I’ve just been sat here surfing and reading blogs. Some time ago the CD I’d been listening to finished, Around the Fur by the Deftones. Or so I thought. The very last track as thirty-two minutes of silence before it! So I’ve been sat here in silence for half an hour when the last track kicks in. Loudly! I literally jumped.! My heart is still thumping in my chest. Jeez! I’m going to bed for a lie down now….

One thought on “Aaaaaagh!

  1. I typed “aaaaaagh” into Google and found your post. I completely relate to it. It’s happened to me before while falling asleep, listening to music…. and you drift off …. AND THEN ITS THE BONUS TRACK “WAAAYHEEEEYYYY-“”-AAAAAAGH what what’s going on? Hell, my stero is haunted!!” *stumbles across room, stubs toe, knocks over stereo…. looks at clock* “Christ, I’m in work in 2 hours…”

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