Google Down?

Is it my imagination or is Google down? I’ve not been able to connect for the last hour or so.

What will I do? Google is the source of all my knowledge!

update: Google Services is still up. As are Google Labs, Google Catalogs, and Google Images

4 thoughts on “Google Down?

  1. I got to this page through searching for “Google down” on yahoo. has not worked for me for the past two days. Interesting enough, Google News, Labs, and Services does work. Nothing else though.

    This was posted on the 19th of August. Did Google ever start working for you again? If so, how long did it take?


  2. I found this page too I don’t know what going on with google. Im getting no impressions or clicks at all. The last time this happened was about a year ago when the were cleaning up.

  3. I thought I was having some kind of problem with my router firewall but it seems google is really down – even most of the google services are down: gmail, blogger… It is not a full time crash though – I have been able to access google for the bigger part of the day, and even though it is down now it was up for a brief moment when I saw certain changes on the iGoogle start page: some changes in appearance. For all we may know this could be some major update on the google services or some major attack on the google servers. Whatever it is it will be interesting – but one thing is for sure – it is too damn difficult to navigate the net without google 😀

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