Upgraded At Last

Well, I finally did it. Journalized is now running on WordPress! I took a long time about it. Mainly because of my b2 specific hacks I didn’t wish to lose. I have them all in WordPress now. Yes, all of them. And no, they are not all in the official code yet.
I feel like perhaps I can move on now. Start catching up with things which have lagged behind (like about 10 book reviews!).

3 thoughts on “Upgraded At Last

  1. Nice job! Was the conversion pretty smooth?

    Now all your posts are ‘modified’ in your RSS since they have been converted to smart quotes.

    And as an FYI, the comments field here is too wide 🙂

  2. Hi Alex, it wasn’t too bad, apart from the hacks some of which were a lot of work (not too difficult though).
    I’ve narrowed the comment box. Thanks.

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