing?

  79. hey they blocked myspace at my school…like many other schools and i need a website to get on it…please help me out…thanks alot…sky

  80. ok…if someone can hack “filter@dadeschools.net” and shut them down even temporarily, you will be named GOD in the state of Florida.

    one more thing. i can’t stress this enough because people don’t listen when i say that you SHOULD NOT USE THE MAIN ADDRESS BAR when surfing most of these sights. if you goole/yahoo/msn search some of them, they will be more difficult to track by the admin. and another thing, none of these “proxy” sites work.

  81. Hopeless_to_the_cause,
    What are you talking about? How can someone “hack” a contact email address. You sound like a bad movie dialogue! 🙂

  82. ineed no proxy address that it can be work in my countryplease if you have any one send it to me

  83. Hi i go to a school that has blocked bebo and i really need it for my friend in hospital. I have tryed playdoughbox.com but that has already been blocked aswell if you have any other sites please e-mail me back.

  84. ok i mite shoot my self websense at catonsville high BLOCKS every single site if u have websense and u feel my pain lol and u have found a site that isnt blocked beacuse its proxy advoidence that be wonderful

  85. i tried that site but it wasnt that much of help becuse tic tac toe and chechers is rele what i want to get un blocked i need to find a proxy that gets on to hot mail or pure volume or myspce i have web sense its so HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to get pass any thing all the proxy sites are blocked please help me???

  86. please….
    help me!!!
    i’m from pakistan…
    its been almost a month that i havent use orkut as my university has blocked it .
    when i press http://www.orkut.com , websense enterprise page comes showing that it has blocked orkut.

    i started using gazzag but they also blocked it 🙁

    NOw if there is any brother who can help me with it.

    i have tried proxies but i think the word proxy is also been filtered.:(

  87. Hey everyone,
    my name is Gina and i was just browzing the google sites that recomended any sort off
    “proxy” but of course none of which worked. my friend has requested a certain site for me, and for the longest time it worked then it got shut down for a bit because of the fact that the guy went to jail… i was like..?!?!?!?! ok… so is it over for that …turns out i went to it again one day and it worked but surely enough the school blocked it!!!!!! i was like Grrr…. i Grr at u lol but anyways.. here it is if it works then it works. then press the for the user name type and for the pass word u must press exactly how i told u not what it says to do or u will be fooled! so i dunno ya’ll can try it out and cha cha chek it ouy! ok well wriet to me if u have any questions or if u know any other proxy sites becuz i would like to go on MYSPACE at SCHOOL!!!!!!! so please help me.. well ttyl guys.

  88. ive tried every single site on this list from top to bottum. my school has them all blocked other than the ones that dont let me log onto myspace. any tips to what else i might be able to use other than a proxy server ,since they seem to have blocked all of them, to get to myspace?

  89. i cannot enter this site here and all the proxys that have been mentioneed on this site have been blocked by the administration … i would greatly appreciate some help

  90. please help me…I can not get access to bebo from my university…have tried all the websites anonymizer etc but when I try to sign in from these it tells me to enable cookies…have changed all the settings but still wont work!

  91. My school started to get smart and blocked p2p and proxy websiets, i need a proxy that goes on the url itself bypassing the firewall..i don’t know if that’s possible.

    I’ve visited mostly all proxy sites listed here but i can’t open orkut in my universty lab.
    when i try to open the orkut, after entering my user name and passward a msg “Click here to continue” appears when i click that it again asks user name and passwards then again that msg.. and it continues…..
    plzzzz tell me if there is any solution for this problem,
    10x so much
    u can contact me @ sonia_khan_cutest@yahoo.com

  93. Also try Orkat.com supposed to be working .. but not sure if its safe enough.. if anyone has other sites plz inform

  94. hie.. tried the proxy given by hoang le.. the home page opens but i cant sign in coz the sign in and password boxes dont appear.. every other solution doesnt work 🙁

  95. If you want to get to orkut, hotmail, hi5, friendster, hotmail or anywhere then use http://www.cooltunnel.com it works for everything. Also it leaves no traces in web logs because it encodes everything between you and your website. Use it and you will see what I mean. Works anywhere!

  96. every proxy is block with “proxy avoidance” need help must get on to myspace… girl problems… if you can relate:(

  97. Hi there from London!i’ve been facing a problem whe I try to access hi5.com!the thing is that the page wont open,it reads “page cannot be displayed”and bla,bla!i can surf the net normally,i have access to hotmail,google,orkut as normal,so I believe that the problem isnt from my pc!i’ve looked for viruses…nothing,and if was the DNS,I coulnd’t view the other sites!Anyone with bigger brains then mine that has some idea of what’s happening???thanx dudes

  98. hi i’m an engineering student from india ..
    orkut was blocked in our college and i searched over net to find this site


    this site is in some language unknown to me…
    but it links to orkut…..

    login with orkut username and password

    and click option navagedor…

    that will do it……………

    tell me if it is not working….

    contact me my email is silentstorm@rediffmail.com

  99. All I need/want is an effective proxy to help me get onto myspace at school, and since i would like to keep whatever proxy i get working, I will refuse to share this proxy with others… i just want to be able to get on myspace… please help
    i’m despirate

  100. hiiiiii!!
    i live in saudi and i really want to enter my http://www.zorpia.com page but because they have blocked it i can’t !!
    i really dont know how to enter i am hoping someone here can help me plz !!
    I AM DIEING HERE !! …=p

  101. Greetings ppl,

    Well same story here. Stuck in Saudi. Luckily on a visit, but unable to access orkut. Banged my head on the wall and tried every possible trick..but nah.

    Im still trying to figure out life. If anyone knows of an escape then puhleeezz!! assist this poor soul at yatinuntuned@gmail.com

    God bless…Thx!!


  102. Hi,
    i want to access orkut. so that i need a setting for firefox, so that i can access orkut in retricted network or proxyserver

  103. hi…
    how can i open my orkut account if our service provider has blocked maximum no. of sites which can open orkut??
    plzz reply its urgent..

  104. I have an ntl cable modem and can not use it cause its asking for a pass word and pin number which ntl have not given me because first they want direct debit details from me first which i dont have. is there a way of bypassing this somehow? please someone help me, thanx

  105. i need your guys is help i need a new proxy to get in to myspace at skool because they blocked almost all of the proxies can you tell me one please

  106. Yea I work offshore and I talk to all my friends and family on myspace and I use to use a site called iamnewguy.com and it worked for a little while but then My company used websence to block it How can I get into myspace through a similar way… Thank You!!!

  107. salam
    chejori mitunam ba filtershekan varede site myspace besham, yani sign in besham
    az rahnamaie shoma kheyli mamnun misham

  108. hi ,i hav tried all d proxies , even tried hiding the IP .. but nothin seems to work in college ,, plz temme some way to access orkut …

  109. hi i need some help because i’ve been trying for ages to get on to bebo at college and cant seem to find a proxy. also i cant get on to meebo and msb messanger. so PLEASE can you find me a proxy to get on to them or at least one of them? it would be most appriciated if you could. thank you. shelly. xx

  110. Proxy.PH is working now. go to http://proxy.ph it is super fast (no graphics!) and can access myspace and friendster with no problemand free. it is not yet blocked by schoool and company filters because maybe because it is new.

  111. i cant log onto orkut..its shows me an error HTTP 404..The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable…

    im using atunnel.com, but, unable to send scraps to ppl is there neway to solve dis issue.

  112. Hi Mkie
    In my organisation they are using websense enterprise,It blocks the proxy websites…I tried all the sites listed above but didnot work.I want to bypass websense for orkut….can u give me some suggestions on this….

  113. okay ive had this issue at my school for sometime acccessing any social networking sites can be such a pain , but now i’ve figured out the best way to do it I’ve recently gotten addicted to Bebo and now im constantly in need of a bebo proxy but finally i’ve found a Bebo Proxy that works so definetly check it out. BTW love this blog keep it up!

  114. Hello there
    Please i want your help i canat go in to my accaont i dont know if its block
    when i try to go in some times say my password rong and they will send it ,tell now i have nothing .Now sorry me and thank you

  115. Hello there
    Please i want your help i cannat go in in hi5
    my accaont i dont know if its block
    when i try to go in some times say my password rong and they will send it ,tell now i have nothing .Now sorry me and thank you

  116. Hi i have tried each and every site and proxy addresses to open orkut only one worked powerscrap but d problem is that we can not send scraps from it if soem sites work to open orkut then they are strcuk in between saying your browser cookies function is blocked unblock the and then access d site but how our firewall is hard to brk den how to acess orkut pls help yaar

  117. I can’t get on myspace can you help me, this is the error message I am getting…I own a mac….does this look familiar?

    Server Error in ‘/’ Application.

    Runtime Error

    Description: An application error occurred on the server. The current custom error settings for this application prevent the details of the application error from being viewed remotely (for security reasons). It could, however, be viewed by browsers running on the local server machine.

    Details: To enable the details of this specific error message to be viewable on remote machines, please create a tag within a “web.config” configuration file located in the root directory of the current web application. This tag should then have its “mode” attribute set to “Off”.

    Notes: The current error page you are seeing can be replaced by a custom error page by modifying the “defaultRedirect” attribute of the application’s configuration tag to point to a custom error page URL.

  118. Hi Lii, i’m a mac user and i’ve been getting that same message recently when i try to log onto myspace. If you find out what the hell it is any information would be very useful, and vice versa. Many thanks!


  119. i have a problem in our college orkut is banned no proxies are working i mean ro say that when ever the proxie name encounterd than it can write that access is denied
    no proxies are working one works a little name is englishtunnel but it also works for some time and then it also stop working give a unique solution

  120. hi everybody
    i want to browse orkut, but our college has blocked the site ,now wat 2 do give 1 site that can browse orkut. i tried with some of prosy sites also but it does not working

  121. Sir,

    I am unable to access adults sites blocked by our server administrator is there any way to see this sites. Please help me.



  122. I am working in Saudi Arabia, where ORKUT.com is blocked. is there any way to open the site bypasing the ISP.

    Pls reply me.



  123. Dear Sir,

    in my system orkut is not openning when i type http://www.orkut.com it immidiately close up the window and one pop up will appear saying that

    “orkut is banned u fool and this is not banned by administrator HAHAHAHAHA!!!!”

    Please sujjest me the solution



  124. oyeeee Yaaaaroo!!!!! koi to orkut khulwaado PLlZzZZ!!!
    the saudi govt. is blocking orkut everytime and im damn tired find the way to access my sweetheart ORKUT.!!!waiting for reply and please dont send me these above tricks as they r of no use;-(

  125. Dear Sir,

    in my system orkut is not openning when i type http://www.orkut.com it immidiately close up the window and one pop up will appear saying that

    “orkut is banned u fool and this is not banned by administrator HAHAHAHAHA!!!!”

    Please sujjest me the solution


  126. idk what a proxy server is but i heard you could get around the programs they install to block you from seeing certain websites in school.. i wanna know everything about proxy servers and catches
    does anyone know of any tutorials or something that would help me out???

  127. even proxy sites are banned. Tried Bigdoctoring.com and it works but, this site is not always accessible. Need more sites like that one or something better.

  128. Hey everybody i can’t access facebook on my proxy cause the country had blocked it plz i need your help can someone give me an american proxy…

  129. hiiiii i m a student and our faculity close the orkut site.i want to send scrap to my friends,so please tell me proxy site or enternet setting which i can open the orkut site

  130. cant open orkut 4m my worked place. used to do it 4m
    kproky but they blocked it so plz suggest someother sites thanks ………….

  131. i want to get on myspace in school but it iz blocked…i would like to no all the websites to go to , to unblock it!…please/ an thank you!

  132. i am a student and my faculty banned the orkut website but i want to use orkut. please send me the other sutes to use the orkut.

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