Off to Oz!

With fairly short notice, I have to fly to sunny Sydney on business today. It will be my first time in Australia, I’m quite looking forward to it. Though how much of Sydney I’ll get to see I’m not sure. I have a full week of meetings once I get to the office over there.

I will at least have the weekend beforehand to recover from the 26 hours travel time and cram in some site seeing.

I’ll try to blog more as I go along.

13 thoughts on “Off to Oz!

  1. I’ve been in Australia last year. This country sucks. Damn I got a spedding ticket and had a big argument with the policeman. They almost arrested me. They hate American girls there, I think. Down Underis on my blacklist now!

  2. hope youve settled in ok and gotten over your long haul, pics are great Mike ,how lucky are you , see you soon , lots of love sue and k8 xx

  3. In the haste of the last-minute arrangements your employers forgot to mention that you needed to take a business associate with you, for note taking, photograph taking and such. If only that was the case… Remember the Jellyfish training jolly? I didn’t manage to get along to that one too!

    Hope you have a most enjoyable experience, and a pleasant return journey.

  4. hey mike , could you send us the “nightmare before christmas”web site please, ….latest pics are great , very envious…..

  5. Hi and WOW!
    Had a look at some of the pics from Oz. Tough old life then at the moment. Glad you’ve been able to see all that and get paid for it, really I am. Hope you are enjoying the whole experience and I look forward to hearing more when you get back to the cold and damp UK. Me, bitter, no way.
    lil’ sis

  6. I have just discovered TPB and love it. I live in Sydney at the moment, but I will move back to Norway soon and I am having trouble getting my hands on the TPB DVD’s. I bought season 1+2 but thats all I can find. Region codes does not matter. Does anyone know how and where I cab buy the DVD’s.

    Thanks from Norway.

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