Journalized Birthday

Wow! Journalized, this blog, is another year older today! That’s four years now.

The poor thing has been neglected of late… I must get motivated to start writing again. A lot has happened in the last 12 months, but not a lot of it got recorded here. 🙁

More things around the corner. The next beta version of my theme, once I’ve figured out how to handle the Widget problem. I’m itching to start doing music and book reviews again, but I may re-organize things somewhat.

Here’s to another year!

9 thoughts on “Journalized Birthday

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  2. Happy Birthday to your blog and various friends and family members. My original website turns 3 in June,and I just installed a wordpress blog script on my new “other” site and you were in my blogroll, the members that came with the script seemingly at random.
    They are all there on the new blog. I can delete ’em ,or try to make new friends. If you go to my site, links to the various blogs are right there for you. I consider my blogs to be places for persons other than myself to rant, humor, comiserate, or simply say hi, but lately it seems I’m doing most of the ranting.

    Peace, have fun, stop by if you have time -DM

  3. Dan,
    the links in the blogroll are always included on installation. They are people involved with the history and development of WordPress. Your site needs some attention from a usability point of view. You can put a lot of people off reading your stuff with a presentation like that.

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