New Year’s Eve Photos

I’ve put the photo’s from the great New Year’s Eve party at Jackie and Graham’s house on the gallery
(click for the gallery)

One thought on “New Year’s Eve Photos

  1. HaHaHa!
    You look to be having an absolutely blisteringly enjoyable time at your New Years Eve party! All credit to you, I admire people who can really be enthusiastic about events like the changing of the year. It’s never done a thing for me either emotionally or mentally to be honest, there’s a lot of forced optimism about the night and it could just be me, but it seems as though everyone feels they have to be happy if only for the 12 midnight extravaganza. It’s bad enough that the media (including major news channels and the daily tabloids) have a retrospective of what was significant during the year and continue to shove it down our throats that “2003 is nearly over, but let’s take a look back at the events that made up the year”. That’s just plain depressing. Still, carry on enjoying your New Years Eve tradition and stay on the optimistic road, while I’m in bed by ten on December 31st 2004!

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