New Union Flag for The UK

I saw this BBC story Rebranding puts black marks against UK flag, this morning. Despite the negative implications in the title, this is a positive story. In fact given the content of the story the title is a sick joke!

“Britain’s national flag – the union jack – has been given the makeover treatment, in the hope of reflecting a more modern society.
It’s become the marketing executive’s remedy for any organisation’s ills. From BT to BP, the Labour Party to the Lottery, hardly a business or institution has escaped the rebranding bug.
Now moves are afoot to redesign that most sacred of British hallmarks – the union flag.”

The story is also up to the usual poor standard of grammar and coherency in journalism. Just from the quotes above, has it already been ‘given the makeover’ or are ‘moves afoot’ to change it? It goes on to say “A campaign is being launched to modernise…”, but then shows a picture of the proposed new flag.
The article alternates between calling it the Union Flag and the Union Jack. A little research shows that either is correct but a little consistency would have helped.
In all the story is interesting, and in theory a good idea with good intentions, but as is pointed out, and some of the reader comments agree, unlikely to come to anything.

3 thoughts on “New Union Flag for The UK

  1. I have been informed that this campaign is linked to British National Party recruitment. They are hoping that people will go to the site to register strong opposition to this “attack” on British values and will then try to recruit supporters from amongst those people. This comes from political sources in Burnley where the BNP are very active.

  2. good intentions but no more than that imo.

    the last comment (when i read the story) was the best one for me…

    “The idea is fine in principle but the design is all wrong. As far as I can see the blue and red people of this country [are] still massively over represented. Perhaps we could use a system of proportional representation and update the flag at each census.

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