Wow, two whole days with hardly a blog. I’ve been busy.
Christmas day was great. We went to see my mum and my sister, and then went out for our Christmas meal. It was at the Shaandaar in Rusholme. An Indian curry for Christmas dinner was definitely different.
Afterwards we all went back to Jackie and Grahams. We stayed there till the early hours.
Boxing day was pretty good too. After going to see my niece Chloe for her birthday, we went to Jackie and Grahams again for a traditional Christmas dinner. It was a joint effort with everybody providing part of the meal and Paula putting it all together. It was great, thanks Paula. Later we went round to Sharon and Ian’s. We didn’t stay too late there and got home before midnight.
Finally today, we did nothing! We got up very, very late, and slobbbed about the house all day reading, watching TV, etc.
All in all a great Christmas!
PS. I’ve got some pictures from the last couple of days, I’ll try to add them to the gallery tomorrow.