I’m back

I’m back! A simple search for mike on Google has me back at number 7. This just 7 days after I failed to appear in the top 900! I’m back at number 1 for ‘mike little’ too.
Both of these results are with the new URI.
All this thanks to good old Google honouring the 301 return code and some very sophisticated redirection code turning, for example, a request for http://zed1.com/b2/archives/p/986/more/1/c/1/Happy-Birthday-Chloe (my customised b2 SE frendly URIs) into a permanent redirect to WordPress‘ cruft-free URI https://journalized.zed1.com/archives/2003/12/26/happy-birthday-chloe/

PS: I’m still number 1 on MSN at the old URI

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