Internet Enabled Fridges

It seems that internet enabled fridges are getting to be quite common! LG Appliances have just brought one out, the wonderfully named LRSPC2661T. This follows the two Daewoo models, the FR-631ND and FR-710ND, released earlier this year. Samsung are releasing their Digital Network Refrigerator soon.

They all seem to have web browsing, email, some sort of monitoring of the fridge contents, etc. The LG also has TV, MP3, radio, a photo album, and a built in digital camera. The Samsung will have TV, Videophone, and the display can be removed and used remotely from the fridge.

Interestingly the Daewoo site is the only one which goes into great detail about its refrigeration capabilities; ‘3D cooling’ no less! The others barely mention that they are fridges. One thing they all have in common is that they are huge US-style monsters.

I don’t suppose the setup at my house; PC in the kitchen between the fridge and the freezer is in the same league as these though. 😉
picture of my pc

This story should really be in Geek stuff but Cool stuff seemed more appropriate 🙂

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