The Matrix Special Edition DVD

Story from slashdot

“ is reporting that Warner Bros. is releasing a 2-disc special edition DVD of The Matrix (loaded with extras) on April 29th and The Animatrix (An Anime series set in the world of the Matrix) DVD on June 3rd.”

Unfortunatley, the IGN site is slashdotted (unavailable because of massive numbers of slashdot readers). One slashdotter managed to snaffle the text from the story:

Warner Home Video will be repackaging The Matrix as a 2-disc set. The new edition will essentially contain the current film and The Matrix Revisited discs. Revisited will be padded out with new promotional features like “Preload: On the Set of Reloaded,” episodes 1&2 of The Animatrix: The Second Renaissance, a preview of The Animatrix, “What Is the Game?” trailer for the new Infograme “Enter The Matrix” videogame , a sample of music from Reloaded, and a Marilyn Manson “Rock Is Dead” music video. The set will also include a free ticket offer to The Matrix Reloaded. The Matrix: Special Edition is due on April 29 and will retail $27.95. Oh, and the packaging will be “foil-wrapped” (insert eye-rolling).

Speaking of The Animatrix, this more ambitious project will be released on June 3rd. This disc will include nine short films conceived by the Wachowski brothers, delving into the world of the Matrix and its characters. The collection of shorts, ranging from traditional anime to full-blown CGI, will come from world-renowned anime directors Yoshiaki Kawajiri, Koji Morimoto, Mahiro Maeda, Takeshi Koike, Peter Chung and Andy Jones.” Episode include “The Final Flight of the Osiris,” “The Second Renaissance Parts 1 & 2,” “Kid’s Story,” “Program,” “World Record,” “Beyond,” “Detective Story,” and “Matriculated.” The Animatrix will retail $24.98. As for the two actual sequels, the Reloaded and Revolutions DVDs are already in production and are being promised as “breakthrough discs”.

I may have to buy this one; I’ve held off buying the DVD since I already have the VHS video, but this may be too tempting. 🙂