Geek Toys: MicroCar Smackdown

There’s a head-to-head RC Micro car showdown over at Extremetech. I’ve not read all of the 10 page article yet, it’s currently being slashdotted, so it’s real slow.

But how good are these cars, really? Just a passing fad, or real fun? And which offers better performance – the MicroSizer or the ZipZap.
Here at ExtremeTech we take our technology, and our fun, very seriously. So we set out to apply the same rigorous approach we use for testing motherboards and CPUs, and apply them to these pocket rockets.

These are not the same ones as the cheap knockoffs Steve and I got ourselves the other week. These are MicroSizers and ZipZaps.
Although when we went back for two more (for our daughters) Steve did manage to get himself a legitimate Bit Char-G (the MicroSizers in the article are the US-friendly version of the Tomy Bit Char-G) for the same price!

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