I’ll Be Speaking At WordCamp UK

Ooh! I’ve been invited to sit on the panel for a question and answer session on Saturday at WordCamp UK. I’m sort of looking forward to it.

The current running order has the panel on just before lunch, but I don’t think that’s finalised yet.

Tickets are still on sale and it’s a ticket only event. No ticket, no getting in.

Check out the all new WordCamp UK 2008 blog.

2 thoughts on “I’ll Be Speaking At WordCamp UK

  1. Mike – really looking forward to your contribution to the session, thanks for digging in. I just hope you don’t get swamped with demands for your time, as I’m sure a-lot of people are going to want some of your time, opinions and advice on WordPress!!

    See you at WordCamp UK 2008!

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