An odd day today. Jan, Kim, Jackie, and Paula went off to Manchester to do some Christmas shopping. Me and Steve stayed at home to look after the girls; Jamie, Bekki, and Megan. Graham was here, but he went Christmas shopping as well.
Eventually I had to go shopping too. I went in to Stockport centre which was pretty packed as expected. I managed to get almost everything I wanted within the first half hour. But then the last thing took me almost another two hours! Typical. Anyway, everyone was back by the time I got home.
We didn’t do much after that, just chatting and stuff. Graham and Jackie went home with Bekki, and eventually Steve and Kim went with Megan. Jamie went to bed at nine, and I decided to slob out in front of the TV for a change. After much flicking through the channels, I eventually settled on watching Die Hard with Bruce Willis for what must be about the tenth time.
Now I’m off to bed to continue reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

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