Rain, rain, rain

Pooh, it’s been raining today.
Busy day. Up late, Jan and Jamie went to a local Spring Fare. Jan was helping out on the chocolate stall run by Jamie’s Brownie troop.
I stayed at home paying bills and dealing with the last couple of days mail.

We lost our internet connection at lunch time ! Thanks NTL!

Lunch, then off to dancing lessons for Jamie. Only I couldn’t park in the school car park as there was a big church service on (the bishop was coming). A little bit of shopping, collect Jamie and back home. Did some tidying and cleaning.

The cable modem came back on at some point this afternoon.

Steve and KIm came round with Megan. Apparently Megan is having a sleep over with Jamie (the first I’d heard of it!). We’ll see how it goes. The last two times she’s come for a sleep over, she’s wanted to go home about an hour after going to bed!

Megan said a funny thing at one point this afternoon. She asked if she could use the computer and go on the internet. I said yes of course. She then asked what ‘dot coms’ we had! “Have you got the same ones as me?” she asked. I should point out that she is only five.

Steve was going on about the ‘fact’ that Nasa never actually sent a man to the moon. He’s been hunting round the web and found more ‘evidence’! He went off with Kim to watch a big football match on cable (Manchester United versus some other team).

The girls are in bed now and so far Megan hasn’t asked to go home. Fingers crossed.