Speed Up

With any luck, I have just managed to speed up the time it takes to generate my blog page. It should now be almost three times faster than before. I managed to narrow it down to the ‘posts_nav_link()’ function which gave the ‘older posts’/’newer posts’ links at the top and bottom of the page. These were taking as long to execute as the main blog loop (in fact they run almost the same database query). So for now they have been removed, which means you must use the archives, calendar, or categories links to navigate to the older posts.

5 thoughts on “Speed Up

  1. Kinda related to your stuff…

    I found my SiteMaker pages were taking up to 12 seconds to generate. I eventually got this down to around 2 seconds by adding a bunch of indexes to the related tables. Mind you, my SQL bits were doing 4-5 table joins 🙂

    I’ve not had time to look into speeding up WordPress pages by adding indexes. Its fast enough for me at the moment.

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