After my rant about how wonderful is, I’ve now found the wonderful by Greg Sadetsky. is an updated version of the pop-up posting form. Greg has added a list of tags including your own to the form. So you can simply click to add tags to your bookmark.
He has cleverly presented the most common tags for that bookmark first, with the other popular ones behind a mouse click. Finally you can click to see your own tags (with your most common ones highlighted). There are other features too.
A note of caution: the pop-up operates through Greg’s server (in order to snag the popular tags for the bookmark) which already seems a little slower than If it gets popular that may become a problem.

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  1. Hey Mike,

    Thanks for all the nice words! It’s true that my little server is having difficulty putting up with all the traffic (in addition to some other sites I host for friends…). Hopefully, some of’ posting popup features should be integrated into at some point.



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