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I ‘think’ this is cool but I’m not sure! It’s an inflatable church from
OK. It’s actually a good idea tied into the change of the law in the UK from places being licensed to conduct weddings to people being licensed.

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  1. mark getting married in his inflatable church valantines day and i didnt have to hire the worlds only inflatable church off mike gill as i own it. mmmmmmmm strange that

  2. I have found Mr Gill and his company of the highest standards and the backup to my church is amazing as i had some teething problems with my new unit and his company where so supportive to me i found it a great comfort. and after discussing the comments of Mr Mark Whittaker it seems that Mr Whittaker also purchased a church from Mr Gill. It just shows you what people are prepared to do. In Business.

    From what i have heard Mr Whittaker works out of a shed in Wales and cannot be trusted????

    A customer of Mr Gills – url at Thursday 12 February 2004 @ 23:43:08
    You can’t go wrong. the original

  3. Just check the vast amounts that has been reported about Mr Gills Inflatable churches on any search engine and just look at the dates of the stories to see who is telling the truth.
    I think Mr Whittaker is a dodgy person.

  4. If anyone wants to see the copyright papers for the inflatable church designed by Rob Roden and Andi Francis in 1996 and sold to Mark Whittaker in 2001 they can contact me Andi Francis. Michael Gill did not have anything to do with the inflatable church until Mark Whittaker employ him to promote it. After that Mr Gill has made all sorts of claims and with the help of others copied the design. The design is out opf date and anyone wanting anupto date inflatable church from the original designers should contact

  5. Can Andi Francis say the same for the idea of the inflatable pub i think not.??? which i must say looks like a wendy house which can hold only 30 people instead of the 100 reported plus their is no copyright ever created for the inflatable church,

  6. its good to see mr gill has come from behind his cover of one of mr gills customers. he knows the truth and seems to be upset that he has once again been out done by the true innovator of inflatables andi frances keep up the good work andi and mr gill watch this space.your .coms seem to be so so empty run out of ideas to steal poor man.

  7. I know Mark Whittaker personally. His children’s pictures have been ‘Illegally’ used on Mr Gill’s Mini Bull Promotion picture! This is disgraceful of Mr.Gill. He did not ask permission from Mark or the Children’s Mother,,They are not part of a modelling agency that such promoters use to promote. He stole a Leaflet that Mark+his partner produced for the Mini-bulls,,I know,,as I had them printed for him,at STAPLES,NEWPORT.
    Mr.Gill is a Con-Artist in the Rising!!

  8. I have known Mark Whittaker since I was 11 we were in the same class at school and have remained friends since. I will tell you for a fact that Mark owned the church and Mr Gill is a brigand and an imposter who has claimed ownership and claims to have manufactured the church. Basically Mark Whittaker is a man who gets up in the morning to work to support his family, he is a working class lad who has always tried to better himself. He can be considered a grafter and is more at home on the heavy side of labour than on the promotional side.

    Mr. Gill on the other hand is a cheap smooth talking grifter and chancer who epitomises the word “agent”. Now Mr Gill is well documented as claiming he designed said church and may well have set himself up for charges being brought as to the legality of his claims.

    As I am employed in corporate business and I am active in local Government I shall be making my own enquiries into this matter. I have tried to contact Mr. Gill in Hampshire but as yet he has failed to respond to my correspondence.

    Mr Gill you play a dangerous game in this age of interconnectedness and multi-media documentation. Anyone else reading this please make your own minds up as to who is telling the falsehoods.

  9. As a parish priest I have known Mark Whittaker most of his life and when he feel the need to talk he comes to me for advice. I remember when he first bought the church as he came to me regarding using the church for weddings and even gay weddings.

    This I told him was not on and neither was his request for me to read a sermon on TV. However I did give the church a blessing when he said it was for promotional work.

    As a priest I am not allowed to digress my conversation with Mark but I will agree he is a jolly sort who does no harm to nobody, I recall the days he worked in the brick works and then on a farm in the summer months.

    He still found time to organize fund raising activities for the church and has always been involved all his life.

    When untruths are being told it is my duty to speak out against misjustice. The Church belonged to Mark Whittaker and not Mike Gill who from what I understand has done Mark Whittaker a great injustice

    What nonsense Mr Gill talks if he thinks an inflatable church was ever going to work from a spiritual angle. Our Cardinal has been informed of this by the Catholic Archbishop of Wales.

    We are taking this matter most seriously.

  10. at the end of the day…you should always look behind the smiles and laughter? thats how mick {michael gill} got away with it!!! and mark let him. we live and we learn by our experiences and thats one mark wants to put behind now.
    its all just memories for me
    jewels.{marks x.partner}

  11. mark will always be an innovator, full of brilliant and interesting ideas. Its part of who he is… and what he does best.

    I think you should all move on and get over it.

    Mark has!!!!


  12. Interesting business history! Congratulations to the original creator and thank the Lord that HE knows the truth in these matters–that mankind may never sort out! Copyright law certainly has a rightful place in civilized nations. Some “smoke screens” make the truth hard to see, but the facts stated by sincere parties end up speaking volumes. Where people create and profit from original intellectual properties of others, the legal facts take time to surface. This brings to mind the classic theater history line: “He stole my thunder!”

  13. does anyone own a inflatable divorce court…mayb mike gill should make us one…afterall he do owe us!!!!

  14. What a funny thread. I made a Blow-up Plastic Cathedral for my own wedding in 1987, so maybe I actually invented it. I blew it up for about 6 weddings between 1987 and 1995 when it was finally worn out and I retired it….. It was well documented in several news papers and publications in the early 90’s… I never bothered with a copyright, I just have my own moral rights over it.
    Check it out here

  15. If you read this Mark I would love to have a chat and see how things are going. Best regards – Steve Goddard 01744 733898.

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