More CMS Testing

I’m still looking for a suitable CMS for Jan’s site. I found a great web site during my investigations today: opensource CMS. This site is great! They have nearly 40 CMS applications installed on their server which you can play with; login as admin, add pages and articles, edit menus, etc. Most of the features seem to be enabled. All systems are reset once an hour on the hour but that is plenty to get a good feel for how the application works. They also have reviews of some of the systems, tons of useful information, CMS news, a forum, and so on. Highly recommended.

2 thoughts on “More CMS Testing

  1. When I first started using php scripts and applications, I was overwhelmed by the about of CMS’s available. All of the CMS’ on that website seem to all be portal CMS’, they dont really give demo any easy-page-creation CMS’. They all seem the same.

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