First Day Back

It was my first day back at work today. My train was late, no surprise there then. Thankfully I didn’t have a couple of hundred emails to deal with, I’d been dealing with them on and off from home. Well actually I did have more than 200, but most of those were auto-generated bugzilla posts, and various reminders. I did, however get stuck back straight away, a new release of the code, and a merge to be done today.
About half way through the day, when I turned around to talk to someone, I realised that half the people in my part of the office had moved desks! Very confusing. In the end it wasn’t too hard a day.
On the way home, my train was very late, then cancelled, then the next one was late! And when I got to Stockport, they’ve boarded up my bus stop for refurbishment! I had to go and find the new place to catch my bus.
When I got home, I also realised that my neck ache was back. This is the first time in three weeks! There must be something wrong with my setup at work. I think I’m going to have to lower my monitor position.