Windows Server’s identity crisis

Microsoft Drops .NET Name For New Windows Server
CNet’s has this story about the next version of Windows Server:

The next version of Windows Server is suffering yet another identity crisis.

Microsoft on Thursday again changed the name of the product, marking the fourth name for what will now be called Windows Server 2003. The successor to Windows 2000 Server is scheduled to ship in April.

The product started out with the code-name Whistler, but Microsoft named the software Windows 2002 Server in April 2001. At the same time, Microsoft first delayed delivery of the server software until early 2002.

In June 2001, Microsoft changed the name to Windows .Net Server, keeping in line with the company’s .Net Web services strategy. In March 2002, Microsoft again delayed delivery of the server software. In August, the company renamed the software Windows .Net Server 2003, which had been scheduled for release by the end of last year. In November, the software titan delayed delivery for a third time.

Windows Server 2003 is the fourth name for the product…

What can I say?