New Dumbledore?

E! Online have this story suggesting that Michael Gambon my be the new Dumbledore in the Harry Potter movies after Richard Harris’ death last year.

8 thoughts on “New Dumbledore?

  1. I like Richard Harris better than Michael, but since he died, wouldn’t it be better if they picked someone that looked more like Richard.

  2. I Agree. At first. I mean realy far back they were going to have a man named Harry Robinson take on the part. He was perfect considering the fact he did all Harris’s parts while he was in the Hospitle

  3. Michael Gambon tries too hard and just doesn’t fit the part. Hardly anyone could replace/follow Richard Harris. You knew Harris’ Dumbledore was the greatest wizard of his generation, yet he was kindly, but you knew not to mess with him. Gambon’s Dumbledore seems frightened and a little like a hippie on too much caffeine. During a crisis, when Harris?Dumbledore showed up, you knew he would make everything all right. Gambon’s Dumbledore shows up, and he acts as perplexed as evryone else. How about recasting with the actor who doubled for Harris? Something must be done to make the part more believable.

  4. Michael Gambon’s Dumbledore has a certain eccentricity to him that might pave a way to revealing the oft repeated hints to a dark past that Dumbledore may have.

    But I agree he does not portray well the omnipotent, sage like quality we have come to associate with Dumbledore.

    I think if they could redo the phyical appearance ( Harris’s Santa-like looks were re-assuring) and have Gambon take a more calming, soothing yet in cotrol approach, it could still work!

  5. Well, I have never picked up on Dumbledore’s dark past and think that is a load of rubbish. Gambon is a great actor however he is horrendous as Dumbledore. He is far too aggressive and mouthy. He shows none of the sensitivity that Harris so wonderfully portrayed. I have the feeling that Gambon was the first to audition that day and the panel were eager to get home fast (or Drunk) and had Arnie (Governator) walked in first we would have had an Austrian, bodybuilder playing Dumbledore and being as believable as Gambon is now. It should also be noted that the costume dept have failed somewhat with Gambon. Harris had fantastic robes, snow white long hair/beard, where Gambon has tatty gray rags, horrible grey straggly rats tails that he insists on tying up like a dirty biker. And lets not forget the Rab C Nesbitt that he has brought to the role in the way of his ROPE belt. Gambon to go.

  6. I am already upset with the 5th movie trailers. You can tell with the short clips of the new Dumbledore that he still fails to portrait the character in a omnipotent, well-mannered humble wizard. Instead, he moves with absurd and out-of-character actions and is far too aggressive and forceful.

    I really miss the old Dumbledore and I think it takes seriously away from the series. I can’t help myself but get sad whenever Dumbledore’s character is on screen.

  7. I am a new initiate to the Harry Potter franchise, and, in very little time, I have become rabid.

    I started by watching the first 4 movies, and I noticed right away that in the third (Prisoner of Azkaban), Dumbledore was different. I’ve gone on to the books. Having received a 6-book set 2 weeks ago, I’m almost finished with the fifth (Order of the Phoenix), and I expect to be finished with the sixth by mid-next-week.

    Coming back to Dumbledore, I must say I’m deeply disappointed with Jina Jay…

    …by whom casting was conducted for Prisoner of Azkaban, when Michael Gambon was introduced. While her resume/CV looks impressive, she herself either has not read the books, or she was asleep at the wheel the day of Dumbledore tryouts.

    Harry Potter, I feel, will be lasting literature, and Gambon disrespects the body of work, and its fans, by not having read any of it:

    Both Dumbledore and Harris-as-Dumbledore were wise, kind and suave. Certainly they were slow to anger, and Gambon, who himself admits that he is not acting, but “just play[ing Dumbledore] as [him]self [with a] beard on”, who is gruff and calm-shattering, who is *livid* with Harry Potter for having had his name drawn from the Goblet of Fire, is *clearly* not a good choice for the role, clearly, that is, for anyone who understands the character of Dumbledore.

    Jina Jay, you should be fired! Michael Gambon, you should be replaced!

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