Google Buys

Wow, Google bought Prya Labs the company behind Blogger last week. It seems to have been announced (leaked?) on by columnist Dan Gillmor. Evan Williams, co-founder of Pyra Labs confirmed it in his blog (of course).
Dan also posted his story the following day in the Mercury News. Slashdot also covered the story on Sunday, and the Guardian Unlimited has the story today.
Google also gets blog*spot. There is already some speculation as to what Google will do with the purchase, and whether it is a bad or a good thing. I think I can trust Google to ‘Do The Right Thing’ with this. I don’t think we will see a mass of ex users migrating back any time soon, but hopefully some cash and technology input from the new owners will give the service the boost it needs.
Strangely I’ve seen no official press announcements at Google’s press Center nor, and Dan’s column says that the deal took place on Thursday last week.

Update: 18/02/2003 12:45 The BBC has caught up with a nice piece by Giles Turnbull.

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