Google Marches On

Speaking of Google…
I had noticed over the last couple of days that Google had started pre-fetching search results or rather, enabling your browser to do that. Of course this only works with newer browsers that support this feature (not Internet Explorer!). I see that the knee-jerk-reactionists over at slashdot are predicting death and disaster. Google (and Mozilla), of course, tell you exactly how to disable it should you wish to do so. Mozilla’s FAQ entry is on-line too.

I also noticed this morning that I am now using 246 MB (20%) of your 1243 1286 1289 1300 MB. on Gmail. That’s an unusual number! I wonder where that came from. It looks suspiciously like 1000MB more than the space I was using yesterday! Could they, would they, have simply added 1000MB to whatever storage everyone was already using? Presumably in response to Yahoo’s decision to provide 1GB of storage. But they’ve not doubled They are doubling it like some speculated.

Update: Weird! The space available keeps growing!

Update: As Serge points out in comments, The Gmail What’s new page now has info on this. They are doubling the storage. They’ve also announced the ‘richtext’ support I had noticed in the compose pane.

10 thoughts on “Google Marches On

  1. In fact, apparently they are in the process of doubling the storage for alla counts, from 1 Gb to 2 Gb. The in-between numbers we all see right now are either reflecting extra storage added in real-time or a clever marketing idea (didn’t we all notice those strange numbers even before checking the ‘New Features’ link of GMail?)

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  3. Hey, I am pretty sure the size is because of April fools. Check out their page… they have a graph showing size for your mail will grow to infinity + 1.

  4. Tom,
    I think you are partly right. The incremental growth is probably part of the April Fools joke, but they are going to 2GB for everyone.
    I didn’t see the first page coz I was already signed in on this computer. It automatically redirects you to your mail.

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