Another good day today. This is getting to be a habit 🙂
I had a bit of a lie in this morning, not too late though. Jamie went to a Christmas party at BAE, Steve and Graham have both got pictures. Meanwhile Jan and I finally got to see Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets! It was a great film. I know there was loads missing from it, but it is so long since I read the book I pretty much saw it through the eyes of someone who hasn’t read any of the books. It’s great, it’s a good adventure film. Lots of action, a bit short on character development (but then again most films are) and explanations, but a really enjoyable lightweight film.
After the cinema, we went to pick up Jamie from Graham and Jackie’s house. We ended up staying for a while, Steve, Kim and Megan were there too, and had some food.

By the time I got home, the headache which had been threatening since the cinema had fully developed. After putting Jamie to bed, and unsuccessfully trying to read, I went for a lie down. I decided to get out my MindLab and try one of the relaxation sessions. It was great! 15 minutes later and my headache had subsided to a much more manageable level. It’s been a while since I used the MindLab, I’d kinda forgotten how good it could be. I must try to use it more often.

It’s not the end of the day yet, I think I’ll get some more stuff done.