Star Trek Next Generation

You would have to be a major fan with money to burn to pick up a copy of Star Trek The Next Generation: Seasons 1-7 Borg Mega Cube at the amazing price of £338.23! That’s with 25% off! I know that

The “Borg Mega Cube” contains all 7 seasons of Star Trek Next Generation (48 discs in total), a limited edition collectors card including unique numbering and an exclusive free ST Next Generation clock.

but it’s still over £300

7 thoughts on “Star Trek Next Generation

  1. Hmm… rather strange really… you would have to be a die hard fan to buy the boxset, but die hard fans would be likely to already have those episodes…

  2. You could have told me before my birthday!!!
    Seriously tho.
    This box set will be a collectors item.
    And i bet those that buy it.
    Don’t even take the cellophane off!!

  3. I have ordered this from, who say on their web page that there are only going to be 1000 made world wide. if this is the case the wraper will not come of, and it will be sold on E bay a couple of years later.

  4. I need help identifying an episode. The guest stars were to Black actors who played father and son. They had been separated in life, or never knew each other, but were (re)united in a time warp of some kind. It was a great family-reunion story–very emotional, very moving. Sorry I can’t remember more details. Can someone help me identify this story by name and/or date and season? Reply to email is ok, too.

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