More On The Burglary

I managed to get the phones barred and the cards invalidated no problems. The insurance company were great! I phoned to make a claim, went through the form filling, and was told that apart from the camera and the excess, the money would be in my bank account within the hour. Which it was! I have to send in proof of ownership for the camera because of the value, but then they will send the money for that.
I’ve got my phone replaced and Jan’s is on its way by post. I replaced the broken catch on the window and have fitted an extra, more secure lock. I also got a PIR security light for the back of the house.
The other things we can replace this weekend if not sooner. It’s just the irreplaceable stuff with sentimental value, and the contents of Jan’s Filofax that we’ll really miss. Nor will we ever again feel quite so secure in our own home! 🙁

I feel that I want to rant about the youth of today, the state of the nation, or the way parents raise their children, but the fact is that people have been robbing houses for centuries. Most people are, like us, until today, lucky enough not to become victims. Today was our turn. It’s distressing, it’s a little frightening, but the loss was mainly material things. Thankfully my family are safe, no one was hurt, and no great damage was done.