New Tables at the Samsi

It’s an old story now, but the Samsi restaurant uses naked girls as tables

The Samsi Japanese restaurant in Manchester is charging £75 to eat food placed on the bodies of two nude women.
Angel Tan, 22, and Kit-Ying Ross, 25, will act as human tables at the first of the “nyataimori” nights on Friday.
The word translates as “adorned body of a woman”. The women will spend the night naked and lying face up.

I should mention that this place is about 200 yards from my office. I pass it most nights on the way to the train station. I’ve not been tempted to pop in though! 🙂

2 thoughts on “New Tables at the Samsi

  1. I dropped in on the Samsi Restaurant Portland and Oxford while on a business trip last Friday. I didn’t see any evidence of food being served on naked women.

    Was this the place, or is there another Samsi Restaurant in Manchester? Do they still do this?

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