I’ve been manipulating wave files tonight. I recorded the soundtrack of a video onto my hard disk using a cool piece of software called Singulator. This is a great piece of software. It is intended to allow you to record old vinyl albums on to disk. It asks for a base file name and automatically splits the recording up into several sequentially numbered files. It uses the silence between tracks to determine where to split. So far so good.

But the soundtrack to a film like Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats is full of silences in strange places. Soooo, after letting Singulator do it’s stuff, I ended up with 25 wav files. Some of which were not split enough, others of which were split too far.

So I’ve been joining them back together in the right places, and splitting them apart in the right places. But I cannot find a decent piece of Wave manipulation software. I particularly looked at free and shareware packages. But none of them seemed to do all the bits I needed. I’ve settled on Audacity. Unfortunately it crashes regularly, particularly after the second paste in a cut and paste session. But I also discovered that if you open up a wav file, edit it, and then export to wav, overwriting the file you opened, it seems to replace all but the first few seconds with silence! 🙁

I’m giving up now, and I’ll look at it again tomorrow.