Went round to my Mum’s today, Jan took her to the doctor’s coz she’s having trouble with her back again. I stayed behind and fixed her loo seat! 🙂

My ‘cousin’ Ade has been staying at my Mum’s for a couple of days. He’s looking for work ‘up north’ amongst other things. We had an interesting chat that got round to his school life in Nigeria. Very different to my school days.

Back home we didn’t do much as the planned autumn clean up of the garden was postponed because of the rain. Later Steve, Kim, and Megan came round. He was showing us his new toy. It’s very nice with lots of cool functions, but I did find it awkward to hold. I’m left handed and always find small Japanese electrical toys difficult, but this really didn’t sit comfortably in my hand.

We also spent way too much time on this very addictive word game. A joint effort netted us a score of over 400,000!