Longest Sentence

Dragonthief of the ukbloggers mailing list, has just pointed out the longest sentence the Plain English Campaign have ever seen.
My word processor makes it 516 words!

The Plain English Campaign is a good site with lots of good advice. I like their Plain English guide to design and layout, although it is aimed at printed material I’m going to look at my blog layout with it in mind.


One thought on “Longest Sentence

  1. Yes, the Plain English Campaign has a guide to designing clear websites. Common sense stuff really, but a good checklist nonetheless, reinforced by the PEC’s quality advice. All good fun.
    One pitfall they fail to mention is the use of a splash page penalising a website’s search engine ranking, a fact I discovered whilst reviewing Flanders’s Son of Web Pages That Suck.
    I’m not in total agreement with Flanders though. His http://www.webpagesthatsuck.com website derides CSS which I’m particularly keen on. I’d invite Eric A. Meyer over for a drop of Earl Grey.

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