Wordcamp UK – Change of Venue

After some last minute changes (and upsetting a few people) there is now a new venue for the WordCamp UK 2008 event.

The new venue is The Studio, it is still in Birmingham, and in fact quite close to the previously planned venue. The Studio has a directions map and their main web site lists all the features. The event will be hosted in ‘Atrium Bar’ and the adjoining ‘Open’ room.

Someone kindly set up a Google Maps directions page.

For full details go to the WordCamp UK wiki.

3 thoughts on “Wordcamp UK – Change of Venue

  1. Choosing a venue for WordCampUK is tricky, Birmingham was chosen for its central(ish) location in the uk, and very good motorway and commuter network to the rest of mainland uk. It is a pretty large city, and the selected venue is excellent (and dare I say cheaper than what could be afforded in London!!)

    Also, I feel I have to say… There is web development ALL around the uk… There is civilisation outside London you know!!

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