Technorati Number One

When checking my stats for the last week, I noticed a spike in the number of visitors on Friday. My daily unique visits has been slowly growing to an average of 800 to 1000 per day. But Friday saw a record breaking (for me) 1556 visitors!

I looked through the logs to see if I could see a pattern and noticed lots of referrals from this story at Google Blogoscoped.

According to Technorati, this [] is currently the world’s most popular blog.

Rather strangely, Philipp Lenssen there pointed his link at my terribly dull main site index, rather than this blog which Technorati indexes.

Being one of the links on a default WordPress installation means that there are automatically thousands of links into my blog. But Technorati removed the WordPress sidebar folks back in October 2004. I can only think that they must have been making some kind of adjustment and accidentally enabled the WP sidebar folks for a short while.

I remember that someone had mentioned it Wow, you’re actually the Technorati #1 blog on Friday. But at the time I only looked at my Technorati profile. I saw I was indeed ‘Technorati Rank: 1’, but within a short time that had changed to ‘Technorati Rank: 0’. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to look at the top 100 list, otherwise I might have got a screenshot.

With any luck some of those extra visitors might come back. I know I’ve had a fair bit of activity on my theme pages this weekend. Maybe it’s related.

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