Power Cut in Stockport!

We had a power cut in Bredbury, Stockport, tonight at around 7:30. I was just putting Jamie to bed when everything went dark! I had to run around finding torches and candles, none of which were in the expected places 🙂

It must have been a big outage; I couldn’t see a lighted street lamp in any direction! Paula came round after she had finished work whilst we were in blackness and said that it reached as far as Woodley, which is about a mile or so up the road. She also mentioned that there was one house down the road from us which still had lights on. I guess they must have emergency generators. I can just picture the smug grin on someone’s face as their purchase was finally justified 😉

It lasted between 75 and 90 minutes. Funnily enough, or not, the only inconvenience was that I had been planning to do some work on the computer. But there was no TV on, no radio; Jan carried on reading under candle light, Jamie read in bed with the aid of a lamp, and I picked up my book and read under candle light. I even pulled out the old style kettle we use for camping and made a coffee!

Anyway it’s back on now. I had to go round setting all the electric clocks: microwave, radio alarm, video. Luckily none of the computers seemed to have suffered. I lost some edits to a file, and that was it.