It Feels Good To Be 2

After reading of Matt‘s success at getting to be the #3 Matt in the world, I thought I’d better check my ranking.

I’d not checked for a while (and it was Matt who made me check in the first place); when I first checked I gave up looking after page 20 of Google’s search results meaning I wasn’t in the top 200. A while ago I’d made it to number 14.

Today I am the number two ‘mike’ in all the world according to Google (that is the whole world isn’t it?). Number 2 out of about 20 million! Pretty impressive.

And just for fun when I upgrade to WordPress 1.0.1 I’ll be changing my URL! Only slightly, but it should be enough to completely break my Google standing!

Let’s hope the very comprehensive redirect script at the old location will help.

Update: I’m also number 1 ‘mike’ on MSN (out of 12 million)

4 thoughts on “It Feels Good To Be 2

  1. Google respects 301 permanent redirects and updates their listings accordingly. I’ve got a script to redirect old WP/b2 URIs to the new one’s we’re using too if you want that. Congrats! I hope you’re moving to a faster host too! This page took 26 seconds to generate.

  2. Matt, I am using 301 permanent redirects, thanks. It’s a pity that not all the crawlers respect them.
    I think I’ve got everything covered, especially as I had non-b2/wp standard urls anyway.
    I’m not moving to a new host, but the blog seems to have really speeded up with this new version. I suspect its mod rewrite versus PHP parsing.

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