I don’t believe it! We were burgled last night.
When I came down the stairs this morning it was to discover that we had been burgled in the night. Luckily (sort of) they were disturbed, probably by the dog, and ‘only’ got away with Jan’s bag (with her purse, driver’s license, and passport in it) two mobile phones, and the digital camera. They didn’t get the computer, microfiche reader, keys, my bag and wallet, CD’s or DVD’s all of which were in the same room. And they didn’t go in any other rooms.
The most distressing part is the personal items from Jan’s bag including photo’s, mementos, her Filofax and so on. The other stuff can be replaced.
The police came quite quickly and took all the details. The officer told me that another house down the road had also been burgled last night. The fingerprint guy came later but got nothing.

6 thoughts on “Burgled!

  1. Found your blog via GeoURL – yours is currently the closest to mine. Sorry to hear about that – I had my phone stolen a couple of months ago, out of my pocket. They too were very helpful with getting the phone blocked.

    My parents were burgled about 14 years ago, and my mum lost all of her jewellery, some of which she inherited from her mother when she died, which can’t really be replaced. We’ve since had a burglar alarm and more secure doors and windows fitted.

  2. Sorry to hear the bad news Mike. Invest in a burglar alarm – Do it now!

    Ours is armed when we are in bed and it secures all the entry point, there are impact detectors on all the accessable windows that detect scrapes or bangs, PIRs in all downstairs rooms. There are LEDs on the siren boxes indicating that they are “locked and loaded”. In the event of the alarm being activated, the alarm has a auto-dialler that calles a monitoring firm who send out a guard.

    OK its a bit OTT. You choose.

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